Walmart's Early Holiday Shopping

The shopping season is a bit shorter this year with Thanksgiving being so late in November, so Walmart is jump starting the season early with online deals starting on this Friday. The retail giant knows a thing or two about sales and is hoping to start pulling people in with new and improved services and various toy events complete with Santa’s appearances.

Walmart's Holiday Shopping

Walmart is hoping that these and similar strategies will make up for 6 days shorter shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas than last year.

Walmart Christmas Decor Deals

Walmart is going to offer everything more – services, gifts, deals, and most importantly, fun. Gift shopping online is ever more popular, so brick-and-mortar retailers have to work in some magic to attract people and compete with the likes of Amazon.

Walmart's Early Holiday Deals

Retailers are fighting feverishly for every last customer during the crazy shopping bonanzas of November and December as most of their money is made during this time of the year. We all benefit because such competition slashes prices and increases our choices. Consumers love wide assortment, convenient shopping, and low prices, which is where Walmart is hard to beat.

Walmart's Early Holiday Electronics Deals

Walmart is starting the deals online at midnight tonight, so set your alarms on. Early Deals Drops are going to be extra good this year, so you might not even have to wait for Black Friday to save on that TV or a new smartphone as new offers will be dropping daily. More deals will be loaded as Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw closer and after Halloween. Expect to see heavy discounts on electronics, toys, fitness products, and much more.

Entertainment Deals at Walmart

Walmart has some new strategies to make shopping online easier than ever before. Free next day delivery for online orders and Check Out With Me in the stores are just two of those strategies.

Check out with me allows customers to avoid lines at the registers and instead check out from anywhere in the store. Free next day delivery has never been offered by Walmart before, but this year orders over $35 will be delivered for free for the first time and without any membership fees. For comparison, Amazon also offers free next day delivery on some items, but Prime membership costs $119 per year. Now we can get into the benefits of Amazon, but let’s leave it fir another article.

Nintendo at Walmart

Best Buy will be stepping up its game too with first time offered free next day delivery on $35 orders and also no membership fees. Not all consumers need fast shipping though; they just need free shipping, so the retailer will also offer that all the way through Christmas.

This is what else will help you shop at Walmart this year:

  • Gift finder – this tool will help you tailor your search with the advice from a computer. Once you will input some information about your recipient, you will be able to choose some gifts for 40 different types of people.
  • Scannable toy catalog – if you have a phone with iOs system, you will be able to scan toy catalog and shop for toys that way without browsing all over the website and typing names. The catalog is coming out on November 1st.
  • Expanded DotCom Store – you will now be able to place an online order from the stores with the help of sales associates. All those ordered items will be delivered to your home or to the nearest store for pickup. This is great for all those out of stock steals and best deals.

Wamart Toy Story Coupon
The gifts are promising to be extra good with new and expanded brands. Walmart will offer Swiss Tech, WoodWick, Hobby Kids Adventures, Hello Bello, Kindi Kids, and Bobbi Brown. The store will have 20% more toys on its shelves than last year.

Frozen 2 at Walmart

Walmart is also going for experience this year more than ever before and will be hosting Frozen 2, Star Wars, and Pokemon themed events between the holidays.

Walmart Frozen 2 Promotion

Kids should definitely expect to see Santa in November and December.

Santa at Walmart

All these strategies are definitely needed to compete for our business as an average household is expected to spend about $1,500 during this period, up by 5% from last year.

Early shoppers tend to spend more than late ones, according to Deloitte, and Walmart is definitely after them. Unfortunately, most people will hit the stores in early December, even with the deals starting as early as today.