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How to Save with Omio (formerly GoEuro) Promo Codes

If you are planning your dream vacation or a quick getaway to Europe, look no further for the best deal. You can save 20% right off the top and then get additional discounts with Omio (formerly GoEuro) voucher code. The multidimensional travel site offers up to $275 off any single purchase. Omio is a place to go for price comparison and for various transportation modes: from planes and trains, to water craft in one search. Omio (formerly known as GoEuro) serves many different countries, including Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, The Netherlands, and Belgium, just to name a few.

Train Tickets with discount at GoEuro

Coupon application is very simple. All you have to do enter your voucher code during your checkout process to get the discount. The voucher box will be right under your personal details. Use a discount for all offered transportation types. While the coupon has limited expiration time, there is no deadline for the travel that you are buying with the coupon. Travelers are usually encouraged to complete the trip within one year, so read the rules if you want to buy something for more than that in advance.

The entire booking process with Omio (formerly GoEuro) is very simple. Customers enter the point of start and the destination and will then choose the most convenient or exciting way of going between those two points. The choices are wide and fit just about any need – buses, trains, planes, and recently added ships. Your choices can be limited based on price, speed, the point of arrival, or whatever is important to you while traveling. Once you narrow down the mode of transportation, the selection requires only a few simple mouse clicks. Most trips start in Berlin, where the headquarters are located with over 200 employees ready to help you start your trip to more than 40 different countries.

There are plenty of travel sites and apps claiming to offer you best deals, but customers have all kinds of trouble if they desire to combine various modes of transportation into one trip. Omio (formerly known as GoEuro) constantly strives to make such planning easy and user-friendly. So far customers have had great success securing non-stop travel that involves buses, planes, and trains. Everything is done in one place online or on the mobile app forgoing multiple searches and extensive planning.

Omio is successfully adding new partners to its multidimensional service. The partners are bringing additional rail routes and water travel options, in addition to air. All of this is destined to bring Europe closer to you and make it more accessible for all the lucky world travelers.

Let’s take a look at some Omio app highlights:

  • Over 450 travel partners offering buses, trains, planes, and ships
  • Over 33,000 travel destinations in Europe and beyond
  • Over 46,000 daily travel routes to choose from
  • Only one search point for all the trip legs combined
  • Serves Android and iOS software
  • Omio (formerly GoEuro) allows you to pick major travel hubs and small towns with equal accessibility
  • Destination points include major United States cities

Our suggestion is to give this virtual travel agent a chance if you hear Europe calling your name any time soon, especially with spring approaching and 20% coupon good for 2019.

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Omio (formerly GoEuro) Expanding Their Travel Deals

Omio (formerly known as 15% OffOmio GoEuro) has been known as a multi-modal travel planning platform with trains, planes, and busses to help achieve customers’ goals. The company is adding ferries to its eclectic mix of transportation to stay competitive in the “compare and book” environment.

Omio has partnerships with over 800 regional transport companies and those ties enable them to offer plenty of affordable choices for travelers.

Goeuro travel deals

The ferries will first serve the Mediterranean region with trips to Italy, including Amalfi-Positano and Naples-Ischia, serviced by SNAV and Travelmar.

Adding ferries will expand Omio (formerly 15% OffOmio GoEuro) market reach and add another dimension to the already multi-modal package. The company is in no rush to start adding many ferries, they are ready to test them market and the demand with trips to Italy and Croatia first. If proven successful, Omio will expand the service to cover more routes and markets next year.

Booking a ticket for ferry requires quite a bit of research and getting used to as the process is not streamlined yet. Customers will have to do some thinking to figure out the many options, multiple carriers, various vessel sizes, and routes. Booking options are still a lot less standardized than digital air travel selections. When you add other variables, such as the weather, it might seem quite daunting.

Omio (formerly GoEuro) recognizes such obstacles and admits that there are vast opportunities to be tapped in the limited digital booking ferry travel.

Omio seeks to become a leader platform with easy and user-friendly booking options for its customers. Their goal is to offer the same quality service for ferry operators and help them get connected to travelers that otherwise might not have considered such sea travel.

The broader goal yet is to create the smooth travel experience by connecting ferry journeys with the rest of the trip parts for the ultimate end-to-end booking. This is still a challenge with multiple obstacles to overcome before seamless linking can be achieved.

Omio is also unveiling its updated website and a few visual changes, starting with the new logo and calm color palette, designed to reassure customers of relaxed and stress less travel.

