Easter Sales 2016

Easter Sale

Easter holiday is just round the corner which means Easter sales are everywhere, so it’s high time to check out what products retailers are offering with great discounts. This season the biggest retailers like Target and Macy’s are reducing their prices on apparel, chocolate, gifts, baskets and more. Below is a detailed list of items you can purchase with Easter discount.


Target runs its Easter sale all week long, from Sunday, March 20 through Saturday March 26, both in-stores and online, and offers great deals on toys, clothing, baskets and more. Plus if you use Target Coupon Codes the amount of the discount will be much bigger!

Here are their sales items:

Apparel/Footwear: Buy One, Get One 50% off all Just One by Carters clothing and sleepwear. Buy One, Get One 50% off all handbags, footwear, women’s swimwear, Merona apparel and more. Save 20% on all kids’ and toddler character tees and sleep apparel.

Candy: 5/$5 select Easter candy (Skittle’s eggs, Peeps, chocolate eggs, and more), 2/$5 M & M’s candy (8-ounce bag or larger), 2/$4 Brach’s Classic and Starburts sweet and sour jellybeans, $2.69 for select Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups or Cadbury Mini-Eggs (8-ounce bag or larger) when purchasing 2 with a coupon.

Toys: get $10 off toy purchases of $50 or more or $25 off toy purchases of $100 or more. Buy One, Get one 50% off (BOGO): 20% off Melissa & Doug activity sets, Crayola outdoor activities and art supplies, 15% off all Star Wars role play, 20% off select Mega Bloks (80-piece), select Barbie’s: $18.99, $20 off Disney Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse toys and more.

Easter Baskets and Decorating Supplies: Buy One, Get One 50% off on select Easter supplies, grass or berry basket, $1.50: PAAS dye kits, $1 and under for Spritz plastic eggs (12-count), $1.50-$2.50 for Spritz bamboo baskets and a free $5 gift card with your purchase of $25 or more on Easter supplies.


Walmart has its Easter sale in-stores and online all week too, with amazing deals on candy, toys, and baskets. And make sure you use Walmart Coupon Codes to maximize the discount.

Toys: a variety of board games on sale, including Minion’s Trouble game: $11.60, Sorry: $7.98, Monopoly: $Junior: $13.24 and others; Fisher-Price Tough Trike: $22.33 (save $17), Play-Doh Super Color (20-count): $ 11.99, Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Action Pack (3-pack): $12.11 (save $3.87) and more.

Candy: Hershey’s Easter Egg Hunt assorted bag: $5.98, Resse’s Peanut Butter Bunny (16-ounces): $9.98, Reese’s Easter Peanut Butter eggs (18-ounce): $5.48, Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs: $3.48, Cadbury Coated Easter Mini Eggs (31-ounce): $10, and more.

Baskets: Pro Ball player basket (with basketball):$10, M & M’s Deluxe 7-piece Easter basket: $20.98, Walmart basket with candy and ATV car toy: $10, Justice League Easter basket: $20.98, and more.


Macy’s Easter sale features deals on home goods, clothing, shoes and more. Check out Macy’s Coupon Codes to save even more!

Furniture: Avondale 6-piece dining set: $847 (save $700), Sertapedic Firtzhugh Plush (twin, full, Queen) mattresses: $147 (save $220- $320), and more.

Clothing: get 25% off Adidas clothing for men, women and children and 40% off Ideology for men and women; 25% off Nike apparel for men, women and kids: women’s Nike tees for $18.99, men’s tees for $21, women’s dri-fit tights: $41.26, men’s shorts: $21-30 and more.

Footwear: get 30% off on your purchase of 2 or more pairs of women’s regular priced, sale, clearance or shoes.

