Everything You Need To Know About Groupon Travel Vouchers

Travelling with Groupon

Traveling in the summer 2020 is tricky, especially international, but local deals are plenty, people have been home long enough, and so everybody is ready to drive, fly, and crawl as far away from every day as possible. Groupon normally is a good option for savings seekers. Let’s see what it looks like now and are Groupon travel vouchers really worth it?

Groupon Travel Deals

Groupon has been known to offer spectacular travel deals and has been doing that since 2011. Some discounts and pictures might look too good to be true, so let’s get to the bottom of it.

Groupon Summer Deals

First of all, Groupon deals are really good. You can find over 1,000 travel offers at any time. They cover domestic and abroad vacations, hotels, things to see, destinations, cruises, group trips, and more. You can book your dream vacation based on where you are going, dates, and things to do via Flash Deals or Market Picks.

Groupon Local Deals

Flash Deals require flexibility, but you can save 15%-17% on amazing hotels. Standard deals are Market Picks and you can do better planning with them. Both kinds of deals offer good discounts, but there is a catch – airfare is usually not included. Once you add that, the price will be different. Then there is one more catch – the money you spend on the voucher doesn’t cover taxes and fees. Always read the fine print.

Groupon Hotel Discount

Before you book with Groupon, you can check with the company that is sponsoring that booking and inquire about airfare, baggage fees, blackout dates, expiration dates, and cancellation policy.

Groupon Sightseeing tour deals

On the other hand, Groupon website and app are easy to use and you will find fine print there too. The way it works is you find a deal on Groupon, book it, and finish your reservation on the travel agency’s website. This means that while your experience with Groupon might be good, dealing with a travel agency is not always fun. The best way to avoid it is to research the travel agency and read some reviews before you book your trip through Groupon.

Groupon Vegas Deals

If you are a first time traveler, you will love Groupon detailed itinerary. You will see your flights, hotels, meals, and attractions clearly listed and planned for you.

Groupon Flights Coupons

Keep in mind that if your international trip says 7 days, you will spend 2 of them going there and getting back, so it really is just 5. You will have specific days to book the trip, most likely it’ll be off-season dates with flights leaving or coming back mid-week. Booking more convenient dates will increase your price.

Groupon Flight Promo

Groupon will give you good price and help you plan, but you should always be aware of travel dates and fees.

If you already have your trip planned and booked, Groupon can help you save on activities, attractions, and food. Check out Groupon for areas that you are planning to visit before going there. Do this search closer to your vacation time and you might find specials on amusement parks’ tickets, medieval dinners, spa services, and various museums. Before you buy one of those deals, check the map very carefully – you don’t want to book an average dinner somewhere across town.

Hollywood Travel with Groupon

Once you find a deal on Groupon, book it early and read fine print. Some deals get more discounts as time goes on, so you can also risk waiting, but this can result in losing the deal. See More Groupon discounts here.

If your plans change and you end up never using your voucher, Groupon will refund the entire amount, because “amount paid never expires”, according to Groupon.

Groupon Local Discounts

Finally, let’s look how Groupon has been handling coronavirus caused cancellations, which were and still are plenty. This is where Groupon has run into some problems with some customers – the company offers full refunds for closed resorts and cancelled flights, but in Groupon Bucks. People want actual money back in many cases, because vacation opportunity is gone and because other hardships might happen in their life.

Groupon New York Travel Discount

According to Groupon, the way money is returned varies case by case, but they work to support their partner businesses and their customers by encouraging re-booking the trip for a later day and by extending expiration dates if at all possible.

If you cancel up to 11 days before the trip yourself, you will get your refund in cash, so don’t wait until the resort closes or until Groupon reaches out to you, because then it’ll be Groupon Bucks.

How to save on Nike for Kids

Even as we are sitting home and homeschool our kids, because of our common enemy – coronavirus, we still need to dress ourselves and kids in something not only comfy, but nice. We don’t want to become pajamas slobs, do we? Kids are on the move all day even at home – class work, PE, running outside, play time, and hopefully some fun at the end of it all. Nike brand clothing seems about perfect for all of that. It’s also not the cheapest, but if you know where to look, you can save money without sacrificing the style of your kids during this pandemic and beyond.

Nike for Young Athletes

Shopping online for Nike is perfect right from your couch, so let’s see where you could go for the best deals and where you could get the best selection, style, and discounts:


Nike Coupons

This place will, of course, have the best variety of everything. The online store has multiple options to make shopping easier. Right on the top, you can choose shoes, clothing, shoes under $80, sale, and Nike Adventure Club. If you desire even wider choices, you can scroll down to the bottom and see all shoes categories, types of clothing, various sports gear, based on age, customization, and other sections.

Nike Sale Offers

When it comes to choices, Nike store online is unbeatable. Most items, though, besides sales and clearance categories, are retail prices, so definitely not the cheapest. But this is where coupons that can be found on various coupon aggregation sites come. To find the complete list of all active Nike promotion codes follow this link. You can easily save up to 40% on your order and get free shipping. It’s not unheard of to get 60% off clearance items. Students and military members get 10% off everything with IDs. In addition to such coupons, Nike features end of season sales and nice discounts during holidays.

