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Medifast Diet Review

Medifast Diet Plan

First of all, what is Medifast?

This is a diet system where you get meal replacements delivered to you for easy weight loss. The diet plan used to deliver 5 meals and allowed you to get one of your own choices per day, called 4 & 1. Then there were 3 their meals per day and three of yours. Today there are two plan guidelines:

  • Medifast GO! For quick weight loss
  • Medifast Achieve for long-term steady weight loss

The program is widely used by doctors who are concerned about the health of their patients and their food intake. The results of this strict program are visible within the first 30 days, which is very encouraging for patients and helps them desire to go on with it. Anybody can do it with meals that include the right portions, healthy carbs, plenty of protein, and fiber from vegetables. Drink plenty of water in addition to the meals and voila, weight will start coming off!

Medifast Food

How does the program work?

Medifast offers 70 meal options to choose from and you will need 4 of them every day. The choices of those meals include mashed potatoes, pasta, muffins, soups, and more. All those meals are designed to provide more protein and less carbs and fat. Sticking with this usually helps lose 2-5 pounds per week at first and then 1-2 pounds every week.

The last, fifth Lean & Green, meal you will provide yourself. It should be 5-7 ounces of lean protein, 3 servings of vegetables, and 2 servings of healthy fats. You can also use condiments and one snack per day (apples, nuts, Jell-O, vegetables, pickles, or gum).

You are not allowed any alcohol and a few other foods.

The program is not hard to follow because you will have to use delivered meals and one of your own. You will love their shakes, bars, cereals, meals, and snacks. You might not love the fact that no fruit, starches, or dairy is allowed on this plan. All these restrictions are needed to put your body in a state of ketosis, which happens when you consume very little carbohydrates and thus cause your body to burn fat as fuel instead of sugars.

Thrive By Medifast Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Most people have to make very few trips to their grocery stores or cook, which has to be lovely. If you live in Arizona or Louisiana, you can have in-person meeting with certified Medifast dieticians, otherwise they are a phone call away.

Fitness is encouraged while on the program, but there are no requirements from Medifast. You should stick with whatever you like and take it easy during your body’s adjustment to the new diet.

Medifast Coupons

Can people with dietary restrictions join this program?

Yes, vegetarians have many meal options with legumes instead of meat, vegans – not so many, because most meals include eggs or dairy byproducts. Gluten-free diet followers have about 40 meals to choose from.

How much does it cost?

Medifast many options have various price points, but on average 4-week plan costs about $330. A 7-pack of meal replacement is $20.50.

All members get free online support and valuable weight loss tracking tools and advice.

Does it work?

This is the most important question. Yes, you will lose weight with extreme calorie restriction as you will be consuming about 1,000 calories per day. Is it sustainable? Now that is real question. Most people struggle with it and can’t maintain this type of restriction for long. The good news is that after the initial weight loss you can adjust the diet to better serve your needs for a long haul.

Medifast Thrive Shake

The meals provide enough nutrients, so the diet is not dangerous. There is no dairy in this meal plan, so you will have to add calcium and Vitamin D with supplements to maintain a healthy balance of these nutrients.

How do the meals taste?

We would say that foods are not amazing, but taste somewhat close to the real-world counterparts. Expect bland flavors and a bit different consistency, but you won’t be starving. You do get to make your own meal every day, so that can be your taste bud rehab.

The diet can work for people with diabetes because it helps controling blood sugar. However, diabetes patients should be careful about reducing blood sugar too drastically at first. Doctor consultation is always advised. Other risk groups that could benefit from this diet are people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

What are some Medifast diet pros?

  • Simple meals – no calorie counting and no cooking, besides one meal. Delivered meals take minutes to prepare.
  • Convenience – meals are easy, you can take them with you, so no reason not to stick with it.
  • Perfect for single people and for those who travel a lot
  • Evidence shows that ketosis works and it is gaining speed among dieters everywhere
  • Easy instructions
  • Reduced hunger
  • Clinically proven results and health benefits
  • Medifast nutritionists can be reached over the phone for consultation any time
  • The program is very teen-friendly and helps them overcome digestive problems due to stress

What are some cons?

  • Taste of delivered food is not the best
  • Difficult transition to diet with such a low calorie plan
  • Difficult transition to the real world after the diet
  • Price – the plan is not cheap and works for one person only, so difficult to maintain for families
  • Some people experience side effects like feeling cold, dry skin and hair, and fatigue

In conclusion, Medifast program can definitely help you jump-start your weight loss. However, it is so strict that sticking with it might be tough. Learning how to live after the weight is loss is the key, but it is possible and has been done by many followers before.

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