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23andMe, Inc. is a privately-held company, headquartered in Silicon Valley in Mountain View, California, that offers individuals the opportunity to research their own genetic information. The name 23andMe means the 23 pairs of chromosomes each individual's genome consists of. Using recent advances in DNA analysis technologies and web-based interactive tools 23andMe enables individuals to look into personal ancestry, genealogy and inherited traits. Since its inception in 2006 23andMe has collected more than 200 million phenotypic data points and provided genetic data to over 900,000 genotyped customers. Devoted to helping people access, understand and benefit from the human genome 23andMe empowers each person to learn what genes are inherited from particular ancestors and what specific genes influence various aspects of person's appearance, behavior, and physiology. Employing the advances of DNA analysis, offering tools and expertise required to research the human genome, 23andMe helps each person have a deeper understanding of the role genes play in his or her life.