33 Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to be roses and chocolates, and you don’t always have to celebrate by going to a restaurant for dinner for two.

Not all relationships are at a level where trips to Venice or diamond rings are appropriate. What if you just started seeing someone special 2 weeks ago? Should you bother her with a gigantic teddy bear? What about all of us that are single on this day of lovers? Jokes and make-you-feel good stuff is definitely in the cards then, right?

valentines day great gifts

Take a look at what we found in the depths of internet for all relationships and all walks of life just in time for the V Day. Most importantly, the gift that is worth giving is the one that comes from the heart and shows that you care. So save money on that Hawaii trip for later!

“Fifty Shades of Chicken” cookbook (Amazon)

Have someone with a funny bone to give this to? Get some cocktails, get ready to laugh, and cook a perfectly seasoned chicken dinner for one or for two.

Sipski Shower wine glass holder (Urban outfitters)

Wine helps celebrate blissful love life or lonely nights just the same, so this thoughtful gift will be perfect for anybody.

Binge Watching survival kit (Barnes and Noble)

When Netflix is your best friend on Valentine’s Day or any time after, immerse yourself into the sofa, under a warm blanket, with popcorn, and with the extras provided by this kit.

valentine’s day gifts with discount

Heart Plush Figure (Amazon)

Decorative hearts are so yesterday! Instead choose a plush one with all the arteries and vessels included to show your true love.

Amazon Smart Plug (Amazon)

Give the power to control all devices from one convenient place.

Snoop Dogg’s “From Crook to Cook” book (Urban Outfitters)

Eat like a king with this book that will definitely rule your kitchen with 50 delish recipes.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet (Food52)

Who needs flowers when you can have meat?

Baker’s Edge Nonstick Brownie Pan for edge only brownies (Amazon)

Tired of that soft meh kind of brownie from the middle? Say goodbye to it with this perfect crunchy edge maker pan!

Kovot Fondue Mugs, set of two (Walmart)

Romantic mood doesn’t have to include a large bowl of hard to heat fondue. Go with these personal beauties and live easy.

Funny Pretzel Day card (Etsy)

Stanley from “The Office” is a lot better than a standard card with hearts and roses. Choose funny over traditional and win at love!

“The United States of Absurdity”

Read, laugh, have some wine, and you will never feel lonely.

DOIY Design Hestia Corkscrew (Urban Outfitters)

If you know someone who appreciates a bit of art and a bit of humor, give them this.

Sloth Hanging Planter (Urban Outfitters)

Hanging planters are all rage now, so this cutie will definitely be appreciated by anybody with at least remotely green thumb.

Game of Thrones Scotch Whisky (Drizly)

Drizly is keeping up with popular culture in alcohol, especially with fan favorite White Walker whiskey. This nice bottle will help you and your loved one to survive the final season with ease.

I Love You card and matching stuffed animal (Etsy)

Be her valentine on paper and in life with matching small toy to speak of your connectivity and taste.

Classic Art Memes book (Urban Outfitters)

If you have somebody you love to chat with in memes and share the same sense of humor, give them this book and get many likes.

Food in my Beard face plates (Uncommon Goods)

For every bearded friend of yours, these plates will show your love and understanding of what they have to go through in the name of beauty.

valentines day gifts ideas

Quarterly hot sauce subscription (Food52)

Try this assorted gourmet sauce collection and add some spice on Valentine’s Day and on a regular day.

Big heads cardboard cutouts (Amazon)

This gift is beyond perfect for your best friend and for your new girlfriend to remember you by. Try her face too and make it a couple.

Ceramic Take-Out Serving Bowls (CB2)

The most perfect gift for those people in your life who can’t live without Chinese to go on a daily or weekly basis.

Mini waffle maker (Amazon, Urban Outfitters)

This is a very thoughtful and dainty gift for a girlfriend who doesn’t want to overeat. Another use is for cooking for two when there is no need for leftovers.

Break Glass Emergency Chocolate Box (Etsy)

This one is the perfect gift for all preppers in your life. Also perfect for unexpected emergencies like being stuck in traffic or during a nasty break up.

Vintage silver stamped spoon (Etsy)

The spoons come with various hand-stamped messages and can brighten anybody’s day with the first spoonful of cereal.

Geeky mugs (Etsy)

Choose messages that will fit his or her character best and let them have some fun in the morning all while thinking of you.

Custom Beer Labels (Etsy)

Put some love on those craft beer bottles and send a message of love on the bottle, pun intended.

Netflix and Chili Card with Kevin Malone from the office (Etsy)

This comes just when we thought that there is no way to find the most perfect Valentine’s Day card…

Gift card brick (Man Crates)

If you have somebody in your life that you know can use some smashing action, literally, give them this gift card that’s inside a brick, which needs to be smashed. Sounds like fun and shopping go hand in hand after all.

Mimosa instructions glassware (Uncommon Goods)

Sunday brunches wouldn’t exist without mimosa and mimosa making takes some measuring knowledge. Give a gift of perfect measuring with these cute glasses for two.

Funny punny posters (Society6)

Choose your favorite cocktail decoration and profess your love and admiration.

Mates for life print (Uncommon Goods)

Show her who else mates for life and send a message, as long as you really intend to send her that message.

Personalized saint candle (Etsy)

If you think that way about your love, make it into a candle and let her know it.

Soaps from wine (Uncommon goods)

As we all know, there can never be too much wine in life and this is your proof. The four soaps are vegan, natural, and blended with popular wines and scented oils.

Double-headed sweater (Zulilly)

The comfort is nonexistent here, but the message is louder than loud!