How to save on Nike for Kids

Even as we are sitting home and homeschool our kids, because of our common enemy – coronavirus, we still need to dress ourselves and kids in something not only comfy, but nice. We don’t want to become pajamas slobs, do we? Kids are on the move all day even at home – class work, PE, running outside, play time, and hopefully some fun at the end of it all. Nike brand clothing seems about perfect for all of that. It’s also not the cheapest, but if you know where to look, you can save money without sacrificing the style of your kids during this pandemic and beyond.

Nike for Young Athletes

Shopping online for Nike is perfect right from your couch, so let’s see where you could go for the best deals and where you could get the best selection, style, and discounts:


Nike Coupons

This place will, of course, have the best variety of everything. The online store has multiple options to make shopping easier. Right on the top, you can choose shoes, clothing, shoes under $80, sale, and Nike Adventure Club. If you desire even wider choices, you can scroll down to the bottom and see all shoes categories, types of clothing, various sports gear, based on age, customization, and other sections.

Nike Sale Offers

When it comes to choices, Nike store online is unbeatable. Most items, though, besides sales and clearance categories, are retail prices, so definitely not the cheapest. But this is where coupons that can be found on various coupon aggregation sites come. To find the complete list of all active Nike promotion codes follow this link. You can easily save up to 40% on your order and get free shipping. It’s not unheard of to get 60% off clearance items. Students and military members get 10% off everything with IDs. In addition to such coupons, Nike features end of season sales and nice discounts during holidays.

If style and the width of choice are very important to you, would be the place to shop for kids’ clothing and foot wear. Savings – not so much.


eBay Nike Promo

eBay is a treasure trove for many shopping needs, so Nike apparel, and especially shoes for kids, is no exception. If you type Nike kids on eBay, you will see pages and pages of items. Most offers are shoes for kids, some used, all for great prices. Another popular item is boy’s shorts that you can get for as low as $2.

eBay Nike Deals

Overwhelming amount of offers on eBay are from private people selling something their kids outgrew, but once in a while you will see a sponsored ad or a business, which will be more expensive, but still less than at Nike. Ebay features coupons once in a while, but very rarely. If you come for shoes or bottom dollar prices, eBay is definitely good for that, but if you came for variety and choices of new collection items, look elsewhere. Coupons for this store can be found here.

JC Penney

JCPenney Nike Coupons

This department store is known as an affordable destination for an entire family’s wardrobe. JC Penney has plenty of Nike apparel, and cheap too. There are 11 pages of Nike kids’ clothes and you can definitely find more than shoes here – shorts, T-shirts, leggings, socks, cute sets, jackets, and more for boys and girls.

JCPenney Nike Kids Deals

Some Nike items are on sale and clearance, making them extremely affordable, starting at just $10. Then there is something even better – coupons right on the home page. At the time of this article, select sports fan shop merchandise was 20% off with a promo code. You can also find coupon codes here. JC Penney holds many sales throughout a year, and many of them apply to Nike apparel.

JCPenney Nike Deals

All in all, Nike is affordable and plentiful at JC Penney. You won’t find all newest collections, but you will still find plenty and cheap.


Nordstrom Nike Coupons

This retailer is a premium source of high quality merchandise for everybody. It carries a nice selection of Nike apparel for kids, mostly boys. You can find items from newest collections here, but prices hold steadily high. Shoes make up the biggest part of Nike items at Nordstrom, and pants for boys. Girls can find some nice T-shirts and shoes.

Nordstrom Online Nike Promotions

Many items get marked down at Nordstrom and those include Nike production too. And then there are coupons and periodic store-wide sales, when you can get truly good deals on everything. Another place to find $ off and free shipping is coupon aggregation sites, so always check them out. You can also find Nordstrom promo codes here. If you are looking for newer items for less than at, Nordstrom is a place for you, but don’t expect bottom dollar prices.


The retailer is known for shoes, including Nike, and good deals. Unfortunately, search results show only 40 items for kids’ Nike shoes. Good news – prices are gentle and definitely better than at Nike or Nordstrom, so if you need a quick purchase of basic shoes, head right to Journey’s, but if you are interested in more, you will be disappointed.

Nike Kids Shoes

In addition to good prices, Journeys’ offers extra discounts, free shipping and returns all the time, so you can order a few pairs to try and then send them back worry-free. It never hurts to look for extra discounts here and check out the store during major holidays for additional savings. All of that is as long as all you need is Nike shoes.