The updated website features a new suite of anchor illustrations that show all the travel modes in a very romantic light.

The new facelift will be unveiled in Europe over the next few months, according to Omio (formerly known as 15% OffOmio GoEuro). The ferry option will be rolled out at the same time.

The newly redesigned website will include more information about confusing parts of booking – various add-ons, duration, and transfers. The more informed customers feel, the less stress they experience traveling the unfamiliar parts of the world. Millions of users will benefit from these changes wherever their travels will take them.

Mobile ticketing will help bring and tie more travel modes into one family to encourage customers to book with confidence that everything concerning their trip will be taken care of. There is hope that one day booking multi-mode transportation will be as easy as it is now buying multiple-stop plane tickets,

Flights will now be integrated into Omio (formerly 15% OffOmio GoEuro) booking without a need to go through third-party sellers via redirects. Customers will be able to compare prices directly on the platform and secure tickets in one place together with the other legs of the trip.

The company is based in Berlin and raised over $300 million so far since its start in 2012.The last round of funding brought $150 million just a month ago by Kinnevik AB, Temasek, and Hillhouse Capital.

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Gouero is now Omio

Multidimensional travel giant GoEuro announced that it’s going to become Omio and expand its horizons from mainly Europe to more global destinations. As the company grows and tackles new international travel challenges, it needs a name to match. New name has a way of giving a new life and a fresh start to growing business. Omio really changes the identity of GoEuro and preps it for new more inclusive reach.

Omio travel deals

The news of new name and new ambitions came late last year. Company insiders explain that Omio was chosen because of its neutrality and for easy memorization. It also sounds good in just about any language.

The name finding process wasn’t easy or taken lightly. Various choices were considered during 8 month period, with focus on shortness, easiness, and preferably something of 4 letters, making the task quite complicated.

The name had to symbolize stress free booking experience, kind of Zen like. Vacation planning is not always that, and GoEuro wanted to say that customers will be taken care of and won’t have to experience the stress a multimodal booking can cause.

Double “O” in the new name serve as ties to the old one that was well known since the company was started in 2012.

The company has been very well known in Europe, as 27 million users prove. There is nothing quite like GoEuro with a network of buses, trains, planes, and recently added ferries all combined into one travel experience. Not surprisingly, this model has worked in Europe due to its interconnectivity of public transportation, whereas US is saturated by cars and planes only.

Despite the variety of available transportation, Europe is lacking common language and ticketing system, making booking very challenging for tourists, who have to deal with a huge mix of providers to plan, navigate, compare, and understand all the multiple options.

GoEuro was very successful connecting all those modes of travel into one platform in Europe and now Omnio wants to expand the reach globally. GoEurope offered to go from Paris to London or from Madrid to Rome, and now it wants to find ways to help its international users go from Tokyo to Kyoto and from Sao Paulo to Rio. No country left unturned, that is their motto for the foreseeable future.

Omnio wants to be more than a travel platform, they want to be a brand, known and trusted globally. Their business model, tough negotiations, finding ways to integrate languages and processes is not for the faint of heart, so any competition is years behind.

10 years ago Europe was a beautiful, but often frustrating place for travelers. Fast forward to today and we have GoEuro connecting over 100,000 remote train stations and plugging them all into one standardized product with mobile access and single-click tickets. After this experience Omnio will have a much better chance to accomplish the same goals worldwide.

The European startup has over 300 employees, out of which 200 are engineers, solving complex technological problems and creating unified partnership routes.

European experience is very valuable, according to founder and CEO Naren Shaam. It comes as a statement of what can be accomplished in a few years – 27 million monthly travelers and 8 million routes created. GoEuro was already becoming more and more global with customers from over 100 countries and many transportation companies going international.

Europe is a market that gave start to Spotify, many fintech companies, and now global travel platform in part due to its fragmentation. The new expansion will start with Asia, South America, and the US. This will be no short undertaking, requiring investment of time and money.

The US is a tough market to come into, especially when the goal is not to just create another airline in this already full-to-capacity market. Omnio will have to come with some ingenious solutions, winning over regional transportation companies that will be the biggest competitors.

During the long-term global expansion, Omnio will continue to connect Europe, because there are still plenty of places like Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, and a big part of Eastern Europe to get more accessible. Bus companies in Italy and Spain are also still very scattered. This work will be happening side by side with creating a clear vision for the next two continents and issues facing each one of them.