If style and the width of choice are very important to you, would be the place to shop for kids’ clothing and foot wear. Savings – not so much.


eBay Nike Promo

eBay is a treasure trove for many shopping needs, so Nike apparel, and especially shoes for kids, is no exception. If you type Nike kids on eBay, you will see pages and pages of items. Most offers are shoes for kids, some used, all for great prices. Another popular item is boy’s shorts that you can get for as low as $2.

eBay Nike Deals

Overwhelming amount of offers on eBay are from private people selling something their kids outgrew, but once in a while you will see a sponsored ad or a business, which will be more expensive, but still less than at Nike. Ebay features coupons once in a while, but very rarely. If you come for shoes or bottom dollar prices, eBay is definitely good for that, but if you came for variety and choices of new collection items, look elsewhere. Coupons for this store can be found here.

JC Penney

JCPenney Nike Coupons

This department store is known as an affordable destination for an entire family’s wardrobe. JC Penney has plenty of Nike apparel, and cheap too. There are 11 pages of Nike kids’ clothes and you can definitely find more than shoes here – shorts, T-shirts, leggings, socks, cute sets, jackets, and more for boys and girls.

JCPenney Nike Kids Deals

Some Nike items are on sale and clearance, making them extremely affordable, starting at just $10. Then there is something even better – coupons right on the home page. At the time of this article, select sports fan shop merchandise was 20% off with a promo code. You can also find coupon codes here. JC Penney holds many sales throughout a year, and many of them apply to Nike apparel.

JCPenney Nike Deals

All in all, Nike is affordable and plentiful at JC Penney. You won’t find all newest collections, but you will still find plenty and cheap.


Nordstrom Nike Coupons

This retailer is a premium source of high quality merchandise for everybody. It carries a nice selection of Nike apparel for kids, mostly boys. You can find items from newest collections here, but prices hold steadily high. Shoes make up the biggest part of Nike items at Nordstrom, and pants for boys. Girls can find some nice T-shirts and shoes.

Nordstrom Online Nike Promotions

Many items get marked down at Nordstrom and those include Nike production too. And then there are coupons and periodic store-wide sales, when you can get truly good deals on everything. Another place to find $ off and free shipping is coupon aggregation sites, so always check them out. You can also find Nordstrom promo codes here. If you are looking for newer items for less than at, Nordstrom is a place for you, but don’t expect bottom dollar prices.


The retailer is known for shoes, including Nike, and good deals. Unfortunately, search results show only 40 items for kids’ Nike shoes. Good news – prices are gentle and definitely better than at Nike or Nordstrom, so if you need a quick purchase of basic shoes, head right to Journey’s, but if you are interested in more, you will be disappointed.

Nike Kids Shoes

In addition to good prices, Journeys’ offers extra discounts, free shipping and returns all the time, so you can order a few pairs to try and then send them back worry-free. It never hurts to look for extra discounts here and check out the store during major holidays for additional savings. All of that is as long as all you need is Nike shoes.


Las Vegas with Groupon. Your Guide to Hidden Savings.

Vegas Groupon Promotions

As the world’s tourism is slowly coming back from COVID-19, US are still struggling with the highest disease numbers in the world. European Union and most other countries don’t want us, so the best we can do this summer is visit our own destinations, which are plentiful. Las Vegas is a capital of entertainment and has been starved for tourists and their business since March, so there is no wonder that casinos and entertainers are luring visitors back with great discounts and fantastic Groupon deals.

Vegas Groupon Deals

Let’s take a look at how you can make this capital of consumerism work for you this year:

The first look at Groupon shows that Vegas is really hungry for our business – tours, attractions, concerts, and hotels are discounted by 50-60%. This is way more than things are going for in San Francisco. And there is little wonder about that – Las Vegas thrives on tourists and their mindless money spending only, there is no history and no natural wonders to benefit from. Yes, helicopter tours to Grand Canyon are more natural, but even they are suffering and inviting to book for just $176 instead of $495, which is 64% off!

Vegas Groupon Offers

Business people are very innovative when it comes to getting us back. For example, a CEO of two downtown casinos offered free flights to Vegas in May and all 2,000 of them were gone within hours. Such initiatives are very helpful bringing the Sin City, as we know and love, back. 

Las Vegas with Groupon

Casinos and hotels started reopening on June 4th. Those brave first visitors can enjoy lowest in history rates, some as low as $30 per night with top prices peaking at $100. Groupon offers many hotels for 60% off, so the picking is yours, just be nice and get there. Expect to see free parking at most hotels.

Las Vegas Groupon Deals

When it comes to sightseeing, helicopter tours are not the only ones with huge discounts. You can take Spyder Tours for $299 instead of previously charged $450 with Groupon. Club Party Tours cost $29 with Groupon instead of $89. Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon Tour is discounted by 23% and Las Vegas air tours are down by 52%.

Groupon Las Vegas Promo

After losing millions of dollars each day, casinos and hotels are rushing to get tourists back, but things won’t look the same way in Vegas for a while. There will be fewer players at the tables, more wiping, and extra social distance. Expect to see plexiglass barriers, hand washing stations, thermal imaging cameras, masks, and digital menus.

