Las Vegas with Groupon. Your Guide to Hidden Savings.

Vegas Groupon Promotions

As the world’s tourism is slowly coming back from COVID-19, US are still struggling with the highest disease numbers in the world. European Union and most other countries don’t want us, so the best we can do this summer is visit our own destinations, which are plentiful. Las Vegas is a capital of entertainment and has been starved for tourists and their business since March, so there is no wonder that casinos and entertainers are luring visitors back with great discounts and fantastic Groupon deals.

Vegas Groupon Deals

Let’s take a look at how you can make this capital of consumerism work for you this year:

The first look at Groupon shows that Vegas is really hungry for our business – tours, attractions, concerts, and hotels are discounted by 50-60%. This is way more than things are going for in San Francisco. And there is little wonder about that – Las Vegas thrives on tourists and their mindless money spending only, there is no history and no natural wonders to benefit from. Yes, helicopter tours to Grand Canyon are more natural, but even they are suffering and inviting to book for just $176 instead of $495, which is 64% off!

Vegas Groupon Offers

Business people are very innovative when it comes to getting us back. For example, a CEO of two downtown casinos offered free flights to Vegas in May and all 2,000 of them were gone within hours. Such initiatives are very helpful bringing the Sin City, as we know and love, back. 

Las Vegas with Groupon

Casinos and hotels started reopening on June 4th. Those brave first visitors can enjoy lowest in history rates, some as low as $30 per night with top prices peaking at $100. Groupon offers many hotels for 60% off, so the picking is yours, just be nice and get there. Expect to see free parking at most hotels.

Las Vegas Groupon Deals

When it comes to sightseeing, helicopter tours are not the only ones with huge discounts. You can take Spyder Tours for $299 instead of previously charged $450 with Groupon. Club Party Tours cost $29 with Groupon instead of $89. Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Tour is discounted by 23% and Las Vegas air tours are down by 52%.

Groupon Las Vegas Promo

After losing millions of dollars each day, casinos and hotels are rushing to get tourists back, but things won’t look the same way in Vegas for a while. There will be fewer players at the tables, more wiping, and extra social distance. Expect to see plexiglass barriers, hand washing stations, thermal imaging cameras, masks, and digital menus.

Las Vegas Groupon Discounts

Despite those inconveniences and changes, show must go on and thus shows will go on. Comedy shows are selling for 50% off on Groupon. Burlesque shows and hip hop pool parties are also significantly discounted – up to 50%. You can find all active Groupon Coupons here.

Groupon Las Vegas Deals

Activities and museums for kids are opening up and also offer discounts through Groupon. You can try Taekwondo classes, work up some sweat at climbing center, rent a giant float, try your hand at painting or ceramics, hone in your drawing skills with classes, and watch a 4-D movie at Excalibur with significant savings from Groupon.