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HerSolution - does it really work? What’s the cheapest place to buy HerSolution?

Just like men have their enhancement supplements, this one is for ladies. It claims to improve sexual desire and increase female sensation.

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It’s a perfect natural solution for women who are feeling less than enthusiastic about sexual intercourse, lack of interest, and possibly have decreased libido. Taking this supplement can give you a chance to feel playful again. After all, libido decrease with time is not in your head, but more so in your body’s physical responses to various factors of life, routine, and tiredness. It can also be affected by poor nutrition, stress, and low quality of sleep.

Lower sex drive does not mean that something is wrong you, it might simply be the result of changing hormones, aging, and possibly some medication you are taking. All the reproductive processes and the slowing down of them take a toll on female body, resulting in hormone change and lesser interest in sex.

Even the smallest changes in your intimate life can be a big problem for your significant other and affect your life in profound ways. As a result your partner might feel insecure in the relationship and have low self-esteem.

HerSolution is designed to tackle the silent female problems and put you back in the game. The supplement is made of combination of natural herbs that have been known as aphrodisiacs for centuries.


  • Niacin – helps open up blood vessels for increased blood flow, positively affecting genitalia area as a result. It’s a form of vitamin B that has been known to stimulate men’s libido, but not much research was done about its effects for women. High dose of 3 grams per day can damage your liver and cause heart and blood pressure problems in a long run.
  • Hops – increases estrogen production and relieves vaginal dryness. While this effect can be positive, it might also prove dangerous if you have or have had breast or ovarian cancers.
  • Mucuna – boosts dopamine production and helps libido stimulation. The dopamine is, unfortunately, broken down before it reaches the brain and is not present in the plant’s natural state.
  • Ginkgo – keeps menopause symptoms at bay and prologs orgasms. Can be dangerous and cause bleeding if you are taking any blood thinning meds.
  • Epimedium sigittatum – natural aphrodisiac, mostly linked to male function enhancement, but proof is still insufficient and it can cause harm if taken for too long.
  • Cayenne – increases orgasms and prevents dryness.

As we can see, most of those herbs have positive healing powers, but some can be dangerous. Always speak with your doctor before taking this or any other new supplement.

HerSolution promise

According to the supplement makers, taking one pill per day for seven days will increase your sexual thoughts, speed up the arousal and genital sensation, and help lubrication.

Continuing the supplement course for two months will help regulate your periods and make them lighter with fewer cramps, reduce menopausal hot flashes and mood swings, and increase muscle contractions during orgasms, making them longer and better.

In addition to helping with existing problems and restoring lost libido, HerSolution claims to be able to help women that have never experienced an orgasm before. Such help comes in the form of increased blood flow, relaxation, and increased muscle contractions that might have prevented full pleasure sensation up until now.

According to the cGMP compliant manufacturer, HerSolution is doctor approved and has no side effects. While this might sound too good to be true, there is something to be said about only natural ingredients, making it safe even during pregnancy.

HerSolution is produced by a US-based company, Leading Edge Health, which also produces supplements for men and various skin and health care solutions. The company is accredited by Better Business Bureau, even though the name on BBB website is Leading Edge Marketing. The doctor in the picture on the website is wearing a lab coat and is called Dr. Karen Vieira, but she is not a doctor. She has a degree in Biomedical Sciences and thus can’t be a medical practitioner, but only consulting and working in biotech industry.

Those are definitely red flags. We advise you take a minute to think about their claims before purchasing this solution made by a marketing company and advertised by a not-so-real doctor. Other than that, it might really do you some good.

There are no evidence that this supplement was tested medically and all their claims are based on people testimony and manufacturer’s statements.

Pricing and refund

HerSolution comes in a few different packages with various pricing and free gifts with larger purchases. One month supply is packed in each box.

  • 1 box - $49.95, no free shipping
  • 2 boxes - $99.90, no free shipping, includes 1 tube of HerSolution Gel Lubricant
  • 3 boxes - $149.85, free shipping, lubricant, and One-Touch mini vibrator
  • 6 boxes - $299.70, free shipping, lubricant, and mini vibrator
  • Monthly subscription - $49.95 and free shipping, and any time cancellation

You can get your money back if you give it two months and see no improvement, but shipping and handling is on you.

In conclusion, while the claims about increased libido are great and encouraging, looking at some of the ingredients and slightly misleading marketing efforts, including the backing doctor, we should advise to take this supplement with a grain of salt and not expect too much. Sure, it might not be harmful, but most likely not very miraculous either.

Some ingredients though natural, but might present some dangers if used without caution, especially by those with medical conditions.

Finally, make sure you talk to your doctor before starting the regimen of HerSolution.


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