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How to Save on Travel with Hotwire

Many budget savvy travelers prefer to book their flights, hotel accommodation and car rentals at Hotwire because of the numerous money-saving options the company offers. How does Hotwire manage to do this, you may ask? They purchase unsold flights, hotel rooms and vacation packages and sell them at low prices. This is a great opportunity to save on travel and in this article we’ll explain how to navigate the site to save the most on your next getaway. From huge discounts when you book your room at a mystery hotel to great deals on vacation packages the range of saving opportunities is really fantastic. And with the following tips you will be able to get the lowest rates on Hotwire.

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1. Opt for Vacation Packages

Booking your flight, hotel and a rental car together means getting a better deal, with hundreds of dollars saved. An important factor that impacts the cost of travel is how far from the major airport you live. Travelers living near the major airport can save the most. It should be noted that vacation packages listed on Hotwire typically show the price that includes departure from a major airport. It means that travelers should add the cost of transportation from your city to the gateway airport to the total price of the package. Or consider searching for vacation packages from the departure city nearest to you.

2. Set up a Hotwire Account

Customers with a Hotwire account are eligible for a number of perks. They will receive emails with information about upcoming deals on your desired flight, hotel or car rental. In addition, you will be sent notifications about all special promotions as well as printable and digital itineraries.

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3. Download the Hotwire Mobile App

Due to the Hotwire mobile app you can get last-minute bookings for half the price. The app allows you to book your travel on the go with one click, plus you can read guest reviews, set up check-in reminders, and review itineraries.

4. Sign up for Email Subscriptions

Consider signing up for Hotwire email subscriptions to be the first to learn about current sales, promo offers and deals. You’ll also be notified of the price changes on your trip.

5. Find the Best Time to Travel

Figuring the best time for your trip is easy with Hotwire’s TripStarter tool. Based on historical data for the last two years the tool will show the best time of the year to travel to your destination. Also TripStarter offers useful advice on how to get the cheapest rates possible, as well as informs about weather trends for your destination.

6. Book Fast

The price of airline tickets may change in a minute so if you came across a really good deal don’t linger long and book quickly. Not to miss a great deal make sure you look through Hotwire’s mailing list regularly. If you keep track of the price changes, you’ll know a good deal when you spot it.

7. Book on the Weekend

You may find a hotel at the lower price if you book over the weekend. This is possible because business travelers rarely stay at the hotel on Saturdays and Sundays.

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8. Check Hotels in Nearby Cities

We recommend including several nearby cities when you are searching for accommodation options on Hotwire. The chances are that you may find a cheaper rate if you stay in a neighboring city. With affordable car rental from Hotwire, the cost of driving back and forth will be less than the price of the hotel room in another city.

9. Take Advantage of the Hotwire Low Price Guarantee

Should you find a cheaper price on a vacation package, hotel or car rental within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible for a refund of the price difference from Hotwire. All you need to do is just submit a request on your account. It should be noted that the competitor’s rate you found should have no connection to AARP or AAA discount programs.

10. Book a Hot Rate Hotel, Flight or Car Rental

You can yield huge savings by booking Hot Rate hotels. You will find out the name of the hotel only after you have booked your room, although you will see star rating and the neighborhood prior checking out. The same principle works for Hot Rate flights. You’ll book your air fare being unaware of the exact departure and arrival time and airline. You can also opt for Hot Rate car rentals to enjoy the lowest rate possible.  

11. Check Hotwire’s Deals Section

Visit Hotwire’s deals page to find out the lowest rates currently offered. You can find incredible deals that include up to 60% off on travel. Consider browsing deals by location or theme like beach vacations or big cities. At this page you will also find the mystery deal of the day!

12. Search by Location

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If you are just planning your next vacation you can search the best rates by location. Select the destinations you are interested in to get a list of hotels with approximate prices. When you chose the hotel you like, select it and input your dates to see whether rooms are available and how much they cost. Travelers who are rather flexible with dates can use this strategy to their advantage to find the perfect hotel while staying on the budget.

13. Book Last Minute

Hotwire features lots of  great last minute deals that can save you lots of money.



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