Tips on Frugal Gardening

Nowadays growing a garden doesn’t only mean to work the soil. If you decided to grow garden, be sure that from this moment you will greatly save on your food bill and receive possibility to have in your pocket a package of yearlong seeds that will help you to keep your garden for couple of years. There are a lot of ways for Early Bird gardeners to avoid having problems with their plantings. They don’t usually spend much time in the hot sun and don’t get involved in to experiments with seeds. You can simply plant in containers and receive fresh and tasty products that you can instantly eat while they are fresh or share with your neighbors, friends or family if you have too much of them. Such present as a basket of fresh homegrown seasonal vegetables can worth a lot especially for people who don’t have their own garden.

Watch your Seeds Turn into Plants

Don’t waste your time and money on expensive annuals instead such kind of planting that will give you a chance to enjoy the results much more than one year. So if you want to see your garden blooming with varicolored flowers like purple and blue catmint or different hues of coreopsis – just choose time before light rain starts and spread your seeds along the ground. Now when you’ve already planted your seeds you can be sure that you will exult for years when you look at your garden.

Enjoy No-Service Lawn

Sometimes almost unexpected things can bring us favor. For example your ordinary gardens moss. Have you ever thought that it could substitute your lawn grass? So don’t be hurry to dig it out and try to dig out your grass instead. Be ready for unusual experiment that can bring you unexpectedly good results. You can receive the lawn of your dreams – beautiful and pleasant to walk on, and moreover, it doesn’t need to be mowed. There are few things that it really needs like shady terrain, little bit of water and almost any kind of soil. Simply imagine how much water you can save by having such lawn. If you are interested in more information or want to receive moss gardening starter kit – try to visit or simply call 1-866-GET-MOSS.

Herbal Poetry

If you want to have less care with your garden try to plant herb garden instead of vegetables. The main thing is that you don’t have to pay so much attention to your garden like if you had vegetables planted there. You will be surprised that the results will still be excellent. Additionally you will have a chance to enjoy the beautiful view of some kinds’ of herbs bright blooming. You will feel relaxed and inspired when you feel the mix of fragrances that your herbs can give you in the evening. Cheer up with the fragrance of your peppermint and then relax with the subtle fragrance of rosemary bush. It doesn’t matter if you want to make tasty salad or drink amazing herbal tea – your herb garden will be the perfect year round source of fresh and healthy products.

6 Tips on Easy Cultivation

Despite the fact that some people are keen on gardening, it still implies hard work and responsibility to grow it. But if you want to make it a little bit easier try to follow these six ways that will help you to save your time and strengths:
1) You can use such surfaces like windowsills or deck railings for planting almost any kind of plants that you need from carrot and tomatoes to flowers and herbs.
2) Try to coup one of big planters that you have and put another one but a little bit smaller on its top. Such little trick will give you a chance to receive original and unique element of garden design and will raise your plants to the level of your hands.
3) Your old child tricycle can turn into a real helper when you start to sit on it while you are working at your plantation.
4) Don’t forget about tools that can help you at your garden work. All you have to do is to sharpen your long-handed tools like border-shovels, rakes and hoes.
5) If you have only short garden tools it’s not a problem. You can easily extend their length by attaching them to the long broom handles.
6) Try to work after a rain when the soil is still workable. You can catch this moment for easy cultivating of your perennials. Just shovel the soil while it is still soft, put some seeds and rack it back. As you can see you can save a lot of time with such method.

Create a Cutting Garden of Your Dreams

Have you ever thought that growing flowers can be not as difficult as it seems? Once you create your cutting garden of flowers, you’ll never have to buy flowers from a store. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of amazing snapdragons or tenderness of daises that can easily fill in your home vases or can be used for gorgeous bouquets, don’t miss your chance to grow your own flower garden. Some kinds of flowers like heirloom roses can take more time to bloom, but as soon as you will see their astounding blossom, you will forget about everything else in the world.

Check Out Your New Garden

Don’t wait until food prices will hit you purse, try to get some free and healthy food by growing your own garden. You should understand that the main thing in gardening is cheapness of expenses that you invest in this activity. But much more important will be your personal efforts and extent of desire that you will invest to grow your garden. So be sure to find people who will help you – it doesn’t matter if they would be your relatives or simply friendly neighbors. The main thing is to dig your plot and as soon as you do it, you’ll receive a chance to grow wide selection of vegetables simply from seeds or grow them from bedding plants. So you should be sure that the new garden will bring you joy, save your money and increase your health!

