Early Bird Mother’s Day Sales

Some of us have no time for gift shopping. Others have no budget for it. If we have to plan our expenses very carefully, it might happen that a very important gift just didn’t fit in ahead of time. We certainly love our moms though and want to express our feelings with a gift, so these thoughtful last minute ideas can be very handy. Mother’s Day early bird sales are lifesavers!

  1. Amazon

Mother's Day by TravelNut

Amazon certainly knows a thing or two about last minute shopping, so to prepare for the rush, they are reducing the prices and discounting various beauty gifts, fashion and home goods to get you set for Mother’s Day in time.

  1. Anthropologie

Anthropologie bag

The retailer has 25% off sale items, including beauty supplies and clothing for your stylish mom. All you have to do is check it out in time.

  1. Best Buy

Apple Watch Series 3

The electronics giant is offering many significant discounts on various electronic devices and gadgets. You know she needs a new camera desperately, or Roomba to take over some cleaning.

  1. eBay

6-Piece Kitchen Gadgets Set

eBay has many electronics items on sale, up to 50% off in fact, so hurry up before it’s over. Apple watches are on sale and so are various appliances, cooking supplies, dishes, jewelry, and many other products.

  1. FTD

Mother's Day Bouquet

This flower shop has great promotions on all kinds of flowers, house plants, and other gifts – all for 20% off. You know your mom would love a beautiful bouquet, while you would equally love the savings.

  1. JCPenney

Fitbit Alta HR Heart Rate Wristband

The Mother’s Day sale gives you 25% off on your $100 or larger purchases or 20% on less than $100 spent. Hurry up – the sale is limited time!

  1. Lord & Taylor

This store includes children’s and men’s fashion apparel in addition to women’s, so everybody can look good on this Mother’s Day.

  1. Macy’sunique gift

Macy’s invites to join them for a little Mother’s Day shopping spree with great discounts on beauty, fashion, and technology.

  1. Overstock

The store has you covered with awesome deals on select jewelry, watches, and edible gifts – 15% off. You can save another 30% if you buy clothing and shoes.

  1. Sephora

Your ultimate destination for beauty supplies offers a $100 gift card for your Mom and an extra $20 bonus for you. The store also has weekly deals on many popular products, so make sure you know about them.

  1. Williams-Sonoma

Bakeware Set

The store knows that every mom could use a little upgrade on her bakeware and cookware, so get her something new in this department for 75% off during the sale.

  1. 1-800-Flowers

Bouquet at Mothers Day

Use code “MOM” before May 7th and save 20% off plants, bouquets, and arrangements. Making her happy can be pretty easy!

What Mothers Really Want for Mother’s Day

You would never guess what mothers really want for mothers day ?! It is not your ordinary breakfast in bed with a store bought Mother’s day gimmick. Recent polls were taken and the highest percentage showed that handmade gifts were what moms coveted most. The lowest on the list was jewelry and candy.


Isn’t this a shocker?? Who would of thought that handmade and crafted presents are what make moms the happiest. Mother’s day presents are easier to accomplish than you think. The big department store’s try to hype the holiday up to get more sales. Well we aren’t buying it!

The poll showed that the second highest gift a mother would want on her special day is a day off alone! Mothers also need quiet time to themselves. Studies showed they would prefer a day off at the spa! That would be the one business to make a killing on this holiday and give back to the mothers.

Unfortunately, only about 20% of moms actually expect to get a mothers day present at all. A group of mothers reported that they would be lucky if their kids would just get along for the day. A day without fighting would be a gift enough for them. They even explained a day without the in-laws would be lovelier than receiving an unwanted gift.

Only a small percentage of mothers will actually receive a gift to their liking. The other mothers will most likely receive flowers, candy, or a store bought gift. While still some mothers will receive nothing at all on their dedicated day. Which, was shown to be the worst gift of all.

So, lets make this Mother’s day different and give the gift all mothers have been waiting for. The gift of time and relaxation. Show your mother you care by taking the time to create a gift made from your heart or giving her a gift of relaxation from responsibilities with a spa day. This Mother’s Day don’t buy into all of the department store gimmicks and get your mom something she truly wants and needs.