Las Vegas Groupon Discounts

Despite those inconveniences and changes, show must go on and thus shows will go on. Comedy shows are selling for 50% off on Groupon. Burlesque shows and hip hop pool parties are also significantly discounted – up to 50%. You can find all active Groupon Coupons here.

Groupon Las Vegas Deals

Activities and museums for kids are opening up and also offer discounts through Groupon. You can try Taekwondo classes, work up some sweat at climbing center, rent a giant float, try your hand at painting or ceramics, hone in your drawing skills with classes, and watch a 4-D movie at Excalibur with significant savings from Groupon.

Travel to San Francisco with Groupon and Save.

San Francisco with Groupon

Visiting San Francisco in summer of 2020 was supposed to be an unforgettable adventure. While coronavirus and resulting California’s closures are altering traveling plans somewhat, SF is still must see and a great place to be even during a virus. With all its outdoor attractions and salty ocean air, corona doesn’t stand a chance here!

If you made plans or are in the process of making them, check out Groupon for the best deals on travel, entertainment, parks, museums, tours, and restaurants. You will not only save money, but will get help planning and maybe new ideas about how to best spend your time while in the city.

Groupon San Francisco Promotions

This is what you should look into:

Golden Gate Park is celebrating 150 years this summer, so check out its 1,000 acres of greenery, Botanical Gardens, Japanese Tea Gardens, de Young Museum, and California Academy of Sciences, for which Groupon has a great deal.

One of the most popular things to do in summer is renting a bike and riding all over the city, through Land’ End Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Presidio, Baker Beach, and many other world famous landmarks. Groupon offers deals for a few bike rental companies and you can save as much as 50% off.

Groupon San Francisco City Pass

One other way to get around the city and to visit many of its amazing museums and art scene is with San Francisco Explorer Pass, which is currently $54 with Groupon. If you would like to see this majestic city from water, consider a boat tour with Blue & Gold Fleet at Pier 39 with 13% off from Groupon.

San Fran is home to tens of museums: Asian Art Museum, SFMOMA, The Walt Disney Family Museum, Contemporary Jewish Museum, and many others. Some museums, like Oakland Aviation Museum, Mare Island Naval Museum, and Bay Area Discovery Museum offer discounts as big as 70% off with Groupon this summer.

Groupon San Francisco Deals

Sporting events are largely suspended this season, but when they are not, Groupon is the best place to find incredible deals.

Pier 39 and Aquarium of the Bay are two attractions that simply can’t be missed. Pier 39 is free, and so are city walks and bridge visits. Aquarium of the Bay is not free, but you can get 17% off with Groupon and get in for just $15.95 per person. We can’t stress enough that a free visit to Pier 39 is a must with its shops, restaurants, and resting seas lions.

If you are visiting San Francisco, you will need a place to stay, and accommodations are never cheap here. Groupon has many deals with discounts of 18%, 20%, and even 28% off a secret 4 star hotel. If you don’t want to travel right now, you can and should grab a good deal like this and book for a later day. Just make sure you pay attention to small print and expiration dates.

Groupon San Francisco Pier 39 Promo

This year is special for SF because of three reasons: it’s 150 to Golden Gate Park, 50 years to San Francisco Pride, and 30 years since sea lions arrived at Pier 39. COVID might prevent some celebrations and gatherings, but you can visit and celebrate on your own terms and with Groupon discounts aplenty.

While in San Francisco, visit Mission District, home to bohemia and colorful murals about todays’ realities. Castro District is steeped in LGBT history and is also worth your visit. You can hire a city guide from Groupon or walk alone, it’s up to you.

Groupon San Francisco Coupon

Alcatraz should also be on your list and can be visited via Alcatraz tours or at least looked at from Pier 39. It’s only a 12 minute ferry ride from Pier 39. The tour is 3 hours long and really shows you why this jail was considered the worst prison in the world. Groupon often has specials for this tour as well.

Finally, come to the huge Beaux Arts Ferry Building and see Bay Bridge up close and personal. This bridge connects San Francisco to Oakland and is beautifully lit at night. Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to save with Groupon!

Aquarium of the Pacific with Groupon. Get 40% Now.

Aquarium of the Pacific Groupon Deals

This aquarium in Los Angeles is housed in a state of the art facility and is home to over 11,000 marine animals. It is popular year round among locals and tourists alike and offers hands on expositions and tours. The museum is known world-wide for its exhibitions, collections, atmosphere, and proximity to Pacific Ocean, conservation efforts, and experience for kids and adults.

Aquarium of the Pacific with Groupon

This modern aquarium is fourth most visited nationally and among the best ones for its sustainability efforts. Despite its sheer size and amount of animals, the experience is still intimate due to the way all creatures are presented.

Aquarium of the Pacific Groupon Discount

You can expect to see every marine creature imaginable, from sea otters to stingrays and sharks. At Aquarium of the Pacific you can do a lot more than just look – you can touch sharks and stingrays after their feeding routine.

Aquarium of the Pacific Deals

After you see and touch enough sea animals you can check out fenced in land animals. Those exhibitions rotate and change all the time.

