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Tips on Searching Designer Brands at AliExpress

Entering the names of designer brands at AliExpress is a no-go but it doesn’t mean the store doesn’t feature them. If you don’t want to get an error page you just have to search right. Want to know how to find brand name products at AliExpress within a minute?  Consider using these secret hacks and search tricks on brand search shared by an AliExpress Pro.

designer handbags at aliexpress

1. Use Alternative Brand Names

If you failed to find the designer brand you want don’t despair as there are some tricks you can use to find all of the highly coveted brands on AliExpress. Use your creativity to alter the original brand name and try a series of combinations for a better result. For instance, if you are searching for a particular Hermes product, enter “H brand” or “H belt” or just the letter “H” instead of “Hermes”. Due to this trick you will be able to access hidden products that you would not see otherwise. Also adding the term “1:1” can help. For example, enter H belt 1:1.

2. Search by Product Name

If you fail to find the product by its brand name consider searching by product name. If you are searching for Adidas shoes, just enter “run 5.0” or “free run” rather than “adidas free run 5.0”.

adidas shoes at aliexpress

3. Search by Collection

If you know the name of the particular collection you are looking for make sure you include it in the search box and skip the name of the brand. You will be surprised to discover many results.

aliexpress designer clothing collection

4. Take Advantage of Auto Suggestion

This online store saves all search queries ever made by shoppers so why not to use this feature to your advantage! Since similar items are grouped together use the site’s auto suggestions to increase your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for.

5. Suggested Search Terms

Another effective strategy is to rely on the AliExpress search suggestion tool that recommends closely related search terms. You can benefit from suggested search terms on AliExpress when looking for designer brands.

6. Use Key Terms

Make sure you add key terms like “logo”, “1:1” or “100%” to come up with more search results. Use the combination of keywords and terms to find hidden designer brands.



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