1. Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary (San Francisco)

This penitentiary has been closed for over 50 years now. Inside the untouched laundry room for a very long time, you can smell the smoke, banjo phantom music, and the creepy sound of running feet. Many horrific apparitions have been reported over the years.

Battery Point Lighthouse

2. Battery Point Lighthouse (Crescent City)

There was a huge tsunami 1964, most of Crescent city was completely destroyed, and yet this lighthouse survived and was left practically undamaged. It is said to be haunted by a playful, unknown ghost. At night, it has been reported that there were rocking chairs and moving slippers by caretakers for no apparent reason.

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

3. Rancho Los Amigos Hospital (Downey)

Decades ago, the hospital served as treatment place for polio and TB patients. The U.S. Marines stumbled upon a freezer containing legs, feet, and bits of brain. It is also known as “Downey Insane Asylum” or “Hollydale Mental Hospital”

The 60-Acre Corn Maze

4. The 60-Acre Corn Maze (Dixon)

This is the Guinness World Record for absolutely the largest corn maze, it occupies 60 acres. This map is extremely complicated, people say it requires great bravery and many hours of studying the map.

The Queen Mary
5. The Queen Mary (Long Beach)

The Queen Mary has very deep history. The hearing of strange voices and rattling chains has been reported by many of Mary’s guests.

Whaley House

6. Whaley House (San Diego)

This isn’t your typical creepy house built over the cemetery. It is said to have a lot of paranormal activity. A girl died while playing with the Whaley children because she was haunted by their father who committed suicide.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles)

When it was first opened in 1927, it was a home to many wonderful celebrities, and it still is. Dancing in the ballroom, Marilyn Monroe’s ghost was spotted and in the mirror room 229. There is also another ghost, Montgomery Clift’s ghost haunts the room 928 where he stayed.

Castello di Amorosa’s Pagan Ball

8. Castello di Amorosa’s Pagan Ball (Napa)

When attending the 6th annual Pagan Ball, you can sample some of Napa’s best wine, as well as exploring the mysterious, haunted chambers.

Mission San Miguel

9. Mission San Miguel (San Miguel)

According to Legend, this place is haunted by the Reed family. They used to live in this place and they were slaughtered by British pirates because the Reeds bragged about a big sum of gold buried under the mission.


10. Disneyland (Anaheim)

Did you know that this fun place is actually haunted? The employees have found bone fragments, ashes, and even a jawbone over the years. It’s even become a tradition to spook your family members while going on creepy rides such as “The Haunted Mansion” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. And you should get to that Haunted Mansion early, because the line can become really long.