Aquarium of the Pacific with Groupon

The aquarium is usually not crowded, so you will see animals up close and personal. On weekends, you might have to wait a couple of minutes to view smaller displays and exhibits, but it doesn’t cause any major inconvenience.

Aquarium of the Pacific Gifts

The aquarium is not overwhelming and everything is conveniently located, from elevators, to restrooms, and snack stops. Kids, of course, love the gift shop, so plan on stopping there too.

Aquarium of the Pacific Shop

When lunch times rolls around, get a stamp at the door and go to check out local seafood goodies, because the aquarium is located on Rainbow Harbor, where you will find plenty of restaurants to eat at while looking at boats big and small. Don’t forget to come back after refueling break!

Aquarium of the Pacific Bottle

The most popular exhibits are sea lions, seals, sharks, otters, and rays – you can visit them all in under two hours if you are time pressed, otherwise plan to spend all day there if you feel like it.

Aquarium of the Pacific 50% off Deal

Now let’s talk about prices. Before you start buying tickets, check out Groupon deals. It periodically has sales and specials for the Aquarium of the Pacific. You can find deals for up to 40% off! It is not uncommon to score $29 adult and $17 child ticket. Such deals are usually for limited times and specified days, but if you find this in advance and do some planning, you can save some significant money.

Aquarium of the Pacific Groupon Offer

Another way to save with Groupon is to find dining deals for restaurants in the area and enjoy extra deals while taking a break from the aquarium. Those discounts can be instantly found, so you won’t even have to do any planning in advance, because come on, who can decide every step ahead of time!

Aquarium of the Pacific Groupon Promo

10 Hottest Toy Gifts on Walmart


Walmart Toy Department

Toy manufacturers are releasing hundreds of new toys in anticipation for Christmas and most of them are picked up by the biggest retailers. It’s impossible to keep up with all the toys, but kids manage to pick out their favorites and get obsessed with some of them. This year’s hits so far have been L.O.L. Surprise!, Hatchimals, LEGO, and many others that parents haven’t even heard of. All those brands and many other ones are releasing new toys just for Christmas. And Christmas is one time per year when you don’t want to mess up.

Walmart L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

Walmart understands the pressure to get just the right toy and thus releases its best toys list every year, making our life just a bit easier.

Walmart Toy Rollbacks

This year we would like to bring you 10 best toys that are must-haves for this holiday season, including dolls, games, puzzles, and stuffed animals. All of those games will go fast, so don’t wait too long after reading this top toy list.

1. Candylocks (5+)  $19.97 on Walmart

These 12-inch cute dolls are fragrant and come with accessories to style their hair with. Little girls love lemonade and strawberry scents while practicing their hair stylist skills.

2. Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg Series 3 (3+) $39.82 on Walmart

The giant egg is back and mystery is even bigger this time. Each purple egg holds 15 surprises, so it’s like a gift that just keeps on giving. You can expect to find toy cars, figurines, stickers, putty, and tattoos.

Walmart Toy Clearance

3. Poppin’ Pals Pop-up Activity Toy (9m+) $22.99 on Walmart

This toy from Playschool is classic, but with s face lift this year. It works great for those fine motor skills and introduces animals, colors, and shapes for hours of exploration.

4. Treasure X King’s Gold Treasure Tomb (5+) $49.99 on Walmart

This tomb is a wonderland for every explorer! It includes real gold dipped treasures and many steps to get to them. Young adventurers will have to solve puzzles and stay away from traps to find the lost treasure troves.

5. GO Glam Nail Stamper (8+) $18.82 on Walmart

This kit will help the little fairy to get glam in no time. The box comes with two nail polish colors and five pattern pods. The stamp can be placed on any size nail and it makes nail polishing a lot more entertaining. We suspect some moms will join in on the fun too, because why not?

Walmart Cool Maker JoJo Glitter Nails

6. Hatchimals Pixies (5+) $9.99 on Walmart

The fun is in the hatching of the egg, and once it’s open, the games will begin. Every egg contains a glittery pixie, each with its own mystery accessories. And by now we all know how much kids love a good mystery!

7. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet (3+) $14.88 on Walmart

Missing the baby shark? This one can’t stop and won’t stop. Seriously, if you will place it on your hand and move its mouth, the infamous song will start and will go on and on and on.

8. Transformers Toys Heroic Bumblebee Action Figure (6+) $19.37 on Walmart

This toy is as versatile as the real movie robots and can transform into cars and then back to robots in seconds. This ensures the paly time will go for a good long while.

Walmart Power Rangers

9. Journey Girl Doll (6+) $34.99 on Walmart

This newest girl form the collection has unique style and an outgoing personality. Her name is Chavonne, she is confident, outgoing, and loves music. Sounds like your girl?

10. Play-doh Wheels Firetruck Toy with 5 Colors (3+) $19.94 on Walmart

Little firemen can now construct every part of the engine that is needed to put out the fire. Water tanks come in exclusive new color that has a few shades of blue mixed together.

Early Black Friday Ads

Best Black Friday Deals

November is well under way, which means that many retailers have released or are now releasing their Black Friday ads and we are here to evaluate them.

Macys Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving is very late this year, November 28th, making shopping season shorter than usual by almost a week. There is no surprise that retail ads are here earlier than before and this means that we can start planning our big shopping day earlier too, giving us more time to prepare, so we are not mad at all.  

