Best Video Games to Buy in 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a great number of deals on video games and systems. If you are at a loss which ones to choose below you will find the list of this year’s top video games worth buying.

NES Classic Edition ($60)

The NES Classic Edition was sold out within hours after going on sale. Want to know why gamers get crazy about this replica of Nintendo’s popular home console? The adorable, pint-sized device that comes with a spot-on version of the NES controller plugs right into your TV to entertain you with 30 cool NES games. It will be difficult to find, but it’s worth the effort.

Dishonored 2 ($60 | PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The sequel to 2012’s Game of the Year, “Dishonored 2″ features two unique playable characters that appear in an incredibly steampunk world full of danger and choice. There the characters will sneak through the windows running into unknowing bad guys, as well as destroy everything with all-mighty mystical powers.

Overwatch ($60 | PS4, Xbox One, PC)

It is a thoroughly designed, perfectly polished and brilliantly balanced shooter that has already become a hit among millions of gamers who had bought it. If you love competitive gaming, “Overwatch” guarantees lots of fun, especially when played with a group of friends.

Pokémon Sun/Moon ($50 | 3DS)

If you enjoyed playing “Pokémon Go” on your smartphone why not opt for a 3DS to experience a real “Pokémon” game. “Pokémon, Sun/Moon” is set in a tropical environment and offers lots of new pokémon and features. Those who have been playing this game for a lot of time are sure to enjoy a number of upgrades, including a new Pokédex and the opportunity to refresh your pokémon after battle. The game is bright and colorful so you can easily get addicted to playing it whenever there is the time for the pleasure.

Skylanders: Imaginators ($75 | PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U)

The game is a favorite among both the children and the adults as it boasts all the latest cool features. You can create your own “Skylander” and customize it. You may even order a 3D printed version if you like so you might want to spend some more money on extra toys.

Civilization VI ($60 | PC)

The sixth version of some of the best strategy games ever is truly addictive. Even though it is rather complex the game is surprisingly accessible. If you played the earlier versions be prepared for a range of cool new features, such as unstacked cities and a Civics tech tree. The 25-year-old formula is a time tested formula of success, and a great gift for any PC gamer.

Battlefield 1 ($60 | PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Get back into the past with “Battlefield” series that recreates the epic battles of World War I. Probably the best strategy of all time, “Battlefield” games will take you to an old-school arena where a moving single-player campaign can change the outcome of the battle.

Forza Horizon 3 ($39 | Xbox One, PC)

The new “Forza Horizon 3″ is a valid reason to purchase an Xbox One if you still don’t have one. The game invites you to discover and explore the sweeping vistas of virtual Australia from behind the wheel of the cars, exotic and ordinary ones. Whether you’re driving along the picturesque country roads or winding along narrow streets, you’ll be amazed at the gorgeously beautiful graphics and perfect handling.

NBA 2K17 ($60 | PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC)

The 2016-2017 NBA season is not over yet, but the developers of “NBA 2K” have already presented the general public the best sports game on the market. Now it features an improved Career mode, a deeper MyGM, and many other upgrades that ensure another championship year of excellent game for the basketball dynasty.

Titanfall 2 ($60 | PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This sequel would be a perfect gift for any shooter fan. It addition to providing fantastic giant mech multiplayer, this year’s version is enhanced with incredibly inventive and exciting solo campaigns.

Uncharted 4 ($60 | PS4)

Considered the best-looking video game of the year the game is a real must-have for PS4 owners. While hunting a pirate treasure be prepared to take a risk, make precarious leaps, and blast villains. The gameplay is unmatched and the cinematic delivery of the game is unrivalled.

Watch Dogs 2″ ($60 | PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This great open-world romp was designed to help us relive the fantastic events. Just fancy hackers who try to manipulate real-world events by breaking into supposedly secure online systems. The events of the game take place in San Francisco, and this sequel is better than the original in many things: it can’t but impress with its great script, lots of activities, and a variety of gadgets.

Most Effective Black Friday Shopping Strategies

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is right around the corner and most people will rush to the stores in the hopes of grabbing deeply discounted products. Even though retailers do offer huge discounts not only on Thanksgiving and you may come across “Black Friday in July” sales, pre-holiday sales in October, and some other big sales, still, Black Friday is typically associated with the lowest prices ever and ignoring it makes no sense. Below are the tips that will help you get ready for the biggest shopping event of the year so you are sure to get the deals everyone is craving for.

