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It’s pretty safe to say that most of us have eaten apricots, know the wonderful taste, and the benefits of eating fruit. Summer is great for fresh goodness and winter is amazing for dried fruit in our diet. However, how many of us have heard about the healing power of apricot seed? Let’s dive right into that:

Sweet juicy apricot fruit in the midst of summer is and should be celebrated. It is choke full of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. But under the ripe facade lie hidden powers that can rival many benefits the fruit itself has to offer.

Apricot Power coupons

Apricot seeds are small and visually insignificant, but they contain potent amounts of vitamin B-17, which is hard to come by naturally. 30% OffApricot Power Apricot Power products are well balanced and ensure that you will consume just the right amount of this amazing vitamin. The 30% OffApricot Power Apricot Power store carries a wide-array of products and even skin care line loaded with this super vitamin for your complete beauty.

Vitamin B-17 is a relatively new discovery, but gaining popularity rapidly, due to its cancer-fighting abilities. While conclusive evidence still needs to be gathered, B-17 has been used for treating cancer since the 1800’s. The complex is also known to fight arthritis pains.

While eating raw apricot seeds at home is not advised, you can rest assured that Apricot Power products contain save doses and perfect balances of the vitamin. You will get about 20mg of B-17 in each apricot seed from Apricot Power. The seeds are bitter and always from the freshest California apricot harvest. Many other manufacturers use seeds from overseas, which means that they sit in giant warehouses for long periods of time prior to packaging and reach you not fresh.

30% OffApricot Power Apricot Power specializes in many seed byproducts and supplements made from them. Don’t be surprised to find chocolate bars and creams. Dark chocolate bars are made of dried apricots and seed combinations, offering superior taste and benefits. This way you won’t have to deal with bitterness while still getting all the healing powers of apricot seeds.

Apricot Power skin cream also contains grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil to promote healthy microbial balance, soothing effect to minimize inflammations, and sun protection through moisturization.

When it comes to nutrition, apricot kernel and bitter almond inside have the highest B-17 found anywhere naturally. B-17 is a glycoside, called Amygdaline and is known to bond to other nutrients through sugar. B-17 extract is called laetrile and is used to fight cancer. It works by creating hydrogen cyanide that enters the body’s tissues and attacks cancerous cells. While extremely potent, it is not used on its own but rather in conjunction with enzymes, a special anti-carcinogenic diet, and exercise. B-17 usage has the best results when combined with vitamins A, C, E, B-15, pancreatic enzymes, and various other nutrients with cancer fighting qualities.

B-17 is also advertised as a potent arthritic pain fighter, blood pressure reducer, immune system booster, and positive influencer of overall health and body functions. Just like all other nutrients, B-17 works best when consumed in its natural state, with foods that naturally contain it, in this case, apricot seeds.

Some people have had negative reactions to apricot seeds, so always start with caution. Some side effects include weakness and mild headaches. If you are experiencing some of those problems, try drinking orange, lemon, grapefruit or grape juice. Hydrochloric acid taken in advance can prevent the reaction.

Recommended quantity of apricot seed intake varies from person to person and depends on their age, weight, overall health, and tolerance. This is why it’s recommended to start with just one seed per day and build up based on how you feel. The upper level of consumption is 6-10 seeds per day. The product is potent and high amounts can be dangerous, especially for children, so keep them stored out of reach. Too many seeds can result in headache, upset stomach, and dizziness. If you want to introduce 30% OffApricot Power Apricot Power to older kids, start with a few bites of apricot seed chocolate bar or any other product, but always take it slow and stay on the side of caution.

As with all new supplements, it is recommended to consult your naturopath, Homeopathic physician, kinesiologist, or any other physician you are seeing for guidance and dosage recommendations. Start slowly, take caution, and don’t expect any healing miracles, as Apricot Power does not make any claims to cure, treat, or prevent serious diseases.

The best place to buy Apricot Power products is their online store and local retail locations that you can also find through their website store locator.

Finally, no matter where in life and health you currently are, try these tiny seeds and see for yourself the life-changing benefits they carry.

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