Everything You Need To Know About Groupon Travel Vouchers

Travelling with Groupon

Traveling in the summer 2020 is tricky, especially international, but local deals are plenty, people have been home long enough, and so everybody is ready to drive, fly, and crawl as far away from every day as possible. Groupon normally is a good option for savings seekers. Let’s see what it looks like now and are Groupon travel vouchers really worth it?

Groupon Travel Deals

Groupon has been known to offer spectacular travel deals and has been doing that since 2011. Some discounts and pictures might look too good to be true, so let’s get to the bottom of it.

Groupon Summer Deals

First of all, Groupon deals are really good. You can find over 1,000 travel offers at any time. They cover domestic and abroad vacations, hotels, things to see, destinations, cruises, group trips, and more. You can book your dream vacation based on where you are going, dates, and things to do via Flash Deals or Market Picks.

Groupon Local Deals

Flash Deals require flexibility, but you can save 15%-17% on amazing hotels. Standard deals are Market Picks and you can do better planning with them. Both kinds of deals offer good discounts, but there is a catch – airfare is usually not included. Once you add that, the price will be different. Then there is one more catch – the money you spend on the voucher doesn’t cover taxes and fees. Always read the fine print.

Groupon Hotel Discount

Before you book with Groupon, you can check with the company that is sponsoring that booking and inquire about airfare, baggage fees, blackout dates, expiration dates, and cancellation policy.

Groupon Sightseeing tour deals

On the other hand, Groupon website and app are easy to use and you will find fine print there too. The way it works is you find a deal on Groupon, book it, and finish your reservation on the travel agency’s website. This means that while your experience with Groupon might be good, dealing with a travel agency is not always fun. The best way to avoid it is to research the travel agency and read some reviews before you book your trip through Groupon.

Groupon Vegas Deals

If you are a first time traveler, you will love Groupon detailed itinerary. You will see your flights, hotels, meals, and attractions clearly listed and planned for you.

Groupon Flights Coupons

Keep in mind that if your international trip says 7 days, you will spend 2 of them going there and getting back, so it really is just 5. You will have specific days to book the trip, most likely it’ll be off-season dates with flights leaving or coming back mid-week. Booking more convenient dates will increase your price.

Groupon Flight Promo

Groupon will give you good price and help you plan, but you should always be aware of travel dates and fees.

If you already have your trip planned and booked, Groupon can help you save on activities, attractions, and food. Check out Groupon for areas that you are planning to visit before going there. Do this search closer to your vacation time and you might find specials on amusement parks’ tickets, medieval dinners, spa services, and various museums. Before you buy one of those deals, check the map very carefully – you don’t want to book an average dinner somewhere across town.

Hollywood Travel with Groupon

Once you find a deal on Groupon, book it early and read fine print. Some deals get more discounts as time goes on, so you can also risk waiting, but this can result in losing the deal. See More Groupon discounts here.

If your plans change and you end up never using your voucher, Groupon will refund the entire amount, because “amount paid never expires”, according to Groupon.

Groupon Local Discounts

Finally, let’s look how Groupon has been handling coronavirus caused cancellations, which were and still are plenty. This is where Groupon has run into some problems with some customers – the company offers full refunds for closed resorts and cancelled flights, but in Groupon Bucks. People want actual money back in many cases, because vacation opportunity is gone and because other hardships might happen in their life.

Groupon New York Travel Discount

According to Groupon, the way money is returned varies case by case, but they work to support their partner businesses and their customers by encouraging re-booking the trip for a later day and by extending expiration dates if at all possible.

If you cancel up to 11 days before the trip yourself, you will get your refund in cash, so don’t wait until the resort closes or until Groupon reaches out to you, because then it’ll be Groupon Bucks.