  1. Stick to Your List

Black Friday tempts consumers to overspend so keeping your list just in your head is not enough. To prevent buying too much or buying something you don’t really need consider using a gift-list app you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play. Such an app will help you manage your budget as well as keep track of preferences, sizes, ideas and more.

  1. Focus

Traditionally, Black Friday is the best time of the year to shop for various high-tech gadgets, clothing and beauty products. Don’t try to purchase all items from your holiday list in one day. Just zero in these three areas first and then deal with the other categories later. The holiday shopping season is just starting and you will have lots of time to search for discounts, so let the deepest discounts be your priority.

  1. Sign Up for Store Emails

To increase your chances of scoring the best deals you may sign up for emails from the stores you are interested in. The stores often send out information concerning advance details on sales or private discounts. Consider setting up a separate free email account for all that mail as there will be a lot of it. Another good idea is to follow stores on Twitter or Facebook to be the first to learn about holiday promotions.

  1. Discounted Gift Cards

If it’s not important for you what exactly store to shop, search online for discounted gift cards + name of store. You will be surprised to find a real bounty of digital or printable gift cards discounted up to 30 percent. You can use that gift card to make a purchase, and save a lot.

  1. The Early Bird Bonus

If you’re an early riser and plan to hit the stores at dawn, you might get a nice reward. On Black Friday a number of stores, including Kohl’s, H&M, JCPenney, Best Buy, and others gave away gift cards and even movie tickets to customers who were first to come to the store.

  1. Open a Store Charge Account

To be eligible for additional discount consider opening a store charge account. Most stores offer from 10 to 15 percent off your first purchase with a new account, but make sure you find out whether this discount is valid on Black Friday as well. If they do provide such a discount, congratulations as you’ve got an extra discount off of your Black Friday purchase! Do remember that annual percentage rate of store cards is quite high (APR) so you will need to pay them in full.

  1. Invite a Friend

If you would like to purchase several products at a particular store ask a friend to join you. Compare the shopping lists and think how you can help each other out. While you are purchasing some electronics, for example, your friend may be checking out deals in another section.

  1. Shop Online

If you just hate the crowds of shoppers on Black Friday, why not stay at home and check out the online deals. There are plenty of retailers, including Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Newegg and others that offer incredible Black Friday deals online.

More Than Half of Black Friday Weekend Purchases Will Be Made Online

Black Friday

On Monday consultancy Deloitte reported that consumers plan to spend $205 which constitutes 51% of an average Thanksgiving weekend shopping budget of $400 online. In-store purchases ($185) account for 46% and the other 3% ($10) for catalog shopping. As many as three-quarters of Americans are going to make purchases during the extended weekend that begins on Thanksgiving Day and lasts through Cyber Monday.

This holiday weekend, the majority of the customers (87%) will shop online, while 84% will go to the physical stores. It should be noted that 86% plan to spend at least as much or even more as they spent the previous year. The bulk of the holiday budget will be spent to buy gifts to family and friends and 42% to have fun with guests at home.

To encourage holiday sales retailers should be versed about promotional techniques that would yield the biggest profit. Before Thanksgiving, the retailers must focus primarily on informational part of the holiday promotion, inspiring customers to learn more about the upcoming deals. Black Friday requires state-of-the-art mobile formats that will enable people to freely browse reviews and compare prices while they are making a purchase. On Cyber Monday such features as prices, free shipping, and online return policies are of paramount importance and therefore should be clearly spelled out.

Right on the eve of the holiday retailers experience much pressure to draw their customers to stores and online. Consumers will shop at the store where they think they can get the best value for their money with the least amount of hassle and frustration. 50% of Americans believe that the best deals of the season are reserved for Black Friday and 56% are going to benefit from early Black Friday deals available online.

During Black Friday nearly 79% of customers will hit the stores while on Cyber Monday 71% will take advantage of online sales. And even though two-thirds of Americans would rather that stores were not working on Thanksgiving Day, 22% of respondents will be shopping on the holiday.

