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Last year 10% OffKinguin Kinguin, at the time the largest online video and PC game retailer, launched the next generation online marketplace aiming to transform the industry. The invention of “Krown Tokens” created the completely decentralized e-commerce environment and gaming marketplace. This was the first of its kind digital token for online gamers. The “Krowns” are traded only on the Ethereum blockchain network. This is partly why 10% OffKinguin Kinguin got the “Best ICO Project, 2018” award at the Cryptocurrency World Expo in Berlin, Germany.

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Kinguin is the largest alternative marketplace for Steam, Origin, and Battle.net users. The company is there to offer ways to buy, sell, and trade video games between participants involving fair price via modern, user-friendly secure platform.

10% OffKinguin Kinguin is a proud supporter of 10% OffKinguin Kinguin Guinness World Record, 10% OffKinguin Kinguin for Charity Tournaments, and Child’s Play Foundation.

The new token system offered a great change in online gaming community where members now can make a profit from their game experience, in turn creating economies of scale and decentralization. The community of like-minded and thus trusted members can now sell, buy, and trade various in-game accessories, items, games themselves, and other services. Gamers can coach and get paid for that, offer training and other freelancing services while really enjoying what they do. The company guarantees complete transparency and transaction security.

Online gamer communities have long existed, but were always underserved and largely left to their own devices in the past. The founder and CEO, Viktor Wanli, a gamer himself, understood the shortcomings of the community and invented Kinguin for not only games, but free trade, exchange of digital property, and future block chain and contract platform. While exchange of ideas and tangible digital products is nothing new, the new concept now allows doing all that via secure and reputable network eliminating fear of shady transactions.

10% OffKinguin Kinguin was established in 2013 and in its short existence was able to save its community of over 7M gamers an astounding $175M worldwide through sales of secondary cd-keys, digital games, and related goods. That’s no small feat for a young company.

The company’s vision from the very beginning was to focus on community experience versus just physical games. Modern gamers crave individualization and having fundamental rights validated by community. Decentralization fosters those rights and protects players from unfair exploitation at all times.

Today’s game market is enjoying an unprecedented growth that is facilitated by significant time and money investments. The value created for the player is often left behind, which Kinguin strives to change. The millennial gamers and creators have not had a chance to profit from their passion or make it their way of life, until now that is. Decentralized marketplace serves those needs allowing participants to enjoy fair trade and to facilitate revenue streams for the devoted community.

The new marketplace launch catapulted 10% OffKinguin Kinguin into a new “micro-services industry” category, complete with additional features and products.

What are Krown Tokens?

In the next 1-2 years the company wants to raise $50M through public and private rounds to expand its vision, reach, and marketplace even further. Every investment round will finance new product launches, with new backers having tangible and conceptual control over the development, testing, and result tracking. Investors will be able to see exactly where their funds go through this step-by-step approach and milestone completion. The payments will be received and applied over a structured period of time and thus completely transparent. This funding method is extremely acceptable to investors who like to retain some control over how the money is used and for what.

Krowns are not sold to or purchased from US and China residents. Krowns are not company shares and do not give right to revenues. They are merely a token to for accessing digital gaming experience on the marketplace platform on 10% OffKinguin Kinguin and some participating partners.

Kinguin employs various strict policies to safeguard its operations and consumer transactions. All the approval criteria are stricter than market norm, and all rounds will have to adhere to stringent know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering rules and regulations. The company participates with MC2 Solutions to create its smart contracts that will later undergo independent third-party audits for maximum security and integrity. GitHub reviewers will also have a shot at evaluating the new strategies and products for the sake of all interested parties and community.

Kinguin is legally registered in Estonia governed by European laws and regulations. Consumers can transfer crypto and fiat currencies for digital ERC23 complaint Krown Tokens.

10% OffKinguin Kinguin is not a financial adviser, but will gladly educate its customers about the Krown. All interested parties are always advised to consult their own financial advisers prior to engaging in the 10% OffKinguin Kinguin platform and financial operations.

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