14 Personalized Gifts for Christmas

Personalized Christmas Decoration

Modern people are tired of traditional gift giving, they don’t want blankets, socks, and useless knick knaks anymore – give them gifts from their wish lists, give them experiences, and just cut down the clutter. Expensive luxurious gifts are still good, but how many of us can afford them for everyone on our list?

Personalized Christmas Stockings

In reality, the budget and the price don’t matter as long as the gift comes from the heart and really means something, you know, when you can see that some thought was put into it. One good example of such thoughtful gifts is personalized items.

Personalized Christmas Gifts from Personalization Mall

There is one problem with them though – many of us love to procrastinate and shop for Christmas last minute or up until the point when stops guaranteeing delivery in time for December 25th. Personalized gifts often require not only thought and effort, they also need some time and planning ahead. Embroidered, sculpted, or engraved items all need some time to be made, showing the recipient that you literally though about them a few weeks ago and cared to spend time creating something from the heart.

While we all want to give something with all the feels, there are items that don’t require a month of preparation, thankfully. Granted, all personalized items require some at least some early thinking, but not that early in the case of these items on our list that can sometimes take just days to ship:

Bathing Beauty Beach Towel - $29.99

You can now create a personalized towel for every member of your family and end those fights on beach days once and for all.

Leather Cosmetics Bag - $124.99

Everybody needs a cute bag for beauty supplies, especially when traveling. This leather creation comes in three different colors, is sleek, and can be monogrammed.

Holiday Greetings with Family Photos

You might be doing this already, but if not, definitely start. Personalized family greeting cards are 100 times more meaningful than generic ones and will be saved for years. Kodak Moments can turn all your phone pictures into beautiful cards to be shared with your loved ones.

Personalized Christmas Photo Gifts

You can visit Kodak Moments kiosk and create, print, and send cards the same day. Now that is speedy!

Custom Name Necklace – 11.80

Those necklaces are as customized and as affordable as it gets. You can choose as many pendants and/or coins as you wish and write names, initials, birth dates, and whatever else you want on them. It takes 2 weeks to get the necklace shipped, so don’t wait on this one.

Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book - $35

Every child on your Christmas list, as long as they have been good this year, should get this book made just for them to keep forever. Every book is made-to-order and takes a few days, not weeks, to ship.

Bundled Up Monogram Ornament - $10

Personalized Monogram Ornament

This gift can always find a place on the Christmas tree in every home. These embroidered cuties are not made to order, so can be shipped right away and cost just $10.

Personalized Tic Tac Toe - $15

Forget the X’s and the O’s and make way for the letters of your initials. The best way is to get the game with all family members’ initials and use them on demand. Family game nights can be customized now. Give it 8 days to ship.

Plush robe - $99.99

This ain’t cheap, but it’s well worth it because who doesn’t love a cozy warm robe, especially an embroidered one? This gift will make anybody feel like at a spa getting some evening or weekend morning R&R.

Animalia Monogram Luggage tag - $26

The little animal printed and initialed tags are premade, so you can get those beauties sent fast and even match them to a passport holder for the ultimate traveler in your life.

Toddler Name Puzzle - $11.77

A wooden puzzle can now come as your child’s name and teach them something useful besides just being a fun toy. The puzzle fits up to 12 letters.

Monogram mug - $10

Personalization Mall Personalized Monogram Mugs

There are hundreds of uses for such monogram mugs from Anthropologie. You can drink anything you want from it, store just about anything in it, and even plant little cute plants there. The mugs are heavy enough to not be knocked down easily, so we will call them toddler-safe.

Squishy Lite Plush Pillow - $24.99

These cute little pillows glow with soft light in the dark and can become the best companion for a child who’s uncomfortable in the dark.

Wood cutting board - $39.99

Every house can use a beautiful engraved wooden cutting board with a name, initials, or family name on it. You can go bold and write something funny for that funny friend of yours. Either way this gift will keep on giving as it gets used on a daily basis sometimes.

Ruth Monogram Hook - $18

You always need hooks and rest assured that your loved ones also always need hooks. You can buy as many of them as you wish and spell an entire name or just initials – it’ll be fun either way.

Personalized Gifts For Christmas