Walmart Promo Codes November 2019

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Walmart Holiday Rollbacks on Toys

Walmart Toys Holiday Rollbacks

As the biggest holidays approach, the need for toys skyrockets and Walmart is here to help and to benefit. The retail giant is beginning its legendary rollbacks on hundreds of toys in anticipation of Black Friday and Christmas shopping, currently 400 toys and games, to be exact.

Walmart Holiday Rollbacks

In today’s seriously competitive landscape such move can give an edge and invite the parents into physical stores and online in search of the best ‘it” toy this year. Walmart is proud for being the biggest toy retailer and for bringing Christmas to all early, like October early.

Walmart Barbie Holiday Deals

The toys you can expect to find at Walmart this year are tested by kids and include bestsellers like Barbie, Juno the Elephant, Hatching Dragons, and of course, those from Frozen 2 and Star Wars.

Walmart Frozen 2 Rollbacks

The last two movie releases and related Disney toys get some events for kids to experience the toys and for parents to put them on the shopping lists.

Walmart Lego Star Wars

Target is organizing special events and shops too, so Walmart has to keep up in physical locations and with Walmart Toy lab – a virtual play space for computers and tablets. Let’s hope we all will find what we are looking for this year and get a deal on whatever it is!

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Walmart Shopping Tips

Whether you love or hate Walmart, you have to admit that some prices there are hard to beat anywhere else. Here are some tips for you to benefit from the next time you head to the retail giant:

Walmart Deals and Discounts

  • Shop early or late

This might sound crazy, but shopping between 5 am and 6 am is the best. As long as you come before 9 am, you are good. The store is open all night and gets reorganized, cleaned, and restocked for the next day. Morning shoppers get no lines, helpful employees, and clean store.

shopping with discount

Late night shopping is also good, but you won’t get a clean store.

  • Buy “Great Value” or “Equate” brands

great value

Most brand names won’t bring you much savings when compared with other stores, but Walmart brand items will. Some Equate or Great Value items are 50% cheaper than brand names, so you know what to do if you love to save.

  • Savings Catcher App from Walmart

Walmart App Deals

The app will price-match your purchase while you shop. Just upload the receipt and within 7 days you will know if other stores have the same items cheaper. If they do, you will get Walmart gift card for the difference.

  • Price check with Amazon app

Use the app in Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Kohl’s to always make sure you are getting a good deal. The tool works great and is very convenient.

walmart low price leader

  • Walmart price-matches online

Yes, you heard it right. Walmart matches online prices, even with Amazon, so always check and have proof before purchasing.

everyday low price

  • Best prices on party ware, gift wrapping, supplies, and cards

If you have a party coming up, don’t go to Party City and overpay. Walmart’s $0.97 party supply section beats even Dollar Tree, let alone Party City. You will have more variety, cute items, and even larger supply of all the necessities than you often can find in Dollar Stores.

  • Great produce deals

Walmart in-season produce

Walmart is known to discount in-season produce. You can stock up on your favorites for very low prices, like grapes for $0.88 per pound or $1 strawberries. The produce at Walmart can be a miss sometimes, but come in the morning to get the best picks.

  • Craft supplies

walmart craft supplies

You might be surprised how cheap all kinds of craft supplies are at Walmart. Yarn, glassware, wreaths, and other stuff are priced much better than Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, unless those two have sales.

  • Container section

Just like at Dollar Tree, you can find a great selection of small containers for just a $1. This can come very handy when gift giving holidays draw closer.

  • The cheapest copy paper

Unless you use free paper after rebate at Staples program, Walmart is your next cheap option for copy paper. All other office and school supplies are pretty affordable at Walmart too.

  • Clothing basics

basic clothing at walmart

You won’t find fancy wardrobe staples at Walmart, but you are sure to find basic clothing your family needs. Think T-shirts, tank tops, socks, and underwear.

