This Week’s Hot Deals

summer sale

While the weather is still hot don’t miss hot deals from stores like Amazon, Target, Home Depot and others on a variety of products, including back-to-school supplies, seasonal outdoor furniture and more. Here are the best bargains of the week.

Back to School Sale at Amazon

Even though you may find some school supplies at even lower prices at other stores, still Amazon offers the best deals for those who prefer to buy in bulk. And shoppers can save even more with Amazon Warehouse Deals offering an extra 15% off a selection of used and open-box back to school items. Of course, Prime members can count on free shipping, while non-members will enjoy free shipping if they spend $49 or more. Look for deals on bike racks, printers, school supplies, phone accessories and airbeds.

Lighting & Ceiling Fans at Home Depot

Save up to 80% off select lighting and ceiling fans offered at Home Depot this week. You can avoid the $5.99 shipping fee by choosing in-store pickup, or consider spending $45 or more to get free shipping. Some of the best deals of the week are the Bel Air Lighting 52″ Ceiling Fan for just $48 and the Hampton Bay 5-Light Tuscan Copper Chandelier for $99.

Costco Buyers’ Best Picks Sale

As a rule this membership warehouse store offers store-wide Black Friday and New Year’s discounts only. But this week the store runs Buyers’ Best Picks Sale reducing its already competitive rates on a variety of products, offering the deals not to be missed. Only at Costco you can get 33% off a selection of electronics, furniture, health and beauty products, apparel, and gift cards. Most discounts are available for Costco members, but some products can be bought with in-cart discounts (non-members should pay a 5% surcharge). The shipping fee starts at $2.99, but many items come with free shipping.

Patio Sale & Clearance Items at Target

Customers can score up to 90% off a selection of patio sale and clearance items at Target. Plus, using a coupon code you can get an additional $5 off select orders of $50 or more. You can opt for in-store pickup to skip the shipping fee, which begins around $4, or qualify for free shipping by spending $25 or more. Among the products offered with discount are the Threshold Madaga Gazebo Sunshade for $27.20 and the Threshold Folwell Swivel Dining Chair 2-Pack for $269.99 plus $30 s&h.

How to Save on Back-to-School Supplies Right Now


Of course, now when summer vacation is at its peak very few parents think about purchasing back-to-school supplies. But with thorough planning right now, you will manage to enjoy considerable savings. As there is no need to buy what you need in a hurry you can use time to your advantage. In other words, you can make purchases when the price is the lowest, but not at full price just to cross them off your shopping list. The strategies below will help you save on everything from pens to a new tablet or laptop.

  1. Check Your Kid’s Backpack First

Before you start making your back-to-school shopping list make sure you get your child’s backpack and check what is inside. You’ll be surprised how many items can still be used so you won’t have to buy glue sticks, erasers, staplers, or whatever is left in a pretty good condition in the backpack.

  1. Set Price Alerts on Expensive Items

If you would like to purchase a new laptop or other expensive tech gadget, consider setting up price alerts. This will help you not miss the best price on the products you need.

  1. Avoid Buying All Supplies from One Store

The worst thing you can do is to walk into a single store and buy all the things that are on your shopping list there. First, find out what deals on back-to-school supplies each store is offering and then plan your purchases accordingly. With plenty of time available to you to search for the best deals, you can easily buy items as they are on sale. For example, you can stock up on paper and pencils at Wal-Mart, but then purchase the backpack on sale at Target.

  1. Check out Office Supply Stores

Last year, the best deals on back-to-school supplies were offered not by the stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart, but by office supply stores, such as Staples, OfficeMax, and Office Depot. There you could find such incredible deals as one-cent pencils, five-cent erasers and glue sticks, 10-cent folders, and much more. But keep in mind that most office supply stores may have a limited supply, so once you spot a great deal don’t linger and buy it now.

  1. Price-Match Sold Out Items

When you visit a store and find out that they’ve sold all of their heavily discounted school supplies, don’t get upset. Show their sales flyer at Wal-Mart or Target and these stores will price match if they carry the same brand, of course. Or you may visit Wal-Mart or Target first, but make sure you fetch the sales fliers of the office supply stores to match their prices. Remember that when you price match it is not important whether the item you are interested in is actually sold out or not. Using this strategy you can shop at one store and enjoy the best deals on school supplies.

  1. Skip Cartoon Characters

You have probably noticed that back-to-school supplies like backpacks, lunch bags, binders and many others adorned with cute cartoon characters cost about 20%-30% more expensive than similar items without characters depicted on them. But there is a cheap solution to the problem. You can buy some stickers and get your kid decorate the item himself.

  1. Leave the Kids at Home

If you bring along your kids to do the shopping it would be difficult to resist the temptation of purchasing expensive Disney backpack. The chances are that you will be distracted from sticking to your shopping list. Of course, getting kids involved in back-to-school shopping adds the right doze of excitement about the upcoming school year. A great way to make kids long for coming back to school is to get them involved in the sorting and organizing of all the school supplies you have bought.

  1. Look for Tech Deals Online

There are three excellent online sources of tech gadgets that should definitely be bookmarked. All three offer tech items at prices far below retail.

Dell University: If you buy a new computer or laptop online make sure you check out Dell University that offers terrific deals exclusively for students. To qualify for the discount just register for the free Dell Advantage program.

Apple Education Pricing: When purchasing an Apple computer, it would be a good idea to check out their Educational Pricing page. By doing this you can save up to 25% off a new MacBook or iMac.

Best Buy College Student Deals: After creating a Best Buy account, you become eligible for exclusive college student deals on computers, small appliances, and accessories.