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First of all, what are Athletic Greens?

It is a daily nutritional supplement that comes in powder shape and is designed to be mixed with cold water, shaken, and consumed the first thing in the morning. You can use 5-10oz of cold water.

Many people want to try Athletic Greens because of the pure ingredients, all of which are natural and made from plants. The shake is extremely easy to make and can stand the test of even the busiest people on the planet.

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Who should take this supplement?

Human body can and should get all the necessary nutrients from the everyday food to function normally and sustain high levels of performance. Sadly, not all of us are getting all we need with just food. This is why most of us don’t mind taking vitamins and artificial supplements to give a boost to our bodies.

We are all bombarded with work, social media world, ads, friends, interactions, and travel, often forgetting to take care of ourselves and our bodies first. Fast paced life causes us to not only miss wholesome meals, but to forget to eat at normal times all together.

Those of us that have to travel a lot for work are even more in danger of bad eating habits and insufficient diet when life takes us all over the country or world without proper rest.

Finally, physically active people also need extra boost from supplements to make sure they are getting all needed nutrients. The right mixture of nutrients can help you feel good and avoid injuries and diseases.

What is in Athletic Greens?

This green powder is made of 75 vitamins, minerals, and wholesome ingredients that mimic our constant search for natural and healthy meals and drinks. The main purpose of this combination is to help us function to our full potential, strengthen our immune system, aid digestion, and improve our energy level.

Many competitors advertise their supplements as superior and include lengthy lists of ingredients, but often leave many components out. This is not how Athletic Greens does business. Consumers won’t have to invest time reading and thinking about everything that goes into a product, because the label is clear – no GMOs, artificial sweeteners, colors, and it’s vegan. No preservatives mean that the powder will have to be refrigerated after opening and used up rather swiftly.


This is very important as you won’t be consuming a pill here, and nobody wants to drink a yucky shake. Athletic Greens taste very pleasantly, even tasty in fact. The powder contains concentrates of some fruit, so it’s kind of like drinking a fruit smoothie. You will be able to taste apple, pineapple, and cherry, among others. The mixture will not be too sweet or artificial thanks to a little bit of Stevia included. As we know, it’s a sweet tasting product made of Stevia plant leaves.

Vegans can rejoice as this supplement is absolutely plant-based and has no dairy.

The shake is recommended to be consumed right after getting up, on an empty stomach. It will give you a light feeling of fullness without any acidic reaction. This means that if you don’t have time to eat breakfast right away, you will feel good, unlike if you just consume a vitamin capsule.

Athletic Greens shake, taken with a morning exercise and refreshing shower will definitely give you a boost and set a healthy course for the day.

Consumer testimonials

Athletic Greens users love the product. They claim to get sick a lot less often and feel energetic all the time. While these things are hard to verify, the effects on the gut are not. Users say that they felt their digestion improve right away as one or more of the ingredients out of so many were able to help. Again, it’s not ironclad that the digestion would have been much worse had Athletic Greens not been taken during that period, but the truth rests in the amount of positive reviews.

Where to buy and how much?

This is probably the biggest drawback of this supplement – its cost. The green powder is not cheap.

You can buy Athletic Greens from their website or on Amazon. If you choose to buy one bag, which contains monthly 30-day servings, you will pay $97. Subscription service costs $77 per month and is continuous.

While it’s pricey, think about the money you would be spending getting a green smoothie from your local joint. It’s $2.57 versus $8 each day! The value is definitely here, it just takes some comparison to see it.

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