Reasonable Gardening

Discover your Family History

Knowledge about family history is very important and necessary thing. And even if your youngsters do not ask about it doesn’t always mean that they are not interested in it. A wish to know about our roots is completely natural and it is always amazing to find out some facts or stories about our ancestry. Nowadays you can use online services like or if you know some basic facts about your family and want to find out more. You can even find free samples of downloadable family trees that you can print, fill and share them with your family members.

Family History

Get a Chance to Save at the Craft Store

There is such tendency of retailers of crafts to offer seniors less discounts because they are the most part of the customers that are interested in buying such goods. Some of them don’t offer senior discounts at all. For example at Jo-Ann’s you will not find senior discount offers but instead of them you can use coupons or to save your money. So if you are looking for senior discounts for such goods you should pay attention to little local stores which are more targeted on the opinion and needs of their customers. But if you still want to receive big discounts, try these things:

1) Try to choose a small local craft shop instead of making purchases at major national chain. Maybe the manager of owner of this business will give you senior discount thanks to personal agreement or request.

2) Be free to ask about senior discounts and find out what is the reason of refusal of giving it. You should be aware of the days when senior discounts are providing. For example in some stores they are provided on select days of the week without any warning. So if you want to be sure that you get products at the most beneficial price, ask the cashier about terms and conditions of senior discounts offers.

3) Try to buy online. If you regularly spend money on craft supplies it is pertinently for you to compare prices and shipping offers online. It doesn’t matter what kind of material do you need – all of them you can find on the Web at affordable prices.

If you live far from Red Bank, New Jersey, you can still visit the site of Hobbymasters, which is the one of the largest and oldest stores offering hobby goods. Here you can senior discount of 20% off your online purchase which is certainly more than you can receive at other simple craft stores.  For more information you can visit or call 1-877-MR-Hobby.

Save on Craft Supplies

5 Places for Smart Shopping

If you are choosing a place to shop don’t walk by department stores that can offer you high level of discounts and even more savings especially when you shop at the end of the season.  If you want to try something new – forget about stereotypes and find new original places to shop. For example you can visit vintage shops or find big savings at designer overstock.

1) Shop at Chain Bargain Stores
In such stores like Ross and similar you can not only receive senior discounts, but also find real amazing and unique goods by discount prices direct on bargain racks. So if you want to find really astounding designer goods at hot price – go to the Clearance section and be free to search among items that are represented there. When you finally decided what you are going to buy, subtract your senior discount from existing low price and see how real savings work for you.

2) Visit Outlets
At the beginning of their history, outlets were the first point for people who were looking for bargains. Nowadays, when outlets have tightly taken their place in business, they can even offer their own brands for sale. For example you can find Gap Outlet label that offers clothes which you won’t find in simple Gap stores. At the same time the price of such products will be nearly the same as you will see in actual store. The main thing is that you can use your senior discount and the final price would be much lower than the discounts that simple stores can offer.

3) Don’t Forget about Overstock Web Sites
If you are looking for great deals on designer labels, Overstock Web Sites are your places to shop. Search through the Web the word combination of item that you need or designer name and the word “overstock” and you will find thousands of sites that can offer you brand-new items at affordable discount prices.

4) Shopping at Vintage, Thrift or Consignment Stores
These unusual places of shopping can offer specific but still great kinds of goods. Maybe you won’t find something common here but you can get a chance to find something really unique at good price. Have you ever dreamt of buying Gucci handbag for $15 or maybe unworn Chanel shoes for $5 – exactly such things and even more extraordinary you can find in such stores. Here you can shop for cents and still find interesting things. So as you can see such stores can give you a chance to wonder through the country of unexpectedly low prices and surprisingly goods. So if you are looking for inspiration or simply want to find something unusual at good price don’t miss your chance to shop at such stores.

