DIY Easter Baskets That Cost Just $10 or Less


This year Americans will celebrate Easter on Sunday, March 27. Four out of five U.S. residents plan to celebrate the holiday, which means spending as much as $17 billion, or $145 per person, on a wide range of holiday products, from food and candy to greeting cards and Easter décor items. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your holiday expenses, why not start with the Easter basket. Below you will find simple ideas how to make a cute DIY basket for $10 or less.

  1. The Beach Basket

If you live close to the shore or are planning a family beach vacation, consider making a sunshine-and-sand-themed Easter basket. Get a sand bucket and fill it with inexpensive beachy items like flip flops, a beach ball, or stuffed sea life animals. If there are several kids in your family you may organize a sand castle building competition! Give the contest a cool name and hand out paper invitations with the date and rules outlined. To make your kids inspired consider printing out photos of great sand castles and then arrange them into an idea book.

  1. For Your Little Artist

Print out some black and white Easter-themed clip-art for homemade coloring sheets. Staple the sheets together to make a custom coloring book, then add paints and a paintbrush or a small box of crayons and put all these in a wicker basket.

  1. The Wellness Basket

Skip sugary jelly beans and the chocolate rabbit this Easter and fill the traditional wicker basket with healthy snacks, such as raisins, grapes, almonds, tangerines, grapes, or other fruit or veggie your child loves very much. You may also put in the basket a jump-rope or Band-Aids for some extra fun.

  1. For the Tech-Head

Your child will be thrilled to find a selection of handmade coupons redeemable for prizes in a basket. For example, it can be a new smartphone app, or one iTunes song download, or one movie download. Just stipulate that only one coupon can be redeemed a week. Make sure you staple the coupons into a book so your kid won’t lose it during the holiday.

  1. Spring Has Sprung Basket

Get an empty flower pot, wash it well and fill it with seed packets and tulip bulbs. Put inside a shovel, a pair of gardening gloves, and detailed instructions on how to grow the flowers.

  1. For Your Little Handyman

Get an old tool box, clean it up and put a measuring tape, a toy hammer and wrench, a clipboard and some paper in it. You can also purchase a kid-sized hard hat or a plastic crate in case you have no spare tool box in the house.

  1. For the Fashionista

If your daughter is a stylish girl she will appreciate getting a purse or a statement hat instead of the traditional Easter basket. Fill the purse or the head of the hat with a range of beauty items like a set of colorful barrettes, mini bottles of nail polish, a pocket mirror and a brush.

Great Savings on Crafts and Hobbies

If you’ve ever dreamt of having fascinating hobby or you had already found one, you should definitely not to forget about it. There are a lot of benefits of having favorite activity or hobby like development of your creative skills, relaxation or simply more interesting and useful spending of your free time. Sometimes insignificant at first look things become great part of your life. If your hobby is related with making some useful or beautiful things it is always double great because you can not only make gifts that are made by your own hands but also get some money by selling your masterpieces at different craft exhibitions.

Great savings with crafts

How to Make A Candy Bouquet

Step 1 – First of all we should take pieces of crepe paper. I usually use Cartotecnica Rossi paper. There are a lot of places where you can buy it. But if you want to receive additional savings try to look for coupon codes here


How to Make A Candy Bouquet 1

Step 2 Now we should stretch the edges and the middle of our piece of paper. Later we will wrap our candy into it.

How to Make A Candy Bouquet 2Candy Bouquet Crafts

Step 3 – On this step we have to attach candy to the toothpick or half a stick for kebab. Now wrap it in paper.


How to Make A Candy Bouquet 7How to Make A Candy Bouquet 8How to Make A Candy Bouquet 19

Step 4 – Take a piece of Styrofoam and cut out the circle which duplicates basket’s form and then simply wrap it in green paper. 

How to Make A Candy Bouquet 5How to Make A Candy Bouquet 6


Step 5 – Now we should cut out rectangles from the roll of organza, fold them according to the photo and glue to the toothpick.


How to Make A Candy Bouquet 11How to Make A Candy Bouquet 14How to Make A Candy Bouquet 13How to Make A Candy Bouquet 15How to Make A Candy Bouquet 9


Step 6 – Take prepared decorative ribbon, cut it up and glue to the prepared pieces of organza.

How to Make A Candy Bouquet 10How to Make A Candy Bouquet 16How to Make A Candy Bouquet 18


 Step 7 – Now we should cut up the floral mesh into squares and glue them to the toothpick.


How to Make A Candy Bouquet 22

Step 8 Now it is time to collect our composition and decorate the basket.


How to Make A Candy Bouquet 12How to Make A Candy Bouquet 21

How to Make A Candy Bouquet 20How to Make A Candy Bouquet 23


6 Interesting Face Painting Designs for Kids

Did you ever think that you can turn your ordinary holiday into a real fairytale? There are a lot of ways to bring some magic into the holiday’s atmosphere. It’s not as difficult as it seems, all you have to do is to turn on your imagination. For example you can try to use some of face printing ideas that would definitely brighten your holiday and make everybody turn into fantastic heroes or simply receive festal mood. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments. You’ll never know about your creativity skills until you try to realize them by yourself. So take your paintbrush and start to create!


Kids Face PaintingKids Face Painting

Kids Face Painting


Kids Face Painting


Bouquets of Candy

Bouquet of Fabric and Raffaello




Sweet Tree

Sweet Tree

You Can Find Candy Inside Each Flower

You can find candy inside each flower