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Lorex15% OffLorex home and small business cameras are sold online and by various retailers in physical stores. The manufacturer has been operating since 1991 and was bought a few times, most recently in 2012 by FLIR Systems. FLIR Systems specialize in thermal imaging technology and thus was a perfect match with Lorex cameras. In fact, combining the two technologies has given FLIR that extra boost over their ample competition.

Lorex system became the talk of town thanks to Santa Clara County jail, where Sheriff Laurie Smith has been requesting extra cameras, but was told by the county officials that it would take two years and cost twenty million dollars. Long story short, she bought Lorex system herself and was able to install it just in time to record a big inmate brawl. This story goes to prove that Lorex systems are affective and affordable, which is no less important.

Pros and Cons

While Lorex15% OffLorex cameras get glowing reviews about technological capabilities and quality, there are some very bad experiences with the company’s customer service. People complain about getting wrong orders shipped to them and then being passed around when they call customer service trying to solve their issues. It definitely looks like Lorex is doing something right when it comes to features and innovation, but needs lots of improvement in other areas. After all, moving ahead for any business means taking care of their customers because even the greatest product that is hard to get and handle will not be in high demand for long. Such are laws of demand, which is very fickle if not supported by good company culture and fair treatment of customers.


Lorex cameras are so popular due to many available options of camera configuration and availability of different types of devices. Customers who know what they need for their security will be able to navigate the website and easily find what they are looking for. There are cameras in just about any resolution imaginable. You can choose between wired and wireless cameras that connect to DVR’s or NVR’s. Many available packages work for individual home owners’ needs without much customization. Small businesses can also find cameras to match their needs.


Lotrex specializes in both of those systems. Analog DVR uses coaxial cable for video recording while IP NVR system uses Ethernet cable to record video to the network. Both systems are great for centralization purposes and allow you to put the whole system on battery backup plan. The reason why IP NVR system is gaining momentum lately is its ability to record higher resolution and frame rate, so technologically savvy people are leaning that way for sure.

Resolution choices

Resolution for the camera is one of the most important qualities. Front porch pirates are active everywhere and in order to record them, you are advised to use a high resolution camera with a wide lens and night vision. Such recording will allow for detail pictures and give a chance to actually capture the thieves based on video alone.

The main problem with high resolution videos is storing them, especially if you want to be able to keep your recordings for a long time. Besides storage space, you will have to have a wired camera because wireless can’t handle extremely high resolutions just yet. There are some 4k wireless cameras on the market, but if you choose to go that route, you will have to upgrade your wireless infrastructure at home to be able to handle this resolution. The price is also significantly higher for such cameras.

If you can be satisfied with lower resolution, say 1080p or 720p, you will be fine with regular HD security cameras. This resolution has been standard for many years and definitely serves its purpose. You won’t have any problems storing your recordings and you won’t have to spend so much on your security system. This resolution is compatible with wireless network and won’t require drilling holes and running wires all over your house.

Lorex15% OffLorex packages

As we mentioned before, the amount of available packages is staggering at Lorex. The trick is figuring out what you need and can afford. Before you start your shopping, you should determine how many cameras you will need and what type. You can choose between bullet and PTZ dome cameras. You can also get up to 16 cameras, which is satisfying even for the biggest mansion. In other words, whatever your needs are, Lorex has you taken care of.

If you currently have a security system and would like to add more cameras or other features, contact your security company and talk about your options, which are plenty.



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