Wal-Mart Kicks Off Cyber Monday Earlier Than Ever

Wal Mart

This year Wal-Mart’s customers can score Cyber Monday deals as early as Friday at 12:01 a.m. EST. The world’s largest retailer kicks off its Cyber Monday offers earlier than ever to attract customers ahead of its competitors. Last year, the company started the Cyber Monday deals on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving.

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Traditionally it is the best time of the year to score online deals. The expression was coined by in 2005 to stimulate online purchases when people were coming back to offices with high-speed Internet. Now due to smart phones consumers enjoy constant Internet access and these days Cyber Monday is used by retailers mostly to introduce enticing deals that would boost sales.

The trend to start Cyber Monday sales earlier follows that of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which officially starts the holiday shopping season both in stores and online. But over the past few years, the largest national retailers like Wal-Mart, Macy’s and Target began offering their deals earlier right on Thanksgiving Day.

And this year, Wal-Mart, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, is starting its holiday sales three hours earlier than the previous year.  Since 12:01 a.m. EST on Friday online shoppers will be able to access Thanksgiving deals available online while Wal-Mart stores will open its doors at 6 p.m. on the holiday, the same time as last year.

Wal-Mart decided to start as early to have a competitive edge over Amazon and other online retailers. Recently Wal-Mart reported its online sales to increase 20.6% in the third quarter compared to its 11.8% growth in the previous quarter. Wal-Mart’s substantial growth became possible due to its increased product assortment. Currently the retailer has 23 million products offered online, which is about three times more than during last year’s holiday sales.

According to the holiday shopping forecasts online spending on Cyber Monday is expected to reach $3.5 billion, and online sales will make $81 – $91.6 billion this holiday season.

Six stores with the best Black Friday deals

Black Friday - Walmart 2016

Black Friday is that chaotic day after Thanksgiving when millions of Americans get over there turkey hangover with retail therapy. This year shopping event takes place on Friday, November 25 and retailers around the US are promoting massive discounts on everything from toys to TVs.

In 2015 it was reported that 151 million people shop Black Friday sales. Many shoppers shop solely online as deals can be found at the click of your mouse. Retailers still attract customers with one-of-a-kind door buster deals that can only be purchased in stores. Here is our perfect plan for a perfect day of shopping.

– Walmart open 6 PM on Thanksgiving day. If you’re looking for a new TV there are a dozen discounted options to choose from. One of the best deals involves a 55-inch Philips Smart TV with 4K for just $298. There is also the PlayStation 4 500 GB bundle for just $249. One of the hottest gifts this year is a drone; check out the DJI drone Phantom Standard 3 for $369. If your looking for a new phone the iPhone or Samsung device can be found at Walmart for zero dollars down. If you add on a qualifying AT&T or Verizon plan you’ll score a $250 Walmart gift card.

Insider tip: the adrenaline of shopping on Black Friday for some is undeniable. But if you like your shopping to be anticlimactic just download the Walmart app. You can find all Walmart Black Friday deals ordered from your smart phone and shipped directly to your home.

– Target open 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday presale and door busters are available on Cartwheel and online starting November 23. Target always features great deals but black Friday takes the cake. For $397, customers can own a 50 inch 4 K UHD Samsung TV. Shoppers can also find the Apple watch series 1 $498. Target also competes with Walmart by selling the Xbox One 500 GB Mine craft bundle for $249.99. The door Buster’s at Target are the Amazon Fire 7 inch Kids Addition tablet for just $74.99 as well as the Amazon Fire 7 inch 8 GB Wi-Fi tablet for $33.33. The insider tip is that from now till Thanksgiving target will feature specially discounted items on its Cartwheel app.

Best Buy opens at 5 PM on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday shoppers can pick up a 49-inch Toshiba 4 K ultra high definition TV for just $199. If you’re in the market for a laptop the 13-inch MacBook air is an impressive $799.99. The door bus or start Friday at 8 AM and these include a 55-inch Sharp LED Smart TV for $249.99 and a Lenovo laptop for just $99. The insider tip here is that elite members will get early access to Black Friday deals on November 21.

Toys “R” Us opens at 5 PM on Thanksgiving. The deals include a Barbie pop-up camper, which usually sells for $89.99 but is on sale for $53.99. There also select Lego construction sets for $11.99 all the way up to $65.99. The play all day Elmo is $19.99 and leapfrog leap pads are going for $79.99. The insider tip is that there are always good coupons, be sure to check their saving center page.

