There are many great apps for babies that work with your mobile device. I personally love infants! I want to help different moms across the world to find the best experience for their child. So that’s why I got interested in this topic.

The first app I will be talking about is called “Toddler Flashcards”. Although the named seems to suggest that this app is for toddlers, it actually doesn’t matter whether your infant or your toddler uses this app. Your child can choose from 13 languages including English, and he can learn the names of foods, animals, letters, various objects, and numbers. Your child can also interact with these flashcards, they utilize both animal sounds and spoken audio. For example: your child can hear a dog say (woof). These flashcards also use real pictures, not cartoons. And best of all this app is free!

The second app I’ll be talking about is “Kidzones”. You don’t need to be a computer scientist to get started with app. This app features 6 different songs, ranging from “12345” to “Twinkle twinkle little stars”. To summarize, this app is a simple sing along that your child will love. The animation is simple and the music is darling! It’s perfect for your little one!Peekaboo Barn

The 3rd app is called “Peekaboo Barn”. This is a fun barn adventure that’s educational. It makes learning fun for your little one. From this app your child will learn the names of 16 different barn animals in a choice of 12 different languages, including but not limited to: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin. In addition, your little one can hear the sound of each animal in the barn. Parents say that this app is age appropriate for any child, your little one can learn to say new words such as “llama”, and best of all the parents sit down with their child, and this app makes it the perfect bonding experience for both the child and the parents.4th app “Duckie Deck Collection

The 4th app is called “Duckie Deck Collection”. This app includes six games which help your child develop creativity, learn healthy habits, and teach problem solving abilities. These games can also help your little one show the value of cleaning up, teach him how to take care of pets, and help to exercise his imagination.

Have you ever had your child cry and you couldn’t stop the cries? Well thanks to the 5th and final app I will be talking about which is called “Bubbles” your child will stop. Bubbles is a fun application for infants or toddlers who need a fun distraction. It is an endless video of floating and popping bubbles and I guarantee that your infant will be fascinated by this and will immediately stop his crying.Bubble Extreme

I encourage all of you to try out these apps. They have each have a very high rating and are fun for all ages! You can use an iPhone/iPod/iPad for these apps. I personally recommend using an iPad, as it has a bigger screen and more space for your child to work with. The 3rd and 4th app work with both iOS and Android, and the rest work with just iTunes. Thank you for reading my article and have a wonderful day!