Ways of Saving on Back-to-School Supplies

discount-school-supplyAs kids go back to school, their parents are daunted by the startling cost of their children’s supplies for the year. According to the ninth annual Backpack Index survey from Huntington Bank in Columbus, Ohio, released this July, the average cost of school supplies for an elementary student this year totals $649; for middle school students it’s $941; and for high school kids – $1,402. The sum includes everything from pencils, crayons, and notebooks to musical instrument rentals, sports, and field trip fees. The data is based on actual supply lists from schools in several states and the cost of moderately priced items at popular online retailers. The first Backpack Index was released in 2007 and since that time the cost of supplies and activities increased 85 percent for elementary kids, 78 percent for middle school students, and 57 percent for high school students.
That’s a lot, and for many families, it’s too much. According to National Retail Federation the cost of school supplies is expected to mount $68 billion for students and college kids this year, and nationwide families are going to spend an average of about $98 on school stuff like notebooks, pencils, and backpacks.
If you are scares that schools supplies may ruin your budget consider following the tips below that will help you minimize your costs without sacrificing the quality.
1. Budget Ahead of Time
By making monthly budgets of your family income and expenses you will be able to spot the area of financing where you can generate extra cash. Or you can trim some other spendings that month like dining our or going to the movies to create the allotment you can easily spend on the purchase of school supplies.
2. Shop during the Tax-Free Sales Holidays
At least 17 states have special tax-free sales holidays that typically take place in August. During this time customers can save around 10% simply by buying then.
3. Go to Dollar Stores for Basics
A notebook, pens and pencils can be purchased at your local dollar store. It’s not worth spending extra money for a brand-name version.
4. Check Your Closet
Always check the back of your kids’ desk drawers before going shopping back to school supplies. The chances are that you will find a lot of stationery products in good condition that kids can absolutely use. So make sure you make a list of what you already have not to duplicate purchases and waste money.
5. Swap with Other Parents
This is an excellent way to get the items your child needs without spending a cent. Consider reaching out online to a parent club or community group and propose a barter. Maybe somebody will be happy to trade in something you need.
6. Purchase in Bulk
Find out whether your school offers bulk purchases through the district. This way you buy in advance but instead of spending time, gas and money you will get all the necessary school supplies at a discount. In most cases, the full box of supplies is 25 percent off, which is much cheaper than a discount that might be offered when buying individually in stores.
7. Always Use Coupon Codes for Extra Discount.
For example, by using Discount School Supplies Coupon Codes you can get everything you need from the convenience of your home and at the amazingly low price. Just order the goods online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

Best Times of Year to Shop for Everything

It’s no secret that everybody wants to save a lot of money when shopping. You can do it by looking for big sales, but if you know exactly when to shop for particular products your chances of scoring the best deals increase tenfold. Timing is the secret to success when it comes to finding the best bargains and saving hundreds of dollars a year, if not thousands. To learn about better times of year to shop consider reading the following calendar of monthly deals developed by shopping experts. By following the calendar for bargains you will see below, and you can shop some of the best merchandise and save a great deal of your hard earned money a year.

Deals Month to Month

Smart TV

January: The beginning of the year is the best time to purchase a new TV at such stores as Best Buy or Abt Electronics during Super Bowl sales, and linens during January White Sales at JC Penney, Kohl’s and  Macy’s.

Chocolate Flowers

February: Winter apparel and sweet gifts, right after Valentine’s Day.

Ebag Suitcase

March: Look for luggage sales. Check out eBags, Target and Kohl’s for the best deals online.

April: Inexpensive cruises, because demand for cruises decreases in the summer. Check out travel sites like Expedia and Orbitz for the best deals on cruises.

Patio Furniture

May: Around Memorial Weekend, you are going to come across big sales on beds, patio furniture and grills.


June: You are sure to find great health club deals, because everyone is outdoors. Plus don’t miss Victoria’s Secret’s annual sale. You can also take advantage of lingerie sales at other competing stores. And around Father’s Day you’re going to find great deals on tools.


July: This month is blessed with generous barbecue grill markdowns, and big discounts on summer clothing and swimsuits. And there is jewelry on sale, because there is no holiday around that is associated with buying jewelry as gifts.

Back To School Gear

August: This is the best month for school supplies and laptops.  Even if you don’t have young kids it makes sense to build your inventory of office supplies for the whole year, because their prices are at their lowest.

September: Labor Day brings great markdowns on a wide range of appliances and furniture.

October: Though this month is the quietest before the start of the holiday season at the malls, it brings great end of year new car deals.


November: This is sure the best time for shopping or shopping nirvana. Focus on a variety of deals on electronics and not just on black Friday. Some stores start offering their enticing Black Friday deals even earlier in November.

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

December: The beginning of winter will please parents with the best sales at Toys r Us, and other toy retailers, with markdowns even bigger than those on Black Friday. And, of course, don’t forget to look for champagne sale before New Year’s Eve.

The 8 Best Things to Buy in May

The month of May is blessed with great holidays like Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and many retailers offer their bargains to boost sales. Plus with the change of season manufacturers are rolling out new products and retailers are willing to clear their shelves for new hot merchandise. If you’re in the mood for shopping consider the following categories of products you can purchase on the cheap.