Kohl’s opens at 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day but online deal start November 21. The best part about shopping here is that you get paid to shop. From November 21 of November 26 customers will get $15 in cash for every $50 they spend. Kohl’s cash is essentially a store credit that can be used from November 27 to December 5. Top deals are a Haier 49 inch 4K ultra HD TV for just $249.99. A Fit bit charge 2 $429 and a Canon EOS rebel camera with Wi-Fi for an impressive $449.99. Use the promo code NOVSAVE15 online.

Amazon, you can’t talk about black Friday without mentioning the mega-retailer. Why celebrate Black Friday on just one day when you can celebrate it every day. From now through November 24 they are offering lightning deals during their countdown to black Friday deals week sale. The deals will change daily but will include a 32 inch 720 P LED TV for $69.99. A 4K ultra HD smart TV and $199. A Kindle for only $49.99. Amazon prime members will have early access to more than 30,000 deals and now be a good day to sign up for a 30 day trial.

How Good Are the Walmart Black Friday TV Deals?


This article is updated with confirmed model numbers of several Samsung TVs. If getting a great TV deal is your way of either celebrating or overcoming the election day results, then you’re undoubtedly a fan of Black Friday shopping.

Once again, TVs play a big part in the Walmarts in-store and online plans, with 11 different models offered as Black Friday specials. Like last year, Walmarts in-store sales started at 6 PM local time on Thanksgiving Day. Online shoppers though, can get a jump on the deals, as Black Friday sales on 12:01 AM Eastern time Thanksgiving morning.

Based on flyers we’ve seen, not all the TV sales blow us away. Since Walmart is not listing specific TV models, it’s hard to tell how great the TV deals really are. We will do our best to unravel these mysteries for you.

There are a few that grabbed our attention, namely a 60 inch Vizio Smart TV for less than $400, a 65 inch Hitachi for case set for $599 and a 55 inch Philips for case set for just $298. There is also a 65-inch Samsung 4K TV for $798.

Walmart’s Black Friday sale this year is very similar to the one last year however there is more of an emphasis on 4K TVs. One other change is that the retailer isn’t offering a one-hour guarantee on select terms. Another change is that the retailer isn’t offering its one-hour guarantee on select items. Under that program, if you are one of the designated areas of the store from 6 PM to 7 PM on Thanksgiving, you are guaranteed to either get the item that night, or it will be shipped to your local store to pick it up before Christmas. Instead the company said, it’s increasing the inventory of its sales items so that customers have a good chance of getting the ones they see.

Again, Walmart’s mobile app users got a first look at the Black Friday circular, which posted via the app right after midnight last night. With the bulk of the traffic this holiday season expected to come from mobile devices, Walmarts at features ratings, reviews, buying guides, tutorials as well as maps showing the locations of hot products in your local store. Walmart is again offering a mobile check-in service that lets you buy online and pick up your items in the store. This year the stores will use geo-tracking to know when you’re in the store so they can start getting your order ready for pickup. You can also use a retailer’s mobile app to scan items in store, add items to Wish List, or search the wish list of family members and friends to find gift ideas. If you want to purchase an item, you can scan the receipt and it will be removed from the Wish list. You can use the apps Walmart pay feature to pay for your items at the store.

Walmart says it will have special deals on 11 TVs a season, one more than last year. As we mentioned above, Walmart didn’t provide model numbers, so we’re listing the items right now but will do our best to check out the specific models you can compare prices. Keep checking back for the updates.

Other noted models and TV deals are a 65-inch Samsung Smart HDTV for $798, a claim $200 savings. This could be the Samsung UN65U6300FXZA model which typically sells for $1000-$1100. Be aware that the UN65J6200 is a 1080 P model.

A 60 inch Samsung Smart 4K TV for $648, a special by. Were still trying to figure this one out. It might be the KU6300 model and is selling for $900 elsewhere. The updated as we were close it is the UN60KU6270, which we’ve only seen at Walmart and Sam’s Club.

A 60-inch Vizio 1080pHDtV for $398 as a special buy. We are guessing that it’s a D series model. The D60-D3 usually sells for $598 but Vizio has come out with some model numbers that we haven’t seen before so it could be a derivative of this model. The update is that it is the D60N-E3, a seasonal model.