5) Have You Ever Visited Tag, Garage or Yard Sales?
This way of shopping might be a little bit adventurous because products that are offered there are often overpriced because of the opinion that the product which you have bought for $200 can’t be sold for $20 even if it’s already worn. So the real price of the products is often much lower than the price offered by sellers at such sales. But if you’ll find right words, you can reach agreement and receive the thing that you need at great price. So feel free to ask about senior discounts and save your money with ease.

Discounts for Seniors

Tips on Clothes Care

Clean Your Clothes before You Decide to Buy New!

The problem of dry-cleaning is very topical nowadays. There are a lot of situations when we need to use it. For example you need to clean your favorite silk blouse or linen trousers – at first look there are no ways except dry – cleaning to cope with this. You spend a lot of money and suffer from the thoughts about the quality of this expensive procedure. In addition you worry about the fact that a lot of cleansers may contain toxic ingredients. In this article we will help you to find alternative ways of cleaning your clothes and keeping your health.

  • Don’t Forget about Spot Clean

It is not always rationally to clean the whole fabric just because of a little spot. So if you’ve already got it try to clean locally with help of portable spot cleaner. Before making this try to test this way of cleaning on some of your things to make yourself sure that it won’t damage your favorite clothes and it won’t leave visible mark. So if this experiment is lucky you can freely carry your spot cleaner in a pocket and be sure that you can provide first aid to your spotted things anytime and anywhere.

  • Air Can Help Your Clothes Look Better

For example try to refresh dry-cleanable clothes before putting them on the shelf. Put your clothes on a hanger and do let air ventilate them. Another trick is to hang your fabric in the bathroom while you are taking a shower and to let vapor clean your clothes. Such technique will help to disperse odor and will smooth your clothes.

  • Try to Press

It’s not truth that you can’t iron dry-clean clothes. If you pick the lowest temperature of heat and won’t iron roughly you can easily iron such outfits.  You have to know several rules: try to avoid ironing such areas as chest, belly, under the arms and avoid ironing visible stains if they already are there.

  • Invent your Own Home Dry-Cleaning Kit

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for readymade kits which will contain a solvent and a freshener. Instead of buying them, try one of the alternative methods: put your clothes in the dryer with ordinary dryer shit for 10 or 15 minutes on medium heat. You’ll see that the result is approximately the same as if you put them to the cleaner.  Your clothes will be refreshed, with released wrinkles and will smell good. However you should not overdry them and hang them out as soon as possible to keep them unwrinkled.

  • Wash with Hands

In some cases you can use hand wash for dry-cleaned clothes without a doubt. For example such fabrics as silk, linen or knitwear are very strong materials that can’t be ruined by the hand wash.  Maybe there are some exceptions like men’s suits, but they can’t be washed by hands not because of the possibility of fabric’s ruination, but only because they can lose their shape. All you have to do is to use cold water and a delicate detergent. After washing you should hang your clothes on wide hangers and if you are dealing with knitwear-lay it flat and let it dry in such position.

Tips on Clothes Care

Senior Discount Village

Don’t miss the chance to Visit Senior Discount Village. Have you ever heard about a town in Illinois which is called La Grange Park and is also well known as Village of Senior Discounts? As a senior friendly town La Grange Park can offer a lot of special possibilities such as Walk for Health Program, free cell phones for seniors and discounts that are offered by local businesses. You can get 10% off your purchase of wide range of goods or services if you are 65 or older. Check out “Aging Well” discount sign on one of almost 30 businesses and be sure that you’ll receive your discount there. In this town you can enjoy senior discounts without any problem. For more information you can visit

Visit Senior Discount Village

Shopping in Outlet

Nowadays it is hard to believe that outlets used to be ramshackle stores that existed near factories and offered overstock products. Modern outlets more remind us high-class complexes with famous stores and prices that are not always much lower than in simple stores. Never the less there are additional discounts that they can offer to attract customers and acquit the advisability of “destination” shopping. Check out Chelsea Premium Outlets.

These outlet complexes are located across the United States and stores’ names can sound different: Napa Premium Outlets in California or Woodbury Common Premium Outlet in New York. If you want to find the nearest to your house you can search here Their 50 Plus Shopper Perks Program gives you a chance to save additional 10% on your purchase made on Tuesday at select stores. For automatically discount you should only show your photo ID when you already decide to pay. VIP Shopper Club offers exclusive online coupons, updates and other saving offers through e-mail. All you have to do is to join VIP Shopper Club at the site of the company.