  • Expensive stuff you should get elsewhere

This might be hard to believe, but diapers are not very cheap in Walmart. Your local pharmacies and Amazon have better deals when it comes to stocking on them. Use coupons and sign to save at Amazon, and you will not only save $0.08 per Huggies diaper, but will skip shopping at Walmart with kids in tow.

walmart clearance

  • Skip toiletry buying at Walmart

Just like diapers, toiletries can be bought cheaper at other retailers. Read sales ads at other stores and collect best deals based on them, instead of scooping everything at Walmart. You might have to invest some time and clip a coupon or two, but it’ll be worth it.

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How to Get Coupons for Walmart Grocery Delivery

The retail giant Walmart wants to be able to come to your home, sort off. With grocery delivery so popular these days, Walmart is not about to be left behind the competition. It is determined to find out where you live and bring groceries right to your fridge, which is a lot better than some company tampering with your social media and personal information, but still causes some concerns.

Walmart grocery delivery promotion

Coming home to your fridge is, of course, more like a figure of speech for now, but the company is serious about their desire to serve you better and bring the goodies to you the way Amazon and Instacart already do. The future belongs to time-saving and convenient strategies for our ever more modern society and every retailer wants to jump on the bandwagon there.

Save Money with Everyday Low Price at Walmart

Some people imagine the progress so swift that soon we, the consumer, won’t even have to spend time ordering online – one day our pantries and refrigerators will be able to send the order themselves. Mad Money host Jim Cramer thinks that this kind of future is in our cards, and not far away. Whether you agree with such thinking or not, grocery ordering online is definitely here.

walmart grocery pickup deals

While lots of people are fine getting groceries delivered, most are still uncomfortable imagining a person actually entering their home and restocking the fridge for them, as the conversation about such service rages on. Over 60% of people, polled by Morning Consultant, stated that they would not like a strange person in their home while they are away. Millennials were a bit less standoffish, but still over half were against the idea.

Home and car security would have to be traded for the sake of not only convenience, but in order to protect the increasing amount of packages stolen by porch pirates. If a delivery person could put the package into your car trunk at work or inside your home, the number of possible thefts would decrease.

walmart fresh produce

Amazon leads the market in in-home delivery. The company started using a special smart lock set and a camera to place your package inside your home while you watch the process on your phone thanks to Amazon Key system.

Walmart is currently testing a similar system partnering with Silicon Valley’s August Home. With it, you could also watch the order placed inside through your security system cameras. The delivery person gets in with a one-time code and he is watched on the camera the entire time. But is that enough to make you feel safe and comfortable?

Unlike Amazon, Walmart gets credit for low prices, but ranks very low for virtually everything else. The stores are often understocked, in need of cleaning, and employees are hard to come by. While these complaints are personal experiences in stores, in-home delivery requires a high level of trust and Walmart has ways to go to get there.

Walmart credit card promotion

Such in-home delivery service is still in testing stages with consumers not overly excited about it, so the demand for it might never reach the expected heights. Convenience is great, but allowing strangers to your home is a whole different story for now. It’s safe to say that retailers could put their energy into offering more lockers and pick up locations instead of devising plans to get through your door.

wal-mart pickup

One thing Walmart is already doing is expanding its delivery reach to more previously underserved areas. Four new delivery companies have joined their delivery fleet. AxelHire, Point Pickup, Roadie, and Skipcart are on hand to deliver to metro areas of San Francisco, Long Island and Manhattan, Boston, San Antonio, and Atlanta.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Coupons

Currently the company offers delivery from over 800 stores and works with DoorDash and Postmates. Another 800 stores are expected to start grocery delivery this year. This trend will require quite a few personal shoppers to pick and pack all the orders.

walmart grocery delivery coupons

The partnership with Walmart is great for boosting last-mile delivery companies’ worth too. For example, Atlanta-based Roadie has recently raised $25M investor funding and has no plans to stop.

