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How to Save with Stubhub. Our Exclusive Report

These days consumers have plenty of different ways to buy tickets to see their favorite performers, shows, or sports teams in action. However, many choices usually mean increased confusion. It’s hard to know if the best course of action is to buy tickets from Ticketmaster as soon as you can get your hands on them or wait for tickets to come to secondary markets like StubHub and SeatGeek. If you choose to save more and go for secondary ticket resale markets, there are some tricks and strategies too. After all, you want to make sure you get good seats, best deal, and authentic tickets.

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Buy after the initial sale

Secondary markets open the possibilities to never wait for the on-sale time, but instead shop around based on what your preferences and value are. Some people care about just getting into the venue, while others place emphasis on the best seats. The initial sale is very tough for savers, but it is a whole different story on secondary markets, especially when you can accept less than best seats in the house.

Waiting pays off

Early tickets are the most expensive, even if we think it should be otherwise. This is no airline industry and the goal is to sell as much as possible at first to guarantee the event will happen at all. The closer to the event you will get, the less you will pay for the remainder of tickets. This is just the rule of the industry.

Many people might buy tickets for the event, but then lose interest as it’s coming closer and will be willing to sell their tickets for a good price. Some people plan to go as a group and then part of the group ends up cancelling their plans and those tickets go on sale. All of those people will be willing to take less as only hours remain before the event. From your perspective, patience pays.

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Price alerts

StubHub or Seat Geek apps might look overwhelming to navigate at first, but in reality they offer many different criteria to help you narrow down your search.

Once you have the app, you can find an event you are interested in and then select alerts for price below a certain point. StubHub or SeatGeek will let you know when there is a ticket at or below your set price. The apps are so sophisticated that the included “Value Tool” can help you determine the best ratio between your selected price and the best seating positions available to give you a truly best deal.

Go alone

If your event includes seats, looking for more than one ticket will always prove more challenging than buying a ticket just for you. With that in mind you might have to settle for going to an event by yourself because single tickets are pretty easy to come by.

Look for protections

Fake tickets are real and dangerous. No matter how popular your event is and how much you want to save, never buy tickets from sites that can’t give you protections on those resale tickets. StubHub, for example, employs a team of people who are monitoring security all the time looking for fraud. It’s a great idea to buy from sites that have 24-hour customer service, in case you need help before the event. Finally, many reputable secondary market companies have relationships with major leagues and performers to insure the tickets that come to them.

Consider not going

This is a sure way to save money by choosing to not go, especially to sporting playoffs. These highly desired events tend to keep the price pretty firm and not drop it, so if savings are really on your mind, you might want to choose a different day and a different event. Most people crave that live experience and that is just as great during many other games.

Famous artists’ tickets have a very similar story – the more popular the artist, the more expensive and firm the ticket prices are. This is when you should look for talent that is up and coming. Even Ariana Grande was once an unknown, so don’t be afraid to try new things for $30 or so.

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The least popular tickets

If all else fails, look for tickets that are very unpopular and nobody wants them. These would include seats that make seeing pretty hard or partial. Even when the ticket says “obstructed view” it doesn’t always mean bad. Some venues have amazing seats even in the worst spots. Use features like StubHub’s “Virtual View” and get to know the venue to eliminate guessing game.

Some tickets are general admission and for standing room only, often priced very nicely. Buying such ticket and getting to the place early will give you a great spot at very low price, which is what we call a really great experience for a really great deal.

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