  1. Mattresses. Mattresses are sure to be “best buy” for the month of May, and for the good reason. During the summer people tend to travel much and this may mean more visitors to your home who will need a comfortable place to sleep. May is also associated with spring cleaning and general “house rejuvenation” so be prepared to come across discounts of up to 70 percent off at mattress retailers. Check out coupon codes that can be applied with your order to get a good price on quality mattresses.
  2. ApparelApparel. The new season means changing store displays, especially when it comes to fashion merchandise. This May you’ll find enticing deals at the biggest department stores like Kohls and Macy’s. Traditionally Ann Taylor and Express also run sales during the Memorial Day weekend offering discounts up to 40 percent.
  3. RefrigeratorRefrigerators. Memorial Day makes for some major bargains on a wide range of appliances, and refrigerators in particular. There are two reasons for that: the sales, and the fact that manufacturers release new refrigerator models during May. As a result consumers can get as much as 80 percent off, especially on last year’s inventory. Abt Electronics coupon codes will help you maximize the amount of your saving when used with your purchase.
  4. Rei Camping GearCamping and Outdoor Gear. May also means the kickoff of camping season so you may expect to find a great number of highly discounted items at Sears and Walmart. Also REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods generally offer discounts of up to 25 to 40 percent off camping gear.
  5. Health&BeautyHealth and Beauty. From sunscreen to perfume and creams, there is an array of beauty products to be purchased in May. Your best bet is to seek out promo codes provided by Ulta, Target and Sally Beauty stores.
  6. JewelryJewelry. After the Mother’s Day many jewelry retailers are getting rid of excess Mother’s Day inventory. Shoppers can save up to 70 percent off fine jewelry as long as they shop a week or two after the holiday.
  7. Patio FurniturePatio furniture. While the best period to shop for patio furniture is definitely at the end of summer during clearance sales many customer do prefer to replace patio furniture at the beginning of the outdoor season. Stores like Sears, Walmart and Target will have plenty of Memorial Day deals, and markdowns will reach 35 percent off retail.
  8. CaribbeanCaribbean Vacations. As May is considered the “middle of the Caribbean’s shoulder season”, prices are at their lowest. So if you are going to have a vacation it makes sense to take advantage of great deals on cruises, transportation and accommodation. Expect discounts to range from 50 to 65 percent off. Check out coupon codes for the best travel deals possible.

Tips on Clothes Care

Clean Your Clothes before You Decide to Buy New!

The problem of dry-cleaning is very topical nowadays. There are a lot of situations when we need to use it. For example you need to clean your favorite silk blouse or linen trousers – at first look there are no ways except dry – cleaning to cope with this. You spend a lot of money and suffer from the thoughts about the quality of this expensive procedure. In addition you worry about the fact that a lot of cleansers may contain toxic ingredients. In this article we will help you to find alternative ways of cleaning your clothes and keeping your health.

  • Don’t Forget about Spot Clean

It is not always rationally to clean the whole fabric just because of a little spot. So if you’ve already got it try to clean locally with help of portable spot cleaner. Before making this try to test this way of cleaning on some of your things to make yourself sure that it won’t damage your favorite clothes and it won’t leave visible mark. So if this experiment is lucky you can freely carry your spot cleaner in a pocket and be sure that you can provide first aid to your spotted things anytime and anywhere.

  • Air Can Help Your Clothes Look Better

For example try to refresh dry-cleanable clothes before putting them on the shelf. Put your clothes on a hanger and do let air ventilate them. Another trick is to hang your fabric in the bathroom while you are taking a shower and to let vapor clean your clothes. Such technique will help to disperse odor and will smooth your clothes.

  • Try to Press

It’s not truth that you can’t iron dry-clean clothes. If you pick the lowest temperature of heat and won’t iron roughly you can easily iron such outfits.  You have to know several rules: try to avoid ironing such areas as chest, belly, under the arms and avoid ironing visible stains if they already are there.

  • Invent your Own Home Dry-Cleaning Kit

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for readymade kits which will contain a solvent and a freshener. Instead of buying them, try one of the alternative methods: put your clothes in the dryer with ordinary dryer shit for 10 or 15 minutes on medium heat. You’ll see that the result is approximately the same as if you put them to the cleaner.  Your clothes will be refreshed, with released wrinkles and will smell good. However you should not overdry them and hang them out as soon as possible to keep them unwrinkled.

  • Wash with Hands

In some cases you can use hand wash for dry-cleaned clothes without a doubt. For example such fabrics as silk, linen or knitwear are very strong materials that can’t be ruined by the hand wash.  Maybe there are some exceptions like men’s suits, but they can’t be washed by hands not because of the possibility of fabric’s ruination, but only because they can lose their shape. All you have to do is to use cold water and a delicate detergent. After washing you should hang your clothes on wide hangers and if you are dealing with knitwear-lay it flat and let it dry in such position.

Tips on Clothes Care