HSN Outlets

If you are 50 or older you can get discounts on Tuesday Senior Discount Day in any outlet store of this chain. Receive additional 10% off your purchase when you shop on such day. However there are some restrictions that imply maximum $50 of savings per day. So if you’ve already spent your $500 and received $50 discount, the next possibility for savings will appear only next week.

Prime Outlets

On the east of Mississippi you can find complex of Prime Outlets. The fastest way to find out about discounts is to pick up Senior Saving Guide not far from food courtyard in the nearest outlet complex and to find out exact information about discounts in each store. For more info you can go to

Shopping in Outlet

Check Out Department Stores’ Discounts

One of the most reliable ways to receive senior discounts is department stores that can offer wide of selection of different types of goods. Department stores can support seniors as a place where they can spend the most part of their free time. Here you will definitely find higher level of discounts – 15 percent or even 20 percent, anyway it will be higher than in simple grocery store. Check out best sale offers in chosen department store and then enjoy discounts that you can get there. You can receive some additional information below.

Savings on Secondhand

Don’t miss the chance to get additional savings on secondhand clothes from Salvation Army or Goodwill. Be free to ask about senior discounts while you are shopping. Customers who are 55 or older can simply receive up 20% off their purchase at Goodwill. Moreover Salvation Army can offer even 50% off select purchases which are made by customers who are 55 or older. You should check current sale events not to miss your discount because some stores can offers you less price even on select days. But it is not a problem to find it out at the store which is located near your house.

Search for More Discounts

If you want to have some Banana Republic Brands on your shelve it’s no longer a problem with their everyday 10% senior discount offer. For more information and details visit

Another beneficial offer you can find at Bealls. Here every customer of 50 or older receive 15% discount on any purchase made on the first Tuesday of every month. You can save even more by using Bealls Credit Card. The main thing is to sign up with sales associate. So when you’ve already done it – enjoy up to 20% off your orders. If you want to find out more visit and go to the Customer Rewards page.
Belk Rewards Card will also help you to save. If you are 55 or older and your place to shop is well known department stores chain Belk, you can simply receive 20% off all sale items that are represented here and in addition get 15% off Home and Shoes by using your Belk Rewards Card.

If you want to get 20% off your order at Bon-Ton you should be at least 55 years old and have Bon-Ton Credit Card. In any case you’ll have a chance to save 15% on any order and take 10% off the home department products. So don’t forget to find out on which day exactly you can receive these savings. As a rule this day is called Senior Day and it probably can be Wednesday. Get more info at

Dress Barn offers to customers who are 62 or older additional 10% off their order or even more depending on their location and the day of the week. For details you can visit

If you are 50 or older and want to get discount at Goody’s, all you have to do is visit this store on the first Tuesday of the Month. On this day you will surely get 15% off any purchase or even 20% off your order when you use Goody’s Credit Card. So sign up with a sales associate to receive these great benefits. For more info you can visit

There are department stores that have a little bit different senior discount offers. For Example Kohl’s offers couple of days in December when you can receive such discounts. Rules and conditions may vary depending on the location of the store. So be free to ask for more details especially during your holiday shopping. The rest part of the year you can get discounts on occasionally organized senior days. In addition you can take Kohl’s Cash offer that is maybe even more beneficial than senior discount: you can get $10 in Kohl’s cash back for every $50 you spend on shopping, so you can use 20% that you’ve saved on your purchase by making your next order. Check out more information at

Lord & Taylor offers such awesome discount as 15% off for people who are 62 or older on certain days of the week. So you should find out more information to be sure that you will stay satisfied and receive your best discount.
Senior Day Discount at Meijer usually happens once a month. On this day (it is usually Monday or Tuesday) people who are 55 or older can receive 15% off any purchase. For details you can visit

If you want to receive 20% off select purchases made at Peebles and you are 50 years old or more, you can use Peebles Credit Card or get 15% off your order by applying with any sales associate.  Find out more at

Tuesday Club Discount Day is offered by Ross. Just become a member and save 10% on any purchase made on Tuesday. All you have to do is to be at least 55 years old and to sign up at the customer service desk for the confirmation of your age. As soon as you complete these terms, the store will give you a card. For more information you can visit