Kohls Black Friday Deals

Kohl’s was the first major retailer to release its Black Friday ad on November 1st and it did this second year in a row. Next came Kmart, Sears, and Office Depot on November 4th, followed by Target 2 days later, on the 6th. Best Buy and JC Penney presented their deals on November 7th.

Black Friday Deals and Sales

Most retailers are planning to start their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving Day afternoon. There are a few that will remain closed and let their employees take some much needed time off to celebrate with their loved ones. Those stores are Costco, Sam’s Club, Nordstrom, and Home Depot.

Nordstrom Balck Friday 2019

We can’t say we don’t appreciate that as there is always enough shopping time on Black Friday, so go ahead, stay closed and celebrate.

Black Friday Ads

This is what ads we are loving so far:

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond Balck Friday 2019

This will be the first year for the retailer to open on Thanksgiving and that probably has something to do with declining sales. The best deal is going to be Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday 25% off entire purchase, so forget their 20% off one item coupon and come to load up on all kinds of home necessities.

Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday Offer

Best Buy

Best Buy Black Friday 40% OFF Coupon

The electronics retailer has plenty of Early Black Friday deals now through Sunday, November 10th. Thanksgiving Day will see the stores open at 5 pm and close at 1 am Friday only to reopen at 8 am for more shopping.

Best Buy Black Friday Coupon


Costco Black Friday Deals

The wholesaler offers deals for its members at various times all November and until December 2nd, Cyber Monday. Shoppers will be able to take advantage of great deals in five different times with best deals starting online on Thanksgiving Day. Expect great prices on TVs, electronics, gaming consoles, jewelry, food, and more.

JC Penney

JCPenney Black Friday Deals

This retailer often gets underestimated on Black Friday, but it shouldn’t. The stores will open their doors at 2 pm on Thanksgiving Day attracting shoppers with a mystery coupon giveaway and a chance to win a $500 shopping spree. Best deals are going to be on small appliances, toys, and fashion for the whole family.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx Black Friday 2019

While Black Friday has many retailers in deals and sales frenzy, TJ Maxx chooses to stay away from crowds and stampedes. The discount retailer features low prices all year round and has a loyal customer base, which they reward with free gifts with purchase or free shipping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. See more TJ Maxx discounts on this page.

TJ Maxx Black Friday Promotions

TJ Maxx might just be your safe shopping haven, where you won’t have to endanger your life just to score a deal.


Kohls Black Friday Promotion

This pioneer Black Friday ad releaser is going to go big this Black Friday with its $15 Kohl’s Cash starting on November 25th, days ahead of Black Friday. Limited doorbusters will be available online starting at midnight on Thanksgiving while in-store deals will last from morning through 1 pm on Black Friday. The list of all Kohl's Coupon Codes is here.


Macys Black Friday Promotions

The retailer released its Black Friday ad yesterday, on November 12th. All stores will be open on Thanksgiving with some early deals. 13 free after rebate items will be available only on Thanksgiving. All active Macy's coupons can be found here.

Office Depot

Office Depot Promotions

The retailer and its sister company OfficeMax will remain closed on Thanksgiving, but will start sales on Black Friday at 12:01 am online and at 8 am in-stores. Check the latest coupons and deals here.  All Rewards members will get early access on some deals online starting on November 26th.


Sears 70% OFF Black Friday

Just like Kmart, Sears is scaling down and closing 51 stores in February, so Black Friday is a bit thinner this year than in the past. Liquidations are set to start on December 2nd. Sadly the retailer can’t afford Black Friday deals on appliances it has always been known for, but there are still going to be nice offers on various other things.


Staples Black Friday 2019 Deals

Staples is staying closed on Thanksgiving, but has plenty of deals coming on Black Friday. Online deals will start on Thanksgiving Day for purchases that can be picked up in stores or delivered. The physical stores will open at 7 am on Black Friday and will remain open all day.


Target Black Friday Offers

Target is always serious about Black Friday and will offer early deals to RedCard and Target Circle loyalty program members starting November 27th. Target stores will open at 5 pm on Thanksgiving and feature crazy good deals galore. To see more active promo codes of Target visit this page.


Walmart Black Friday

Surprisingly Walmart hasn’t released its Black Friday ad yet, but offers plenty of Early Deals Drops every day since October 25th. The main ad should come out anytime now and will definitely have plenty of deals for all.

Walmart Black Friday Ad

After all there is a reason why Walmart is one of the most popular Black Friday retailers.

Walmart Balck Friday 2019

These stores also posted early Black Friday ads already:

My Honest Medifast Diet Review

Medifast Discount Deal

Welcome to my first Medifast diet review. I have to admit that I am very new to this, so don’t expect an expert opinion, but rather one coming from a simple person, like you. I am sure we all have faced a battle with our scales and jeans at one point in time or another. Wherever you are in life, taking a bit of care of yourself can’t hurt, or at least that’s how I have been feeling for a while.