A 55-inch Philips Smart 4K TV for $298 is a special buy wristband item. It could be the Phillips 55PFL5601/F7, a 60 HZ 4K set the sells for $498.

A 55 inch Samsung Smart 1080 P HDTV for $448 is $150 savings. We think that it is the Samsung UN55J6201, a 60 Hz model. Were seeing a number of J series models this Black Friday, which were originally from 2015.

Oprah’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Oprah has finally released her annual gift guide and this years list is the biggest yet! The December Issue of Oprah Magazine includes a selection of 104 amazing gifts. You will not be disappointed – there are gift suggestions for your office colleague down to your toddler. Plus, All items listed are available through Amazon. The guide also includes gifts that will fit within your budget! There is a $50 and under section where you will find cool organic herb kits or even fun Bluetooth speakers that are panda shaped!Oprah's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The options are endless! If you are feeling festive yet still on a budget you may want to check out the cute family matching striped pj set by Burt’s Bees or the holiday truffle arrangement. Oprah insists that small, thoughtful gifts are truly what make the holidays special. Oprah has even picked out the perfect gifts for the world wide travelers from luggage sets to comfy travel pillows. This section makes perfect sense since Oprah has traveled around the world many times herself.

If you are or have a loved one with a passion for fashion then they can find their fix on this holiday list! Oprah has listed a wide variety of handbags, vests, coats, and many other fashion accessories. Many of the handbags that Oprah suggests are under $200! She wants to keep the guide realist for all of her followers – we are not all made of money. Oprah even includes the gorgeous red high top shoes by Michael Kors that she rocks on the cover of O’s December issue.Knitted Gloves

If you have the money to blow then check out the digital picture frame that Oprah lists retailing at $399. Oprah swears by this frame to stay connected ! All you have to do is connect via wifi and your pictures can be down loaded instantly from your phone to the app and onto the picture frame. Another option for tech lovers are the Avegant Glyph’s Person Theater Video Headset which retails at $439.

An extravagant gift you can give to your lovable pet is the Charles Fradin Home Custom Doggy Blanket which retails for $395. Oprah also insists that if you have the extra cash to try the $165 Gayle King Poinsettia Cake. She promises it is the sweet treat to die for!

Don’t forget that through November 28th until December 9th Oprah will be holding her annual 12 DAY GIVE O WAY! 12 lucky readers will win one item on Oprah’s list each of the 12 days!

Expect Amazing Deals 2016 Black Friday

Black Friday Doorbusters 2016
This years Black Friday Doorbusters are expected to break records. Many promotions will include a twenty dollar or less price tag. Shoppers be ready for the best Black Friday deals yet. The BFAds .net website released their predictions this week on the 2016 Black Friday holiday deals stating that many of the great deals will be available online this year as well as your smart phone devices.

Retailers are said to be offering over fifteen thousand items for under twenty dollars. There will also be massive deals on 4K Tvs, HDTVs, as well as video games. A complete list of the 2016 Black Friday Deals is listed below;
– Anticipate over fifty two thousand Black Friday Deals compared to the forty nine thousand in 2015.
– Seven thousand of these deals will be available online as well as your smart phone.
– Over fifty 4K Tv’s will be available for less than five hundred dollars. Fifty to sixty 1080p HDTV’s will be available for less than two hundred dollars.
– There will be over fifteen hundred deals on video games including more than five hundred games priced under twenty dollars. As well as xbox one bundles under two hundred dollars, PS4 bundles under four hundred dollars.
– Kindle Fires will be available on Amazon for under thirty five dollars. Fire sticks will be available for under twenty dollars and children’s tablets will be less than sixty dollars.
– Expect over three hundred and fifty laptop deals including over sixty laptops for under two hundred dollars.
– NEST and Amazon Echo will be available for the lowest pricing you will see this year.
– Black Friday Toy deals are store specific including Toys R Us and Walmart.
– The Newest Apple iPhone seven will come with significant perks in their signup bonuses including free accessories, no money down or store gift cards.
– The first generation Apple Watch Sport will be available for under two hundred dollars and the Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker will be available for under one hundred dollars.