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Does Adult Friend Finder Have Coupons? Truth About (AFF) is one of the best known and successful adult dating sites at the moment and the last 20 years. The reason it works is because of legitimate members from all over the country and from all stages of life looking for serious connections. Members understand that it takes time, patience, and determination to meet somebody worth of their attention. For its part, AFF filters potential and active members to avoid fraud and computer generated profiles, which requires fees from their users to guarantee this level of service and website features.

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Despite an occasional bad review, the website is growing as more and more people are joining with confidence, looking for serious sexual partners and not minding to pay for such a chance.

This being said, let’s admit that most users don’t like paying fees of any kind and are always looking for ways to save money and skip on fees. Users and potential members are trying to find coupon codes and discounts for AFF, but to no avail. The company is not doing coupon codes, so you won’t find them on AFF website or on any third party coupon aggregation site; they won’t be on your AAA VIP discount or on any campaign ads. There are simply no coupon codes created and released by the company. If you find a website that claims to have a code for AFF, run away because they are just trying to use you when you click to AFF through their provided link, making them money.

All of this, however, doesn’t mean that there are no ways of savings. Even without coupon codes and discounts we found six tips for saving money while using AFF. All of those ways are tried and tested, perfectly legal and not shady, and you won’t be in any danger to violate any rules and get your account suspended.

Read on to investigate if any of those ways might work for you:

Buy longer membership plans

The best way to manage your money is to know exactly how much you are paying and exactly for what. You have to think ahead of time a bit and decide for what time frame you will possibly enjoy having AFF membership. You should also calculate costs per month for a short period of time and for a longer one to compare which will be a better financial commitment.

We did some calculations for you, so take a look:

  • Silver membership plan costs $90 per year and you will save $125 if you will sign up for a year versus paying for it month to month. Longer definitely wins in this case.
  • Gold membership plan costs $135 per year and lets you use and access all features of the website. You will save $188 if you subscribe for annual membership versus paying for monthly or quarterly plans.
  • AFF offers 1 free month for Gold quarterly plan upgrades.
  • AFF also offers 6 months free for annual Gold membership upgrade. That’s a lot of savings - $188 and 6 months free!

Pay only for what you are going to use

This strategy requires some planning and imagining what exactly you will want to use and for how long. You should do some research and find out if Silver membership benefits will be enough or will you really want to use all features Gold membership has to offer. The worst thing is when users pay for some stuff that they never want in the first place. This decision is entirely on you and should not be taken lightly if you want to save money while enjoying your special connections.

Buying points

If you think that you won’t be spending countless hours per day on, consider getting points instead of full-blown membership. You can buy points and use them in exchange for some features that are available for members only. This way you will pay only for what you really use and will limit your own spending.

Earning and using points

Not all members know that AFF has various activities that can help you earn points for participation. Those rewards programs encourage users to engage in tasks and games with a chance to earn points that can later be redeemed for prizes or website features. Having fun can reward you and give you the same privileges as paying members, so it’s definitely worth your time.

Look out for specials

If you are in no rush to join AFF and start using it right away, then keep an eye on it for occasional specials. The same goes for upgrades. Many people start their experience by becoming free or standard members and upgrading their profile to a higher level as soon as a promotion becomes available. If you check in often enough, you will get lucky at some point.

Free trial for competitor sites users

AFF stands strong by its promise to never use bots and computer generated fake profiles to increase its membership subscriptions. Many of their competitors are doing just that and have no plans to change even after offers to make the industry less frustrating for users.

To prove that their mission is real connections between real members, AFF is offering one month free Gold membership for people who can prove that they are coming from competitor sites and are willing to give AFF a try. After 20 years in business, the company is giving a chance to experience it for free for all sex positive community to see for themselves the leading qualities of AFF.

This method of joining will not just save you money for a month, but will let you see the difference of being duped by others versus being treated with respect by AFF, and that can be worth even more than just money.

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