Medifast Thrive Plan

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am in my late thirties, a busy working from home wife and mom of two with a big house and full schedule. I am in good shape, but would enjoy losing 6 pounds and a couple of inches off my waist. I go to high intensity training boot camp every morning and walk my dog afterwards whenever I can. All that seems fine, but then evenings come and I overeat on a regular basis. This is why my weight is not changing for the better no matter how much I sweat with my friends and my trainer 5 days per week. Needless to say it is quite frustrating.

Given all my struggles, I decided to look into a diet of some sort for myself alone, as my family is doing very fine with their trim waists. I thought that if I could take care of my evening food, I would be fine. My plan was to feed my family the same kind of food I always did and find something healthier for me.

Medifast Discount Coupons

With that goal in mind I looked at many diets, including Medifast, Nutrisystem, Splendid Spoon, and others. While they all have something good, I decided on Medifast because of their flexibility. Splendid Spoon, for example, delivers breakfasts and lunches, but not dinners, which is what I need. Nutrisystem is a complete monthly food supply, but at this point I don’t need all that much. All others didn’t have the best reviews.

So Medifast it was. I loved reading success stories and testimonials from hundreds of users, who lost weight while eating tasty foods. I was sold on this meal plan, especially because it was created by a doctor in order to help overweight diabetes patients stay on track and get healthier. Granted, those testimonials came from people who ordered the entire month’s supply and stayed on it diligently, but I was sure evening meals alone could make a difference for me.

Medifast Shakes Cheap

Once my decision was made, I looked at various food options on Medifast website and selected hot meals with protein. I love home cooking from scratch, so those appealed to me. I ordered a few of these meals:

  • Turkey Meatball Marinara
  • Beef Stew
  • Chicken Cacciatore
  • Chicken with Rice and Vegetables

I was very excited to get my box in a couple of days. It came nicely packed, except for the poor coffee mug, which did not survive the shipping experience in one piece. I called Medifast customer service and had a conversation with a nice lady about replacing it. She had some trouble locating my account based on Order Number, but Customer ID helped and I have a new coffee mug coming for free. And she didn’t even need to see the picture of it broken! So I am glad to say that customer service works great.

Medifast Shakes

I have been eating my dinners from Medifast for the last 3 days and so far I am loving them! My favorite meal so far was Beef Stew. It might have something to do with the fact that I really love everything beef, but also my taste buds were very happy with hearty blend of meat, vegetables, sauce, and a nice mix of spices. I could eat this every day or at least every night! My next dinner was Chicken Cacciatore and it was almost as good as Beef Stew – also saucy, meaty, with vegetables and pasta. Last night I had Turkey Meatball Marinara and my dog almost stole it from me while I was facing the other way. I thoroughly enjoyed 6 giant meatballs swimming in flavorful sauce.

Medifast Promotion

I am very happy to see that meals have 290 calories, which is not bad at all for dinner. They are also loaded with protein and fiber, so even though the portions are not big, I felt full and great until the next morning. Every one of those meals has 26 grams of protein and that would make even my trainer happy!

All in all, I can see myself sticking to this dinner diet for a while. I might even venture beyond just dinners and order lunches and breakfasts, which I can do thanks to Medifast flexibility. My only complaint is the food is microwavable, which is something I am not used to. I can see that eating those same meals for a long time might get boring, especially when meals tend to taste similar, but there are many more options to be tried in the future.

The box included a few booklets with all the information needed to get anybody started on the diet:

  • Food Journal for tracking
  • Healthy Living Workbook with advice about changing your mindset and environment, setting goals, and taking control of sleep, exercise, cravings, and everything else that can impact your success
  • Medifast for Diabetes with useful tips for success
  • Maintenance Guide about transition to real food after a while

In conclusion, I am a happy diet beginner so far and really enjoy eating healthy meals in the evenings without pigging out on mashed potatoes and other goodies with my kids anymore. It’s too early to see the results, but I think I am down at least 1 pound or maybe even 2. This definitely motivates me to keep going!

Bed Bath and Beyond is Set to Open on Thanksgiving Day

Bed Bath & Beyond Storefront CA

Bed Bath & Beyond long resisted the desire and the urge to open its stores on Thanksgiving Day, but the time has finally come to join the rest of the most competitive retailers and invite people in to enjoy the deals once the turkey and all the fixings are gone. Just like many other traditional retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond is struggling with sales lately, so this might be the reason for early Black Friday this year, not that they will admit it though, so we remain guessing.

The New-Jersey based company announced that all customers will be welcome to stores on November 28th this year to enjoy doorbuster deals and exclussive in-store only 25% off entire purchase coupon. This is great for consumers who are eager to hit the shops  after the turkey feast as early as possible, but not too good for employees who traditionally enjoyed their long day off with families.

Bed bath & Beyond 25% OFF Rebate

The stores will open at 5 pm on Thursday and close at midnight only to reopen again at 6 am on Black Friday. Shoppers will be able to use 25% off coupon through noon on Friday, so time will be limited.

What are some other great deals to be found at Bed Bath and Beyond?

20% off coupon will be available for everybody in-stores and online from November 27th to November 29th.

Free shipping will also be offered on all orders above $19 from November 25th through December 2, including Cyber Monday.

Bed bath & beyond Free Store Pickup

Why is Bed Bath & Beyond really opening its doors on Thanksgiving?

