The official beginning of summer is not until the solstice in June, but who’s to say that the season doesn’t start with Memorial Day? This year the end of spring falls on May 28th, so get ready for some shopping that weekend and enjoy all the great deals you can get.

Many merchants have various coupons and discounts to attract shoppers, so you just need to know where to look for them and what kinds of items to buy. Leave all summer clothes and supplies for fall shopping – it is definitely not the time for that now, even with Memorial Day sales.

2018 Memorial Day

Sales can start early

The beginning of official discounts and sales vary from year to year. Some years saw the sales start on May 6th; others didn’t get the first discount until May 16th. Dick’s Sporting Goods is usually the first merchant to release Memorial Day discounts and beat the competition.

In 2017, the vast majority of sales, 66%, were posted between May 21-27. The closer the date, the more sales you will be spotting at your favorite brands. Only a small amount of deals are released on Memorial Day itself, usually about 14%. While you should definitely scout for coupons on the weekend, be on the lookout the entire month.

Great savings on clothing

May is definitely a wrong month to shop for summer apparel if you want to score good deals, but still check out for sartorial selections. Clothing sales make about 50% of all Memorial Day discounts. Common discounts are 20% to 80% off at L.L. Bean, Reebok, Charlotte Russe, Vera Bradley, Hanna Andersson, and The Children’s Place. Look for discounted out of season clothes and some summer apparel. You can get great discounts on shoes at and other sites – we are talking about 75% off here!

Some pricey designer brands are often on sale too. Check out Cole Haan, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale’s, and Rebecca Minkoff. They all had Memorial Day sales last year and offered deep discounts, anywhere from 20% to 60%. Cole Haan and Ralph Lauren almost always have 30% off, so this year should not be an exception.

In addition to great discounted prices, make sure you take advantage of coupons and stack them if you can. Some of those coupons can give you 15% or 30% off on top of already good price.

Coupons for non-clothing items

Memorial Day discounts apply for more than just clothing. You can get great deals on travel, home goods, baby gear, auto parts, furniture, appliances, music instruments, and even cars. often offers $50 off hotel stays at selected locations, and eBay invites shoppers to  on many different categories, like crafts, food, and sporting goods with coupons like 20% off $50. Many travel sites, Advanced Auto Parts, and Musician’s Friend might make you happy with 15% or 20% off coupons.

Home goods at 80% off

Imagine being able to shop for items for your home and still keep some serious money in your pocket – about 23% of sales on Memorial Day were on home and garden items, patio chairs, and furniture, and décor. If the pattern holds, you will be able to get outdoor furniture and grills at 50% off at Home Depot and up to 70% off in Walmart. Lowe’s often discounts home improvement items and makes shopping for your DIY projects a breeze with up to 40% off. Appliances, grills, and lighting are also expected to sport some good savings.

If you have some kitchen sprucing up plans on the back burner, it might be a good time to stock up at Sur La Table, where a lot of merchandise gets up to 75% off during Memorial Day weekend. JCPenney, Groupon, and Target always produce some good sales, so don’t forget to shop in person or online. Stay away from grills everywhere, except for Home Depot.

Mattresses for a good night’s sleep

For some reason Memorial Day weekend is always a good time to shop for mattresses. Visit JCPenney for up to 55% sales on some of their mattresses. Some coupons might also apply to this discount. Amazon and Walmart offer great deals on mattresses too, so expect to pay just $70 for memory foam twin-size mattress.

Home Depot also joins in the mattress sales feast with a 12” Lucid Queen mattress for just $310.

In addition to mattresses, Amazon offered discounts on foundations, like $64 for Queen foundation and free shipping last year. Not to be outdone, Walmart had Full foundation for just $52. There is no reason why similar or even better discounts wouldn’t be available this year.

Travel discounts

Many people think about vacations and exotic trips at the beginning of the summer, when schools are out and the beach is calling. Memorial Day weekend sees many sales for different types of travels. Booking your next flight, hotel, or an entire vacation package during this weekend will definitely save you some money.

While air travel is discounted in general, some routes can be bought for as low as $64. Travelocity periodically offers 15% off on certain hotels, while takes $50 off some locations, as we mentioned earlier.

Many companies and travel agencies have discounted rates on long vacations, like seven days in Italy or five nights in Iceland. This is a great time to plan that trip you always wanted to go on.

Savings beyond the Memorial weekend

Not all merchants end their sales and discounts at midnight on Sunday. A lot of them extend their deals for a few more days. Some stores might still have savings events going on as late as June 3rd, so continue keeping an eye out.

Use these tips and enjoy your long weekend shopping sprees!