Scholarship Opportunities from is known as one of the largest electronic coupon portal and today we are branching out to science in support of exceptional students nationwide with the Filippov Scientific Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to support undergraduate full-time students in the fields of math, physics, computer science, or engineering. - scholarship

The newly established Filippov Foundation offers one-time grants for up to $10,000 to students in need. The money is allocated to cover tuition, books, and various fees.

According to Konstantin Filippov, the founder of this program, the company recognizes the growing need for financial assistance when the cost of education is increasing every year and not every capable and talented student can afford the higher education. This is way of giving back to the community and supporting young scientists. The goal of the scholarship program is to help students devote all their attention to studies and academic mission instead of dealing with financial burdens.

The winners are selected based not only on their academic achievements, but also on candidate’s involvement in his or her community projects and financial aid need. All candidates should have at least 2.5 GPA and be passionate about the above mentioned fields of study.

The winners are expected to use the funds for educational purposes only. Those worthy of the reward are selected by our official scholarship committee and are featured on

Filippov Scientific Foundation and proudly support students by helping them with the cost of education. Through the years we have seen many future scientists complete their education and use our funds to buy equipment that would have been unaffordable to them otherwise. Seeing such results makes us extremely happy and proud. is one of the top coupon aggregation sites with over 6 million visitors per month. We are a part of media, proudly helping people save millions by providing them with the best promotional codes online.

Let’s take a look at all the scholarships we have available:

1. Physics Program Scholarship - $10,000

This scholarship is open for full-time seniors in pursuit of a degree and career in physics, electrical engineering, and similar areas of study. Applicants are expected to be fluent in math, physics, and quantum statistics with minimum 2.5 GPA score.

All candidates are required to have community service involvement, participate in community projects and volunteering activities in sports or tutoring. Work experience is also beneficial when competing for the scholarship.

2. Computer Science Program Scholarship - $10,000

All high school full-time seniors with interest in a 4-year college computer science program degree can apply. Computer science, computer engineering, and similar fields are supported by this award. Robotics and technology students are encouraged to apply too.

Just like with all other programs, 2.5 GPA score is a minimal requirement. There are specific grade requirements throughout the year to make sure students are focused on their studies.

The candidates must show their community involvement with community service hours, volunteering, tutoring, or sports participation. Work experience is encouraged.

3. Engineering Program Scholarship - $10,000

The scholarship is designed for full-time high school seniors with dreams of a 4-year college degree in the field of computer engineering and related disciplines.

All computer science, technology, engineering, and robotics applicants should demonstrate their interest and at least 2.5 GPA or SAT score. Additional score requirements throughout the year apply.

Community service involvement, volunteering with local sports teams, tutoring, and work experience is encouraged.

4. Mathematics Program Scholarship - $10,000

Future college applicants who are full-time high school seniors are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. The pursued degree should be in mathematics field or related. Mathematics and quantum statistics are highly supported by the Filippov Science Foundation.

Just like with all previous scholarship requirements, the applicants must demonstrate academic achievement and community service involvement. Volunteering and work experience increase students’ chances to win the award.

5. Master’s Program Scholarship - $25,000

This is the largest reward offered by the Filippov Science Foundation for those undergraduate seniors who are planning to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics, physics, computer science, or engineering after graduating this year.

College GPA is required to apply.

In addition to good academic achievements, all applicants should demonstrate community service involvement, volunteer , be involved in local sports and tutoring efforts, and/or have some work experience in related fields.

All applications must be submitted by June 1st to
For more detailed information on Filippov Scientific Scholarship please visit