How to Save Money on Your European Vacation

Traveling through Europe on a budget

Traveling through Europe can prove to be quite difficult, especially for those entering the country for the very first time. Hours of research will be required to simply comprehend the countless bus, rail, and air transit options. However, with the Berlin-based GoEuro (Gouero is Now Omio) mobile application you can travel with eaze across eleven Western European countries at the click of a button. Not to mention, GoEuro has recently expanded its travel coverage as the app is now contracted with France’s SNCF rail system. Offering info and booking services to all of France’s trains. GoEuro can take you to hundreds of stations, airports, and pickup stops throughout the country. What more could a traveler need?

Try traveling Italy in the off season and saving major money. GoEuro’s newest partnership with Italo Treno, Italy’s high speed train provider, is offering travelers a premium discount for traveling during off-season. The deal will include destinations such as Florence, Rome, and Venice for a total round trip of 90 euro. One way tickets to Verona, Naples, Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, and Venice will also be available at discount prices beginning around 11 euro. Safe to say the savings are significant with this new partnership. A 40-60% discount is sure to please the masses and entice many to travel during off-season.

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GoEuro is also making land travel look extremely attractive sheerly through convenience alone. While air travel options are widely available within the web/mobile universe, ground transportation alternatives are not, causing a plethora of visitors to avoid this means of travel. Less than one third of all American tourists utilize ground transportation when visiting Western Europe but GoEuro is altering this scope. Exposing travelers to a mobile friendly, transit booking system is quickly changing the transportation game. GoEuro is educating tourists on over three hundred and forty European rail/bus systems all accessible in one click.

GoEuro operates much like Lyft or Uber as you begin by entering in your departure and destination points to get your search started. Once you’ve set this information, sit back and relax as GoEuro takes over simultaneously searching and comparing all currently available bus, rail, and flight offerings. You are able to filter your searches by ‘smartest’, ‘cheapest’, and ‘quickest’ routes. Thus, whether your priority is convenience or price, GoEuro will cater to your every want and need.

Plus, GoEuro is only looking to expand further and farther! GoEuro plans to add to its existing market by expanding into the U.K, Spain, and German markets. Eastern Europe is not GoEuro’s only destination as they desire to include popular haven’s like Portugal, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Smart travelers should get acquainted with the GoEuro smartphone application and take advantage of their offerings today!

For a more detailed look into GoEuro’s discounted prices follow the price chart below:

  • Rome to Milan for 35 euro per person (55% off standard fare)
  • Rome to Naples for 17 euro per person (55% off standard fare)
  • Rome to Florence for 25 euro per person (40% off standard fare)
  • Florence to Turin for 31 euro per person (45% off standard fare)
  • Florence to Venice for 19 euro per person (50% off standard fare)
  • Florence to Verona 19 euro per person (50% off standard fare)
  • Milan to Turin 11 euro per person (60% off standard fare)