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How to Get Best Discounts at Bonobos.

Bonobos may look like the typical men's store but it is truly so much more. In order to keep up with the digital age brick and mortar stores are evolving in ways we could have only dreamed of. E-commerce isn’t killing Bonobos but rather allowing it to thrive. While Bonobos may appear to be a brick and mortar store it is almost the opposite as it was never intended to be a physical store in the first place. Sound crazy? We know. Bonobos was created exclusively to act as a concept store for e-commerce menswear. Men will shop on a website that promotes free shipping and easy returns which is the very definition of Bonobos.

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While Bonobos began solely online, they soon expanded to a small dressing-room sized showroom where men could stop by in NY to see how a certain pair of pants fit or check their size in a t-shirt style. Bonobos’s number one goal is to please their customer base and thus, the ‘guideshop’ was born. The Bonobos Guideshop was built purely to please, it is a place where men can come see, touch, and try on different Bonobos collections prior to online purchase. This concept worked so well that Bonobos now has Guideshops in over twenty cities.

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As you enter the Bonobos Guideshop, it resembles every other traditional retail store with the left side focusing on casual styles and the right side featuring more upscale suiting. In total Bonobos displays jeans, shirts, sweaters, oxfords, suits, wrinkle-resistant dress shirts, sport coats, blazers, slacks, and accessories. Most of the Bonobos merchandise is only meant to be seen and touched but Bonobos knows its customers and there is a rack in the dressing room area purley for try on purposes. This helps a guy find his favorite fit and size allowing him to be confident in his online purchases henceforth.

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Bonobos is offering its consumers shopping safety! Whether a man may be looking to shop online for a specific occasion or to stock up on a new wardrobe, Bonobos gives him the confidence to do so, hassle free. Everyone is welcome to come into the Bonobos Guideshop and take part in their unique shopping experience but Bonobos recommends making an appointment. Appointments are free and ultimately result in an employee solely dedicated to aiding you in finding the best style and fit.

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Do not expect to find a register, let alone a shopping bag when browsing the Bonobos Guideshop as you are not going to walk out with a purchase. However, an associate can bring up the Bonobos website and help you make a purchase on your behalf. All Bonobos purchases arrive within four business days. While the Guideshop doesn’t necessarily help when you need a dress shirt, like now, but the concept does bring savings and stress free purchases to all of its customers. The Bonobos Guideshop makes shopping online secure and easy as you will know your most complimentary style and fit without a doubt, as you’ve already physically tried it on. Imagine ordering from another online retailer and having to return that beloved dress shirt because it ended up being far too small. Lets face it, returning merchandise sucks. Perhaps the best part of the Bonobos Guideshop is that customers are able to make physical returns without anxiety. Imagine never having to worry about paying for another return label ever again.

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The Bonobos Guideshop e-commerce concept has become so successful that top brands like Warby Parker and Birchbox have begun to try on these method to aid their online customers. When a company’s number one concern is how to better serve its customer, everyone wins. Not to mention, the Bonobos Guideshop can answer every question imaginable when it comes to online shopping and offer you a beer while stopping by. Name another online store capable of this. We’ll wait.



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