According to home goods retailer’s official statement, they are doing it because their loyal customers have been asking for it every year. The company wants to keep their loyal base happy and rescue them from overly long family gatherings with some shopping. If you would like to shop at Bed Bath & Beyond on Thanksgiving, you don’t have to leave the comforts of the home or that table – you can find a quiet corner and engage in some online retail therapy as the website will be offering similar deals all day on Thursday.

Bed Bath & Beyond home Decor

The Black Friday ad from Bed Bath & Beyond has already dropped and this is what you can expect:

  • Shark ION S87 2-in-1 cleaning system with Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum & Hand Vacuum - $187 ($262 off)
  • Keurig K-Select Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker - $59 ($70 off)
  • Nespresso by De’Longhi VertuoPlus Limited Edition with Aeroccino Frother - $93 ($156 off)

Finally, our advice is to make a plan in advance and to know exactly what you are looking for before going to the store. The retailer expects you in the store for the best 25% off deal, so you better bundle up and visit them instead of shopping from the comfort of your couch. Good news is that the coupon will work next day, on Black Friday, too, so pick the best time for you and avoid crowds as much as you can, unless you like that type of thing, in which case, good luck and good night!

Bed Bath & Beyond The Holiday Shop

Amazon against Walmart on Black Friday


Amazon vs Walmart on Black Friday

2019 Black Friday is still approaching, but we are seeing some if the best deals already, meaning that Black Friday itself is fixing to be very big this year. To prove that to you we are going to look at Amazon and Walmart, the young buck and the king, for their best deals and best fight for our attention.

The stores are regarded as an old and a new, but in reality they both follow similar sales patterns and with Walmart’s aggressive delivery policy lately, the old is catching up to the new quite fast.

Walmart Black Friday Electronics Deals

The best way to start understanding what each of the two giants is best known for and what to expect this year, let’s take a look at the biggest trends and deals from 2018:

What products and categories from Walmart won over Amazon last year?

  • iPhone category is always big for Walmart and nobody has won there yet – XS, XS Max, and XR models all had $300 gift card for qualified activation. No deals on iPhones on Amazon.

iPhone Xs Max at Walmart

  • Older iPhones, 8, 8 Plus, and X, carried $400 gift card with activation.

Walmart iPhone Black Friday Coupon

  • Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB was going for $399, which is $100 savings. Nothing on Xbox on Amazon.
  • Sharp / TCL 65-inch Class 4K Roku Smart TV was $398, making it the best deal for 65” category. Amazon had cheaper, but worse quality TVs.
  • Google Home Hub went for $50 off, when Amazon had no deals on its rival Google.

Where did Amazon win over Walmart in 2018?

  • Amazon devices, of course – Echo, Fire, and Kindle.
  • Super Budget TVs  - you could get 32-inch TVs for as low as $120. Walmart did not participate in this category.

Walmart Super Budget TVs

  • Lightning Deals – those deals were absolutely loved by quick-acting customers on Black Friday. Walmart had low-stock doorbusters at similar prices.

Walmart Black Friday Phones Deals

  • Shipping – Amazon had free 2-day shipping on most orders at no minimum for Prime members, so you should definitely become one for $119 per year or at least join free 30-day trial before Black Friday this year to take advantage of the same shipping deal. Free fast shipping was available on $25 orders for non-members. Walmart offered free 2-day shipping on $35 orders for everybody.

What predictions can we make for Black Friday in 2019?

  • Amazon is definitely going all out with Amazon device discounts this year, all 7 new devices will be discounted and all older models – even more so.
  • Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max will again carry at least $300 gift cards for activation at Walmart. But Amazon will be close this year now that it is an official iPhone reseller, so you will see heavy discounts on older models and refurbished devices.

Walmart Apple Black Friday Promotion

  • Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, Note 10, Note 10+ will all get the same deal at Walmart like iPhones do. Amazon won’t be competing there, but individual MarketPlace sellers could offer some deals. Expect something good from Best Buy when it comes to Samsung devices too.

Walmart Samsung Galaxy Black Friday 2019 Promotion

  • Xbox is expected to have lots of bundle deals at Walmart, but Amazon should offer $100 off the device itself.  Target’s REDcard savings will be edgy too.

Walmart Xbox Black Friday Bundle Deals

  • Playstation 4 bundles will be discounted at Walmart while Amazon will offer better deals on the device itself. We can all expect over $100 savings on PS4 Pro.

Walmart Playstation 4 Bundles

  • When it comes to TVs, Walmart will offer the best discounts on premium brands, but Amazon will beat it in the absolute bottom dollar category. 65-inch TVs at Walmart will fly off the shelves, while Amazon will rock sub $99 HD TV deals.

Walmart TV Black Friday Deals

When will the deals start at both retailers?

Amazon will begin its Black Friday Deals Store on November 1st and will offer more specials as Black Friday nears, and especially with doorbusters on Thanksgiving Day. The rock bottom prices will last through Cyber Monday. Shipping will be free for all Prime members, no minimum. It’s $25 minimum for non-members.

Walmart started its first deals on October 25th; the stores will open on Thanksgiving Day at 6 pm and stay open all night. Shipping is free on orders of $35 and more for all customers.