Then there is a connecting cities problem, which is not getting as much funding and recognition as inner-city connectivity. VCs lend billions to those a lot easier than to GoEuro platform, which attracted just $300M – a small fraction of what city systems get. Despite such challenges, Omnio is not giving up on intercity expansion.

Asia might be very different than Europe, but Omnio believes its developed “a la carte” approach to European market problems will prove very useful in this continent too. New markets and geographies can still be scaled with similar tools and tested strategies that worked in Europe. All of that is portable and universal.

Some anticipated problems outside Europe are diminished network effects and lower mobile usage rates in places like South America, requiring innovative strategies to reach consumers. Omnio recognizes that the process will be long and tedious, with no time tables and promises, but it is confident the company is well funded to undertake the challenge of globalization.

Omnio has a brand name and experience, they have worked with over 700 suppliers and built long-lasting partnerships – all of that is of vital importance when building trust with new partners in different continents. Tourists that had good experience with GoEuro in Europe will come for more from Omnio in Asia. This has to count when selling scalability.

The most recent round of funding was $150M just last fall, so Omnio is well-funded to hire more people as it takes on the world. This includes a large chunk coming from Asian investors. Another round of funding is possible in the future, but Omnio is not pursuing it now. All the energy will be geared towards expansion goals for the long term.

China has been on radar of GoEuro for a while, especially with 2017 b2c partnership with Chinese booking platform Qunar, which on the other hand limits the movement of Omnio in that region. Chinese market is not easy to understand and penetrate, as many western tech companies’ fail proves. According to Shaam, only time will tell and show the best approach to that market.

How to Save on Trains in Europe? Our Complete Guide plus 20% Off Exclusive Coupons from Omio.

Traveling Europe by train is one of the most adventurous ways of seeing the continent and its diversity. It’s also one way American tourists can’t really travel back home, so such European trips become very romantic.

omio train tickets deals

Despite the pull to try it, there are a few obstacles, especially when planning and booking. There are so many ways to book the trip that it might get very confusing very fast. To keep things and savings in perspective, let’s take a look at some tips we collected to help you get unconfused:


First of all we should worry about the price and make sure we are not getting ripped off.

If England is your European starting point or any other point of the trip, you will most likely travel with Eurostar. The best deals on Eurostar can be found if you book 1-4 months in advance and won’t travel on Friday or Sunday.

If you know you will be planning such trip in the close future, keep an eye on Eurostar website for various promotions that can take down the price significantly.

The cross Channel operator also offers tickets to many European Cities and combining the trip is always cheaper than splitting it.

Arriving at a smaller city via Eurostar is also a lot cheaper than going straight to London or Paris. The savings include a connection ticket to the big city too, so you have nothing to lose or worry about.

Early booking

Booking trains for the future always makes sense. Rail companies are like airlines – the closer to the flight, the more expensive it gets. All travelers should set an alert for when the tickets get released and get the best prices as soon as they are available:

  • Eurostar can be booked over 4 months in advance.
  • Thalys, a connection between France, Germany, and Belgium can be purchased 3 months ahead of time.
  • Thello trains between France and Italy are scheduled 4 months prior to departure.
  • Spanish trains usually have 2-3 months’ notice.
  • Deutsche Bahn trains have a record 6 months advance booking.

Forego agency sites

You can finds tens and tens of websites selling tickets to all trains in Europe, but you don’t need any of them if you are truly ready to get the best price.

The difference in price can be huge. For example, buying a ticket from Vienna to Venice on SNCB Europe website can set you back by $140, but getting the exact same ticket directly on Austrian Federal Railways can cost just $35. Big difference!

No rail passes

Getting an unlimited pass always sounds great, but savings are not always there. Sure, if you have no plan and just want to backpack all over Europe, unlimited train rides can be justified. However, if you have a fixed itinerary, there is no reason to get $300 ticket for 5 day travel because you will never break even with something like that.

One thing though – always buy your tickets in advance and don’t wait for the last day and lose your chance to save. The most economic tickets are often non-refundable, so make sure you don’t have any reasons to cancel your travel plans.

Sleeper trains

These are amazing and can double your savings. You can reach your destination, fall asleep in one country and wake up in another, and save on accommodations.

Night routes are cheaper than day, adding to your wise budgeting. Additionally, some of the day routes require more stops and even train changes than peaceful night travel trains.

On top of all savings, please use our exclusive coupons provided for us exclusively by Omio (formerly GoEuro)

How to use Omio Coupons:

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