Department Stores Discounts

Free Stuff For Seniors


Visit Star Stylist without Spending Much Money

Sometimes prices that we have to pay for some style services are really impressive. For example you can pay up to $600 for a haircut if you visit one of the best and famous style salons. However these costs are usually justified by the highest level of service and final result. But if you don’t have enough money it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a chance to look like celebrity.
One of the best ways to receive free service is to visit one of the modeling sessions. Numerous salons from time to time invite hair models for training their personnel. Within some hair model programs you can receive for free such services as styling, color or haircuts. Sometimes there are some restrictions that they can put on the participating members. For example your hair type should match to certain requirements: it shouldn’t be too curly, short or colored with wrong techniques.
As soon as you pass this stage you are able to receive free haircuts, styling and other services until you stay suitable for the program’s criteria. So all you have to do is to find out more about salons that offer participating in such programs. You can call directly to the chosen salon or simply surf the Internet to find necessary info.
One more thing you should pay attention to is that there are some rules that you’ve got to keep if you want to get free service. First of all you should be flexible in time and be open to something new. You should notice that you will have to follow certain conditions that will not always be based on your wish or idea. So if you are rather open to something new, this chance to get amazing free haircuts was sent to you from up above.


Enjoy Music For Free

Sometimes life events invite us to the places in our memory that remind us of what we used to love. The main thing is not to forget about our favorite hobbies that brought us a lot of pleasure. Sit back, relax and try to remember the last time when you did something pleasant. Maybe you like to play music or sing – it doesn’t matter how good you are, the main thing is when your talent goes straight from your heart.

Maybe you like to play piano – good for you. All you have to do is to choose from variety of places where you can use your talent. Visit dance school shows, senior centers or join church choirs. Try to take part as a volunteer and be sure that you will be accepted almost everywhere.

Maybe your inmost dream is to play guitar – it’s not a problem even if you don’t have enough money for the lessons. All that you have to have is your guitar, access to Internet and your desire. There are thousands of sites that offer free online lessons and tutorials that would surely teach you to play. For more information you can visit or Be ready to become a guitar star!

Take your instrument and try to play some new melodies. It’s not a problem if you don’t have any at home. Simply connect to the Internet and choose from thousands of affordable tracks exactly what you need.  Try to search at or at and you will make sure that there are a lot of different arrangements to download there. It doesn’t matter what instrument do you use – violin, guitar or harmonica, all arrangements that you need you can download for free from the Internet.

Free Online Music Lessons       Music For Free


Receive Free Hearing Evaluation with Costco Membership

If you want to receive free hearing evaluation that will be made by licensed hearing-aid physician, all you have to do is to get Costco’s membership. For those who already wear hearing-aid there is a chance to get free checkup with cleaning and to receive free new battery.  You can choose between more than 100 locations to visit if you are already 18. So if you want to get more information, just call 800-774-2678.


Take Part in Free Movie Camp!

It’s not a secret that watching movies on the big screen is an incomparable pleasure for real movie fans.  We all know that artistic taste should be raised up since childhood and AMC Summer Movie Camp gives a great opportunity to do this. Here young people are able to watch free G- and PG- rated Hollywood movies every Wednesday morning in selected AMC/Loews theaters. So if you are looking for combination of fun and interest, don’t miss your chance to visit AMC Summer Movie Camp.

Free movie camp


Watch Movies for Free

It’s not always so easy to get free access to your favorite Hollywood movies. But there are still some ways to get it for free. For example you can visit such awesome movie sites like, or Here you can choose the most suitable way of saving: you can try to win tickets, print them online or choose a store where you can pick them up for free. In addition you can find a lot of useful information about movies like movie reviews, celebrity interviews and so much more!

Take Your Free Place among the Stars

Each one of us at least one time in his life has dreamt of being close to stars. Those gorgeous events like Grammy, Emmy or Golden Globe are usually closed for simple people or have unattainably high ticket prices. But there is a real chance to visit such great events even for free as a “seat filler”. The main purpose of such invitation is to avoid empty areas when the camera takes the audience.  For example when some of celebrities should go on the stage, seat filler takes this empty place. But when celebrity comes back you should stand up and leave your place. Maybe it sounds unattractive but don’t you forget that such trick gives you a real chance to be close to stars. For more information about seat filling, visit To use you chance to become a part of star membership sign up at The most part of events usually takes place in Los Angeles and sometimes in New York or Las Vegas. Maybe it’s not so easy to win this chance but how can you win without taking part? Forget about your everyday routine and dip into the celebrities’ ocean of life.

