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Les mills body pump savings guide.

The times of simple cardio-only programs at home are gone, replaced by weight and strength training workouts for everybody. One of the most popular and best known such workout programs at home is Les Mills Pump by Beachbody.

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Great bodies don’t always come naturally; they are often engineered, so let’s take a look at how this Body Pump can help you get results.

How does Les Mills Body Pump work?

This program helps you achieve lean body and sleek muscles in a short period of time. It does so because of “Rep Effect” philosophy, when participants use smaller weights and increased repetitions. This way the heart rate increases and aerobic workout results in combination with strength training, yielding great results. Many people, especially women, think that strength and weight training will make them bulky and tend to stay away from such programs, but it’s not true at all, as Les Mills very well illustrates. If you are lifting small weights with many repetitions, you will get very different results – sculpted muscles and well-defined lean body, no bulk.

Beachbody is not giving the exact guidelines when it comes to their Les Mills Body Pump program. They simply suggest to workout at least three times per week with weights and maximum reps. Another 2-3 days should be devoted to whatever other physical activity you want to do. The best results will be reached if those other days will be used for cardio activity, such as running, swimming, spinning, or elliptical training.

One of the main suggestions is to always change up your routine if you really want to see results. Every few weeks change something and always challenge yourself. While working out on your own might be tempting to cheap and skip a day or two, think about your end goal and stick to the program. Take just one or two days off per week and then get right back into crushing your goals.

If you want more direction, choose Les Mills 90 Day Program, which will guide you in a more strict fashion. Quick results will come if you will follow all three phases of the program, clearly marked on the calendar, which comes together with the program. All phases are 30 days with one rest day per week. Six days per week will be devoted to Les Mills workouts with one day additional cardio training on your own.

The videos are recorded in a class setting with 20 or so best Body Pump trainers participating and demonstrating their amazing shape and abilities. Most other Beachbody programs just have one trainer, so this is definitely different. You will enjoy fantastic music and clear explanations how to move and use barbell for lifting, pushing, and everything in between. If you prefer to hear more music than speech, you can adjust the setting to do just that, even though at first we would recommend listening to directions.

Program components:

  • 7 workouts on 7 DVDs
  • 1 extra core workout
  • 1 padded barbell
  • 2 5-pound weights
  • 2 10-pound weights
  • 2 safety clips
  • A complete fitness guide
  • A nutrition guide
  • Tape measure
  • Measurement tracker
  • Online support

All these components make for a very comprehensive program with extra bonuses and plentiful free support. The price is $200, but everything is yours to keep and use it over and over again.

The workouts are for 35-45 minutes with a few shorter sessions.

The Les Mills Basics that comes with the program is more like a ten minute tutorial than a workout. It explains how to prepare the barbells for a session with the right weights, describes which muscle groups will be worked out during various exercises. You will also learn the proper position, grip, stance, and quick weight adjustment.

This video is great, especially for beginners. Weight training doesn’t come naturally, especially if you never worked out before, so you should definitely watch the video and maybe even e few times. If you have done some strength training at a gym before, working out at home with barbells is a lot different than using gym machines. You want to keep your transitions fast to get the most out of your intense and time sensitive workout sessions. Finally, pay very close attention to your form to avoid injuries before you can complete the 90-day program and view the results you will see in the mirror.

Pump Challenge

The next phase is Pump Challenge, which guides you into the program with basic chest presses, dead lifts, and overhead press. These are fundamental moves, made to work large muscle groups for fast results. Those workouts are about 20 minutes long, intense, and very well explained.

Pump and Burn

This is your second stage to get into combinations of moves that are a bit tougher to master. If you have never done Body Pump class before, you should definitely turn down the music in the video and listen to instructors. Those combination moves are aiming to work a few muscle groups at a time and will be a good cardio workout with the results of weight training. This phase is about 30 min long.

Pump and Shred

Turn up the heat here and get into that cardio! This is 45 minutes of intense cardio, endurance, and strength training all in one. You will have to endure countless repetitions to feel the shred effect.

Pump Revolution

This long workout is almost an hour and aimed at your upper and lower body with lunges, presses, and weighted squats.

Pump Extreme

This group of exercises is also almost an hour with focus on triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, hamstrings, and all other smaller muscles. In just a few weeks, you will have a changed physique with this program.


This is a tame version of a workout, based on yoga principles of stretching and engaged core for strength and balance. It is best done in the morning or in the evening, for 20 minutes.

Hard Core Abs

This is for those of us dreaming of a six-pack abs. Your midsection will be worked out from every aspect and will give you great results if you are able to combine it with a very strict nutritional regimen for that lean stomach.


All the equipment that comes with Body Pump programs is of very high quality materials and packed with features, like soft grip and plastic weights. Safety clips that are included make your workouts safe and provide for easy weight adjustment.

The fitness guide is a great read, packed with suggestions and advice where to start and how to grow. It helps you understand your workout options and programs, making it easier to choose appropriate level of difficulty for your personal needs. Included calendar is great for tracking your progress and marking down program steps.

Nutrition guide is packed with suggestions for various workout program phases, tasty recipes, and nutrition information, which is as important as the workout program itself, if not more. Remember, you can’t outwork a bad diet!

Measurement tracker and tape measure

You will want to be able to track your progress and stay motivated through the duration of the program and beyond. It is very important to measure yourself before you start and through it every month to really understand your results or lack of them. Keep a journal and follow your diet for the best results.


  • Strength training with weights for lean muscles
  • Program components can be used later for different programs
  • The workouts can be followed on your own or as a part of 90-days program
  • You have weights at home and don’t have to join any gym
  • Results are fast and long lasting
  • Great for beginners to learn proper posture and techniques


  • You won’t be able to build large muscle mass, this program is for lean and toned body
  • Warmup does not involve stretching, which some people don’t like
  • The program is not cheap and will set you back by $200
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