Ellen and Kylie for Walmart. Best Collaborations You Can’t Miss

Walmart invests a lot of effort and resources to score celebrity collaborations for fashion and home goods. The retailer has to compete with its rivals to get a nice share of fourth quarter sales during that busy shopping season, so innovation is never far from the minds of the executives.

Walmart Clothing Line EV1

What is EV1 collection all about?

One of the most popular new collections is EV1 with Ellen DeGeneres that launched last fall to great success. The beloved comedian took part in designing and testing all 60 items that range from denim separates, jackets, sneakers, and inspirational tees. The entire collection mimics Ellen’s relaxed and care-free style, so expect to fall in love with her slogan t-shirts and all other fashion pieces.

Ellen Degeneres walmart Clothing Line

The line is all about inclusiveness and thus has many sizes, from XS to XXXL. The name of the collection stands for “Everyone”, so the clothes are not only fun, but accessible and really fit for people from all walks of life.

EV1 Walmart Discount

What kind of relationship does Ellen and Walmart have?

Ellen didn’t have many doubts about collaborating with Walmart because this is the place where many people of all sizes come to feel included and represented. Walmart also partnered with her on many give-backs and viewer outreach initiatives in the past. For example, Walmart joined the talk show host to provide scholarships to the entire underprivileged Brooklyn school’s class on one episode. This blossoming relationship is why Ellen decided to collaborate on a fashion collection with the retailer.

What is the message her collection sends?

The collection is also meant to spread a message of love, which is so needed in our divided society full of various tensions. Many pieces sport embroidered word “love” or a heart to remind as all that love is love and it doesn’t look at your color, religion, or size.

Walmart has been transforming itself as a major fashion source for a while now, according to Walmart head of fashion eCommerce US, Denise Incandela. EV1 is just another step towards making Walmart a strong style destination.

EV1 Collection for Walmart

What are some other recent collaborations?

Ellen DeGeneres is not the only celebrity to collaborate with Walmart. The ever popular sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also on board with Walmart and recently launched their “Kendall + Kylie” brand handbags and accessories. Expect to find a lot of faux leather handbags and backpacks, shiny clutches, and trendy fanny packs all for under $36.

Walmart Clearance EV1 Clothing

The sisters have collections with more upscale retailers, like Nordstrom and Shopbop, but this collection can stand next to both of those. The more affordable Walmart collaboration can reach more people while Walmart will celebrate getting the attention of huge sisters’ young fan base.

Does Walmart have non-fashion celebrity collaborations?

Ree Drummond Instant Pot

Fashion section is not the only one department where Walmart seeks to venture into wider shopper masses. Food and entertainment space can also use some sprucing up, and that’s where Ree Drummond “The Pioneer Woman” comes in. The entertainer and TV personality custom designed an Instant Pot, which was one of the bestselling items for holidays. She also has a bedding collection on

Ree Drummond Pans at Walmart

Finally, when talking about food, one other collaboration worth mentioning here is the line of pies and cakes with Patti LaBelle. All her pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies, and caramel cakes were available for online grocery pickup around Thanksgiving 2015, making the sweet potato pie a star that got sold 1 per second for 72 hours. Such sales are no doubt amazing for both parties involved.