Free Baby Products for New Moms

New moms know that cost of such essential items as diapers, wipes, and formula can add up very quickly, even if taken separately it seems each is pretty cheap. Finding discounts is one great way to save, but how about scoring totally free things?

baby products

Lots of companies strive to offer new moms samples and free packages of their products to make sure they try it and buy it in the future. Looking for such freebies also takes time, so we rounded up some offers for you to take a look at. The only thing you will have to do is invest a bit of time to sign up and register for some programs to get these deals, but it is well worth it.

Amazon baby registry welcome box

Amazon’s baby registry is one of the best, so sign up for it with your Prime membership and add items to it. You will get 15% for complete registry, 20% off diaper subscription, and 90 day free return. Upon signing up, Amazon will send you a box with wipes, lotions, books, vitamins, and many other supplies worth around $40.

Enfamil formula

Enfamil is one of the most popular formulas and getting it free would be very positive for your budget. Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings program, get up to $400 worth of gifts sent to you over a period of time, useful coupons, and a chance to win free formula for a year.

Target baby registry gift bag

Just like with Amazon, you can open your baby registry at Target and receive a gift bag, containing diapers, bottles, pacifiers, wipes, and more. In addition to this, you will get 15% off everything in your gift registry, so load it up! The gift bag will have to be picked up at your local store and will include over $50 worth of coupons with the free samples. Since we all love Target, one trip there is definitely not a big deal!

baby items

Gerber baby gift box

Sign up for My Gerber account to receive free products, discounts, and coupons. You can also call them over the phone and you will be offered this deal.

Freebies from The Honest Company

This is a bit tricky, because you have to sign up for a free trial to receive diapers and wipes package or essentials collection, which includes lotions, soaps, and surface cleaners. You’ll also have to pay $5.95 for shipping. Do not forget to cancel the trial membership after receiving your package, unless you want to stay subscribed and charged every month. Call the company to cancel.

BuyBuy Baby gift bag

Yet another place for a baby registry with immediate 20% off your order and a great free goodie bag with various essentials.

National Diaper Bank Network

If you qualify, you will get a free diaper supply donated by other moms. Consider organizing a diaper drive yourself to help others.

Nature’s One free product

Register at Nature’s One and get a free full size item, such as 12-oz can of formula. You will only have to cover $6 shipping cost.

Similac formula

Sign up for Similac StrongMoms Rewards program and receive up to $400 in gifts and discounts. Custom gifts will also include coupons and special deals.

Imagination Library

Imagination Library is a program sponsored by Dolly Parton to encourage early childhood reading. This program is not available in all areas, but where it is, you have to sign up for it and you will receive a free book every month until your child turns 5.

baby clothing and toys

Seventh Generation Rewards

Sign up for their rewards program and try free plant-based products, receive discounts and coupons.

Pampers rewards

New moms love this program because every diaper purchase becomes rewards points, which you can use to get free diapers, toys, food, or turn them into coupons.

Ikea freebies

Ikea Family membership program is very family-friendly indeed. You will receive food offers, free coffee and hot tea deals, and a chance to win some money from time to time. And every new family needs coffee and money!

Free breast pump

Visit to find out if you qualify for this offer, which established that all women should have access to breast pumps via The Affordable Care Act. If you do qualify, definitely use it and give your baby the best nourishment possible.

GoodNites offers

Join them for freebies, various deals, and loads of useful information.

Hospital goodie bags

You doctor’s office and hospital usually have take-home goodie bags filled with diapers, newborn shirts, blankets, formula, and information how to join local clubs for more discounts and free products.

Huggies rewards

Huggies rewards program works very similar to Pampers, where each purchase of diapers and other products will generate points, later transferrable to wipes, food, and more diapers.

Walmart baby box

This is a subscription for three boxes: pregnancy, newborn, and toddler. You will have to pay $5 shipping for each one and then enjoy free age-appropriate goodies.

Dr. Seuss book club

Dr. Seuss book club

Sign up for Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club and receive 4 books for $4.99. Don’t forget to cancel the trial online unless you would like to continue with monthly book delivery, which is a really great deal for the price.

Hardcover Animal Babies Book

Those books are beautiful, but require a trial subscription. All you have to do is pay $1 first time shipping fee. Don’t forget to call them in the next 3 weeks to cancel the subscription.

Kindle Children’s Books

If you are already Kindle reader, check out their children’s book section for some amazing finds for free!

You can always find plenty of coupons and various chances to win free stuff on their website. Look for coupon button for monthly deals on formula.


Shutterfly offers 50 free 4x6 pictures of your bundle of joy with code YUR49S. You will have to cover shipping costs though, but otherwise it’s a steal!


The company offers immensely popular baby music and play classes for $75 per month, but you can try one for free before signing up.

Amazon Family

Amazon Family account has many benefits and discounts of diaper and formula subscriptions. Try it free for the first 30 days and keep it later.

Seven Slings free sling

You might like the idea of carrying your baby on you worry-free, but if you have never tried it, do it with this company for free. Just enter code FREESLING4ME with your order and only pay for shipping.

Baby leggings

Those cute leggings can be yours for just $10 instead of regular $50 with code GIVEME5FREE. While it’s not totally free, the discount is definitely hefty.

Pea to Pumpkin Baby Journal

New moms don’t have much time, but any spare minute devoted to filling the baby journal will pay off in the future. Receive free one here!

Under Cover Nursing Cover

You can never have too many free things, right? Get a free cover here with code FREEUCOVER1 for just a price of shipping.

Parents Magazine

Once the baby is here, you will definitely appreciate this kind of read, which is free for the whole year.