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Bed Bath and Beyond is set to open on Thanksgiving Day

Bed Bath and Beyond Thanksgiving Promotions

Bed Bath & Beyond long resisted the desire and the urge to open its stores on Thanksgiving Day, but the time has finally come to join the rest of the most competitive retailers and invite people in to enjoy the deals once the turkey and all the fixings are gone. Just like many other traditional retailers, Bad Bath & Beyond is struggling with sales lately, so this might be the reason for early Black Friday this year, not that they will admit it though, so we remain guessing.

The New-Jersey based company announced that all customers will be welcome to stores on November 28th this year to enjoy doorbuster deals and exclussive in-store only 25% off entire purchase coupon. This is great for consumers who are eager to hit the shops  after the turkey feast as early as possible, but not too good for employees who traditionally enjoyed their long day off with families.

Bed Bath and Beyond 20% OFF Coupon

The stores will open at 5 pm on Thursday and close at midnight only to reopen again at 6 am on Black Friday. Shoppers will be able to use 25% off coupon through noon on Friday, so time will be limited.

What are some other great deals to be found at Bed Bath and Beyond?

20% off coupon will be available for everybody in-stores and online from November 27th to November 29th.

Free shipping will also be offered on all orders above $19 from November 25th through December 2, including Cyber Monday.

Why is Bed Bath & Beyond really opening its doors on Thanksgiving?

According to home goods retailer’s official statement, they are doing it because their loyal customers have been asking for it every year. The company wants to keep their loyal base happy and rescue them from overly long family gatherings with some shopping. If you would like to shop at Bed Bath & Beyond on Thanksgiving, you don’t have to leave the comforts of the home or that table – you can find a quiet corner and engage in some online retail therapy as the website will be offering similar deals all day on Thursday.

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The Black Friday ad from bed Bath & Beyond has already dropped and this is what you can expect:

  • Shark ION S87 2-in-1 cleaning system with Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum & Hand Vacuum - $187 ($262 off)
  • Keurig K-Select Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker - $59 ($70 off)
  • Nespresso by De’Longhi VertuoPlus Limited Edition with Aeroccino Frother - $93 ($156 off)

Bed Bath and Beyond Thanksgiving Coupon

Finally, our advice is to make a plan in advance and to know exactly what you are looking for before going to the store. The retailer expects you in the store for the best 25% off deal, so you better bundle up and visit them instead of shopping from the comfort of your couch. Good news is that the coupon will work next day, on Black Friday, too, so pick the best time for you and avoid crowds as much as you can, unless you like that type of thing, in which case, good luck and good night!

Bed Bath and Beyond Clearance

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12 Tips from Bed Bath and Beyond Insiders

Bed Bath & Beyond Storefront

When we need something extravagant for our home, we often go to Bed Bath & Beyond. The home goods retailer started small in 1971 and grew to 1024 store chain in US, Mexico, and Canada with a focus on bath and kitchen, although today it is probably best known for those 20% off one most expensive item in your shopping cart. The supply of those coupons is seemingly unlimited and the expiration is unknown for all of our benefit.

While those deals seem great and the towels are extra absorbent, let’s take a look at what employees have to say and advice about behind the scenes action in every Bed Bath & Beyond because there really are things to be learned and experienced there.

Bed Bath & Beyond 25% OFF Discount

Can you get the infamous discount without the coupon?

Most customers come to the stores loaded with those huge 20% off coupons, but once in a while you might be caught there without it. Fret not – most cashiers will give you the discount anyway and save you the trip back with it. This happens only if you are very polite, there is no line, and managers are not watching, because officially it’s not the policy.

Do people return stuff in bad shape?

You bet you! The store has always had very liberate return policy, so people go out of their way to abuse it – nasty bed sheets, pots with dried up food, and used toilet bowl cleaners are just the beginning. The store now has one year return policy, but that might still not prevent dried up food situations…

Can employees test products for free?

No, nothing is free, but employees do get a very nice discount on many products as an incentive for them to purchase an item, use it, and then be able to describe it to interested customers. This is why many employees seemingly know everything about everything.

Bed Bath & Beyond Promotion

Can consumers hear a “no”?

That’s a “no”! You can try it for yourself and ask questions that would require a negative answer – chances are you won’t hear it. This is because employees are encouraged to always be polite, helpful, look for solutions, and look up things before letting a customer down.

Do people climb on the displays?

The store maximizes its retail space by having merchandise high up all over the place. That doesn’t mean that climbing is encouraged, yet tall shelves and ladders don’t discourage some of our adventurous spirits. Adults climb the shelves, use employee ladders, and even let their kids do that on a daily basis. This is a shame because all people who work there are ready to help any time.

Do customers get lost a lot?

Bed Bath & Beyond prides itself for excellent customer service with no limits, but that can sometimes turn against employees. Customers wonder all over the store and know no limits when they have a question. Employees complain that shoppers push through restricted and employee only areas to look for help. We should be nice and give them a break though.

Bed Bath & Beyond Turkey Brine Kits

Are petty thefts common?

Bed Bath & Beyond displays real stuff on the shelves for your convenience, so expect to see working pots and coffee makers when shopping. If you also notice that a coffee maker is missing its tray, don’t blame the store – it’s the people who come to swap some parts that they need at home for free since everything is very accessible.

How are refunds handled?

Lenient return policy didn’t protect against little tricks in the past, when people would return an item without a receipt for full refund when they bought that item with 20% discount. The retailer caught on to that and now deducts 20% from all returns without receipts.

What feelings towards towels do employees have?

Towels are everywhere in Bed Bath & Beyond and they are the main nemesis of all employees. People grab them, unfold them, throw them everywhere, and then leave this mess behind for workers to untangle. Black Friday and pre-Christmas shopping are always the worst. It gets so bad that many stores have one person just for towels during that time.

Bed Bath & Beyond Dri Soft Bath Towels

Stealing customers?

The store is not known as the most popular stealing destination, but there can be blood in the bathroom from people stabbing themselves while trying to take security tags off some attractive items.

Can you pass with a fake coupon?

No, but many customers try. They think they can just go to Google images and print that 20% off beauty. All coupons have unique bar codes and special paper, so there is no way anybody can succeed with such counterfeit coupon. All used ones are ripped and thrown in the trash, so no need to dig for them around the store.

What is “Beyond”?

Many customers have this question about the Beyond – where is it and what’s in it? Unfortunately, there is nothing physically beyond, no secret back rooms and no area behind the store. Beyond refers to some stuff that is available, but not stocked in the store, such as made-to-order furniture or personalized gifts.

Bed Bath & Beyond Chocolate and Candy

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