Free place among the stars

Get Old Movies for Free

If you are searching for website where you can find different entertainment news and take some freebies like free movie download you can find all these things at Entertainment Magazine ( This amazing site offers different movies from 1930s, ‘40s, as well as from ‘50s and ‘60s. So if you want to get such great movies for free, just don’t miss this chance and visit for more information.

Old movies for free

Enjoy Free Classic Films under the Sky

If you think that there are no ways to spend time in New York for free, you are wrong. One of the most romantic and popular summer pastimes in New York is the HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival which is located on the Avenue of the Americans between 43rd and 44th Streets. Here movie fans can enjoy great opportunity to watch classic movies on the large screen at twilight from June till August on Monday nights. All you have to do is not to forget your favorite blanket and to take best place in the park. If you want to find out more information about this event, visit or simply call 212-512-5700

Free classic films

Get a Chance to Receive Free Video Rental on Your Birthday

Did you know that selected video stores can offer you such opportunity as free video rental on your birthday? All you have to do is to become a member. Such membership is a great way to save on movies for people who regularly watch them.  If you belong to them you will be completely satisfied with wide range of member’s advantages like discount prices and freebies. So if these offers are interesting for you, try to find out more at the nearest video store.

Free Video Rental

Free Practical Crafts

One of the greatest things is when you can make something beautiful or useful by your own hands. But before you start doing something, make sure that it is not necessarily to spend a lot of money on buying materials or supplies that you won’t use in future. At first try to take some free lessons from your friends and then make a decision about what kind of handmade art do you like. So when you’ve already decided what kinds of activity do you like the most, you can spend some money on your professional equipment without a doubt. The main thing you will get thanks to this activity is a real satisfaction by the work you have done and the appreciation of your work by your best friends.

Free Practical Crafts

Catch a Smile

If you want to receive more freedom for the realization of your creative skills try yourself in digital photography. It gives you a lot of advantages like instant result of your work, possibility to watch your photos directly on your PC and print them when you need it. What about printing at home it is not always as cheap as it seems. But it is no longer a problem because nowadays you can print your photos directly from photo sites that offer great discount deals and savings on online printing. So if you are interested and want to get more information, try to visit or There you will definitely find a lot of useful information about online photo printing.

Catch a Smile

Join a Quilt Club and be Social

Just try to imagine how awesome it can be taking part in certain activity that brings you pleasure. If you are not a home sitter and you like to spend time in interesting and soul related surrounding, try to join quilt class or club and you will see how amazing it could be to work within a team. You can’t even imagine that one of the quilt clubs is situated not far from your home. All you have to do is to find out about its exact location through Internet or simply by asking in the nearest fabric shop.

Quilt Club

Create Your Own Heritage

Did you know that for creating true family heritage you don’t necessarily need to use gold or silver?  Have you ever heard about woodworking? It is a great way to make original and unique things using your hands and imagination. All that you have to do is to join one of the woodworking studios or clubs and develop your skills according to your needs. You’ll be surprised by friendly mood and sociability of woodworking club’s members. Try to visit, there you will find out a lot of useful information about woodworking and even find practical advices.

Create your own heritage

Try to Work with Clay

Have you ever felt appeasement that was called by working with clay? Everybody who had tried it at least one time in life, surely come back to this activity. They say that working with clay is not a simple hobby, it is totally spiritual. Just imagine that feeling when you touch the clay that is spinning on a wheel. Be sure that even if you are beginner, the results of your work won’t disappoint you. You should understand that if you want to become closer to the craftsmanship of pottery, you should have certain specialized equipment and tools. But it is even better that instead of sitting at home and wasting your time alone you can join one of the pottery clubs or classes and not only learn how to make masterpieces from the clay, but also meet new friends and improve your social skills. So don’t hesitate and visit nearest pottery shop or college for more information about the location of one of the pottery clubs.

Pottery Clubs

Nail Wedding Designs

Bridal Wedding Nail Art