If you are tired of shopping and taking time away from your family to do that, give Walmart grocery delivery a try, but don’t do that without a coupon code.

Organic food at Walmart

You can get free grocery delivery from now through February 1st with a code HOMEFREE as long as your order is above $50, which is not hard to achieve when shopping for a family. Usual delivery price is $7.95 - $ 9.95. The coupon works for first time buyers and repeat customers alike.

walmart fresh fruits

If you are not crazy about home delivery just yet and want to pick your order from the store yourself, there is a code for that too. Use WOWFRESH and get $10 off $50 on your first pick-up order.

Pick Your Groceries with Walmart

Other than applying codes, online ordering is very simple: open the website or the app, pick your groceries, enter your zip code, and select the time you want your order to be delivered. Personal shopper will collect your ordered items and delivery partner will drop them off within an hour of your selected time. Pretty simple and definitely worth a try!

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Ellen and Kylie for Walmart. Best Collaborations You Can’t Miss

Walmart invests a lot of effort and resources to score celebrity collaborations for fashion and home goods. The retailer has to compete with its rivals to get a nice share of fourth quarter sales during that busy shopping season, so innovation is never far from the minds of the executives.

Walmart Clothing Line EV1

What is EV1 collection all about?

One of the most popular new collections is EV1 with Ellen DeGeneres that launched last fall to great success. The beloved comedian took part in designing and testing all 60 items that range from denim separates, jackets, sneakers, and inspirational tees. The entire collection mimics Ellen’s relaxed and care-free style, so expect to fall in love with her slogan t-shirts and all other fashion pieces.

Ellen Degeneres walmart Clothing Line

The line is all about inclusiveness and thus has many sizes, from XS to XXXL. The name of the collection stands for “Everyone”, so the clothes are not only fun, but accessible and really fit for people from all walks of life.

What kind of relationship does Ellen and Walmart have?

Ellen didn’t have many doubts about collaborating with Walmart because this is the place where many people of all sizes come to feel included and represented. Walmart also partnered with her on many give-backs and viewer outreach initiatives in the past. For example, Walmart joined the talk show host to provide scholarships to the entire underprivileged Brooklyn school’s class on one episode. This blossoming relationship is why Ellen decided to collaborate on a fashion collection with the retailer.

What is the message her collection sends?

The collection is also meant to spread a message of love, which is so needed in our divided society full of various tensions. Many pieces sport embroidered word “love” or a heart to remind as all that love is love and it doesn’t look at your color, religion, or size.

Walmart has been transforming itself as a major fashion source for a while now, according to Walmart head of fashion eCommerce US, Denise Incandela. EV1 is just another step towards making Walmart a strong style destination.

EV1 Collection for Walmart

What are some other recent collaborations?

Ellen DeGeneres is not the only celebrity to collaborate with Walmart. The ever popular sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also on board with Walmart and recently launched their “Kendall + Kylie” brand handbags and accessories. Expect to find a lot of faux leather handbags and backpacks, shiny clutches, and trendy fanny packs all for under $36.

Walmart Clearance EV1 Clothing

The sisters have collections with more upscale retailers, like Nordstrom and Shopbop, but this collection can stand next to both of those. The more affordable Walmart collaboration can reach more people while Walmart will celebrate getting the attention of huge sisters’ young fan base.

Does Walmart have non-fashion celebrity collaborations?

Ree Drummond Instant Pot

Fashion section is not the only one department where Walmart seeks to venture into wider shopper masses. Food and entertainment space can also use some sprucing up, and that’s where Ree Drummond “The Pioneer Woman” comes in. The entertainer and TV personality custom designed an Instant Pot, which was one of the bestselling items for holidays. She also has a bedding collection on

Ree Drummond Pans at Walmart

Finally, when talking about food, one other collaboration worth mentioning here is the line of pies and cakes with Patti LaBelle. All her pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies, and caramel cakes were available for online grocery pickup around Thanksgiving 2015, making the sweet potato pie a star that got sold 1 per second for 72 hours. Such sales are no doubt amazing for both parties involved.

