discount-school-supplyAs kids go back to school, their parents are daunted by the startling cost of their children’s supplies for the year. According to the ninth annual Backpack Index survey from Huntington Bank in Columbus, Ohio, released this July, the average cost of school supplies for an elementary student this year totals $649; for middle school students it’s $941; and for high school kids – $1,402. The sum includes everything from pencils, crayons, and notebooks to musical instrument rentals, sports, and field trip fees. The data is based on actual supply lists from schools in several states and the cost of moderately priced items at popular online retailers. The first Backpack Index was released in 2007 and since that time the cost of supplies and activities increased 85 percent for elementary kids, 78 percent for middle school students, and 57 percent for high school students.
That’s a lot, and for many families, it’s too much. According to National Retail Federation the cost of school supplies is expected to mount $68 billion for students and college kids this year, and nationwide families are going to spend an average of about $98 on school stuff like notebooks, pencils, and backpacks.
If you are scares that schools supplies may ruin your budget consider following the tips below that will help you minimize your costs without sacrificing the quality.
1. Budget Ahead of Time
By making monthly budgets of your family income and expenses you will be able to spot the area of financing where you can generate extra cash. Or you can trim some other spendings that month like dining our or going to the movies to create the allotment you can easily spend on the purchase of school supplies.
2. Shop during the Tax-Free Sales Holidays
At least 17 states have special tax-free sales holidays that typically take place in August. During this time customers can save around 10% simply by buying then.
3. Go to Dollar Stores for Basics
A notebook, pens and pencils can be purchased at your local dollar store. It’s not worth spending extra money for a brand-name version.
4. Check Your Closet
Always check the back of your kids’ desk drawers before going shopping back to school supplies. The chances are that you will find a lot of stationery products in good condition that kids can absolutely use. So make sure you make a list of what you already have not to duplicate purchases and waste money.
5. Swap with Other Parents
This is an excellent way to get the items your child needs without spending a cent. Consider reaching out online to a parent club or community group and propose a barter. Maybe somebody will be happy to trade in something you need.
6. Purchase in Bulk
Find out whether your school offers bulk purchases through the district. This way you buy in advance but instead of spending time, gas and money you will get all the necessary school supplies at a discount. In most cases, the full box of supplies is 25 percent off, which is much cheaper than a discount that might be offered when buying individually in stores.
7. Always Use Coupon Codes for Extra Discount.
For example, by using Discount School Supplies Coupon Codes you can get everything you need from the convenience of your home and at the amazingly low price. Just order the goods online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.