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Can You Buy Target Coupons on eBay?

It turns out – yes, you can! If you have some shopping to do at many different retailers, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, JC Penney, Target, and others, you should go to eBay and check for coupons before making any big purchases.

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Most people don’t even think about coupon shopping on eBay and miss a lot of savings. The coupons often cost just a few dollars, but can bring you significant discounts. In fact, we recommend to not go shopping for any large items without locating some good promotional codes first.

Most of us get coupon codes in the mail or email if we sign up for such service with our favorite stores. But there are times when we just can’t wait for those discounts to arrive, so the next best thing is to visit eBay for a good coupon code.

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Coupons on eBay are auctioned off just like most other things there. If an auction ends not to your advantage, don’t worry – it’ll be others. Some auctions can have 10 Lowe’s coupons each good for 10% off your entire order, as an example. Such deals can’t really be found anywhere else.

Coupon deals cost on average $2-$4, but the savings they can bring are huge. For example, such 10% off your order coupon can save you $50 off $500 dishwasher. There are countless examples and success stories to illustrate that a little time spent on eBay can go a long way.

Make sure you always read the small print and check out the coupon for fraud. There are cases when the seller claims to be selling Home Depot coupons when it’s actually a Lowe’s coupon with a code that is already used or invalid. The idea behind such sale is that Home Depot will accept its competitor’s coupon without bar code scanning.

While such little lie works in most cases, we can debate the ethicality of it. This is entirely up to us to decide if we want to deal such dealings or not. A competitor’s coupon is accepted according to major home improvement stores, which means that you won’t be violating anything.

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Most coupons you will find on eBay are simple and legitimate. If there would be too many scams through eBay, most stores would prohibit coupons from there.

eBay can be tricky, so always inspect all information you have about those coupons, check out pictures, and ask sellers questions. You are the only one responsible for your money on eBay, so stay away from deals that sound too good to be true and from sellers with low scores.

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15 Target Shopping Hacks

Target is our happy place. It’s where we go to get a towel and come out with a full cart of make-up, clothing, toys, and storage solutions. Yes, you can definitely get everything you need and want there – from lemons to fuzzy blankets and everything in between. It’s very important not to lose track of what we came there for. We wanted to share some tips how to shop at Target and save some money along the way.

target shopping with discounts

Read on to learn a few tricks and get encouraged not to throw your will out the door as soon as you enter your local shopping mecca:

Unofficial markdown schedule

Yes, you heard it right – Target has an unofficial markdown schedule:

  • Monday – electronics, kids clothing, baby, books, accessories, and stationary
  • Tuesday – women’s clothing, domestics, pets, food items
  • Wednesday – men’s apparel, diapers, health and beauty, furniture, lawn and garden
  • Thursday – lingerie, housewares, toys, shoes, décor, luggage, and sporting goods
  • Friday – cosmetics, auto, jewelry, and hardware

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Use anything and everything that can save you money, including coupons. Target can send coupons directly to your phone and 10+ coupons weekly can be found on Target app, so sign up and save.

Free Target app

We are mentioning it again. It’s free and it’s worth it. Besides weekly deals, you will be able to use Cartwheel discounts that include hundreds of items in the store and offer 5-50% discount. Bonus – you will get 5% extra when you pay with the REDcard.

Target REDcard Debit Card

If you are one of those people who are done with credit card debt and don’t want to hear anything about it, consider Target REDcard debit card. You will link it directly to your checking account and save 5% each time you swipe it. Target will collect your personal information for marketing purposes, but you will not be charged interest and will not have to remember to pay one more credit card bill. You will also receive 30 day extra return period for all items that you purchased with the REDcard.

Free returns

If you have an account online, Target will provide free return shipping label, so you will not have to make a trip to the store to return at no cost to you.

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Return even open items

Unlike Sephora, Target allows virtually all beauty products, even opened ones, to be returned for 90 days post purchase.

Price matching

Target will price match an item from competitors or different platforms. Just bring the ad or open your phone for lower online price.

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Shopping via Instagram

#TargetStyle on Instagram is a collection of pictures that you can click and the link will take you directly to Target’s page where you can find that exact outfit and its components. You can read all the reviews and buy. Could it get any easier?

Bring your own bags

If you bring your own bag to avoid getting extra plastic, most Targets will pay you $0.05 per bag.

Understanding clearance tags

Many savvy shoppers swear that Target’s clearance tags that end with $0.06 or $0.08 will be further discounted. The markdowns happen every two weeks, so if you have patience to wait and if the item will still be in the inventory, don’t buy just yet. $0.04 means that the item has been discounted to end and won’t get any cheaper.

Best deals from home

The clearance section has now been brought online, so you can get best deals without leaving your home. Happy shopping!

Price rain check

This option is amazing – if you find an item that you absolutely have to have at a price that makes you happy, but the store runs out of stock, you can request the price rain check. This means that the price for you won’t change for 30-45 days in any Target store.


Some things are needed on the ongoing basis – think toilet paper or diapers. You can save 5% on scheduled delivery of such essentials. It’s called adulting.

Gift cards for old electronics

Bring your own phones, tablets, games, consoles, and wearables and you will be awarded with a free gift cards as a payment.


Target has supplies for any event of your life. If you have a baby or wedding coming up, create a registry at Target and receive 15% off coupon for one in-store transaction and 15% coupon for online order. If you have gifts still left in your registry, get them all at 15% discount for 6 months after your event.




Target is the second-largest chain of discount stores in the USA that provides a wide selection of highest quality name brand products including apparel, footwear, health and beauty products, jewelry, electronics, compact discs, DVDs, bedding, kitchen supplies, sporting goods, toys, pet supplies, automotive supplies, hardware supplies and a lot more. Target also offers seasonal merchandise, including patio furniture during the summer and Christmas decorations during December. Striving to deliver unsurpassed value, continuous innovation and superior customer service, Target has become the preferred shopping destination to millions of people who live in the U.S. and Canada. Consistently fulfilling the company's mission to expect more and pay less Target cares about the budget of its customers by offering quality merchandise at low margins. In addition there are Target Coupon Codes that will enable the consumers to save even more on their purchase at Target.