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Walmart and Best Buy Black Friday Preview

Walmart Electronics

Walmart and Best Buy are two heavy weight fighters when it comes to Black Friday discounts on electronics. We, the consumer, love watching this fight and enjoy all the benefits of relentless price slashing. This is why those two retailers come to mind when we start thinking about the deals on TVs and smart phones, smart home devices and deciding where to camp for the best doorbusters in the industry on Black Friday.

Best buy Google Home Devices

So will it be Walmart or Best Buy this year?

Let’s take a look.

As the ads are about to drop any time from both retailers, we can analyze their previous years’ deals and decide which one to go to first. There are definitely some similarities, but also plenty of differences. The past history can serve us as perfect guideline for mapping 2019 Black Friday shopping strategy and routes.

Walmart Samsung TVs

A look back: Black Friday 2018

Both retailers are strong on that day and with deals during the weeks before Black Friday. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is key for grabbing the best deals this year. Both stores always offer similar discounts on electronics, smart home systems, and gaming equipment.

Best Buy Nest Hello Video Doorbell

But here is the thing – while Walmart always has slightly lower prices, Best Buy wins in the width of selection of home theaters and many other products. Now you have to ask yourself if you will go after the bottom dollar only or will you also need some options?

Walmart JBL Speakers

Walmart Black Friday 2018

Last year Walmart lured people in with absolutely the cheapest TV anywhere – 40-inch Hisense 1080p model for just $99. Nobody could beat this price.

Walmart TV Rollbacks

iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max all carried $300 gift card upon new line activations. Another tough cookie for competition! Best Buy savings on those phones came to only $150.

Walmart iPhone Special Offer

Walmart hit gold with pairing of Google Home Mini and Chromecast devices for just $45. Did they lose money on this deal? Absolutely, but they got customers in the door and upsold them! Best Buy came close with both devices for $25 each. $5 sometimes makes all the difference.

Best Buy Black Friday 2018

Best Buy went all out on home networking devices, namely Linksys Mesh WiFi Router triple pack for just $179. Walmart couldn’t match this offer with its $199. Again, the difference is small, but every little bit counts on a day like Black Friday.

Best Buy Promotion

Best Buy is famous for many deals on big screen TVs and last year was no exception. While Walmart had the cheapest one, Best Buy had a better TV: 4K Toshiba 43-inch for just $129. This is for those of us who don’t only go for savings, but pay attention to quality too.

As we mentioned above, Walmart’s home theater projector offers just don’t stand a chance to Best Buy’s massive lineup of contenders. Think Epson Home Theater Projector for just $949 and try to beat that!

Walmart Home Theater

What should we expect in 2019?

Here are some predictions we would like to make:

  • Walmart will win the smart phone fight again with its huge gift card offers for activation. Expect $300 and even $400 on older models.

Walmart Smartphone Rollbacks

  • Best Buy will probably just offer direct iPhone savings for their line activation and it won’t be $300.
  • Best Buy should dominate the Home Theater category again.
  • Expect the best savings on speakers, subwoofers, and giant 85-inch 4K TVs from Best Buy.

Best Buy LG OLED TV 4K

  • Both retailers will probably feature some great deals on video game systems, as seen by Amazon and Target so far.

Walmart Gaming Equipment

  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X will run pretty similarly at both retailers, but Walmart might decide to lower the price last minute by a few cents, really not enough to make a difference.

Walmart PlayStation Promotion

  • All in all, both retail giants will come out with similar results at the end of the day, except for Walmart’s cell phone deals.
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  • Free Shipping: 3
  • Online Sales: 5
  • Total Number of Coupons: 15

How to use Walmart Coupons:

  1. Click on "Get Code" Link.
  2. Enter Walmart Coupon in the Promotional Code Box.
  3. Review your savings.