Cyber Monday for both stores should look similar to Black Friday, as long as there are some stocks left. None of the stores are announcing those deals early, but will tease customers with ads on November 30th or on Cyber Monday.

Walmart Black Friday Shopping

Walmart is to Redo Its Produce Section

Walmart is to Redo Its Produce Section.jpg

What do you see the minute you walk into Walmart? It does depend on the side of the store as the retail giant is so, well, giant, but most of the time it’s groceries, right? Walmart loves to flaunt it in Amazon’s face and today the merchant thinks that those grocery isles need a bit if face lift themselves.

Walmart's Grocery Deals

The upcoming changes will include new price signs, shorter merchandise bins, and overall open market kind of feeling. There will be a separate area for organic produce. The retailer also wants to make isles wider to make sure customers and employees who are fulfilling online orders won’t have to congregate in small spaces.

Fresh Fruits at Walmart

According to Walmart, this change is facilitated mainly because of online grocery order popularity and expansion. There have always been associates in produce isles refilling the bins and helping customers, but now so many more of them have to be there to get online orders ready that the stores need wider aisles. The retailer is calling these changes “Produce 2.0” and the work has already started at 200 locations. The expected completion of all the renovations is in summer of 2020. There are over 2,700 Walmart stores in the US, so there is definitely some serious work waiting to be done.

Walmart Fruit Section

It turns out that 95% of customers love to shop for produce in-stores, which is still an astounding number.  And with all efforts to sell more groceries online, in-store numbers are still growing – Nielsen study found that last year produce sales grew by 2.6%.

Walmart Organic Section

People love fresh and that’s not what Walmart has always been known for, but it now intends to change that perception. New look might be just what the store needs to convince shoppers that its groceries are as good as Kroger’s, Publix’s, and even Whole Food’s.

Walmart Bread Great Value

All Walmart’s competition is also investing heavily into their production sections and offers. Aldi has been expanding its produce section and organic offers while Kroger’s new slogan is “Fresh for Everyone”. Kroger announced that it will be going as far as growing its own vegetables in hydroponic farms in Washington State. That right there is hard to beat!

Walmart's Grocery Offers

Walmart wants to retain the name of the biggest grocer in America that it had for the last 31 years. Walmart had grocery section since 1988 when the first superstore was opened. Groceries have always been Walmart’s cash cow with 56% of all revenue, which is $500 billion. Walmart is the biggest grocer in America with 20% of all grocery industry hold, but maintaining that in today’s competitive climate is getting more and more difficult.

Low Orice on Groceries at Walmart

To maintain the status of the biggest grocer Walmart is going to have to do more than just lower the prices and speed up the supply chain, which it has been doing for a few years now. The retailer wants to focus on quality, which has been the main complaint about Walmart many consumers always have. All those things are needed to compete with fellow brick and mortar stores.

2 for $10 Deal at Walmart

When it comes to online competition, Walmart has been investing into grocery delivery systems and is also planning to open a store in Los Angeles that will be an alternative to Whole Foods, another “in your face” to Amazon, which owns Whole Foods since 2017.

Walmart Roast beef Deals

Over 3,000 Walmart locations now have in-store pick up option and home delivery is available in 1,400 locations. Customers can get unlimited grocery delivery for $98 per year from those stores. All of that is paying off as proven by online sales rising 41% in the last quarter.

Cheese at Walmart

Walmart's Holiday Shopping is Here Early

Walmart's Holiday Shopping Events

The shopping season is a bit shorter this year with Thanksgiving being so late in November, so Walmart is jump starting the season early with online deals starting on this Friday.

Walmart's Early Holiday Shopping

The retail giant knows a thing or two about sales and is hoping to start pulling people in with new and improved services and various toy events complete with Santa’s appearances.

Walmart's Holiday Shopping

Walmart is hoping that these and similar strategies will make up for 6 days shorter shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas than last year.

Walmart Christmas Decor Deals

Walmart is going to offer everything more – services, gifts, deals, and most importantly, fun. Gift shopping online is ever more popular, so brick-and-mortar retailers have to work in some magic to attract people and compete with the likes of Amazon.

Walmart's Early Holiday Deals

Retailers are fighting feverishly for every last customer during the crazy shopping bonanzas of November and December as most of their money is made during this time of the year. We all benefit because such competition slashes prices and increases our choices. Consumers love wide assortment, convenient shopping, and low prices, which is where Walmart is hard to beat.

Walmart's Early Holiday Electronics Deals

Walmart is starting the deals online at midnight tonight, so set your alarms on. Early Deals Drops are going to be extra good this year, so you might not even have to wait for Black Friday to save on that TV or a new smartphone as new offers will be dropping daily. More deals will be loaded as Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw closer and after Halloween. Expect to see heavy discounts on electronics, toys, fitness products, and much more.

Entertainment Deals at Walmart

Walmart has some new strategies to make shopping online easier than ever before. Free next day delivery for online orders and Check Out With Me in the stores are just two of those strategies.

Walmart Checkout With Me Service

Check out with me allows customers to avoid lines at the registers and instead check out from anywhere in the store. Free next day delivery has never been offered by Walmart before, but this year orders over $35 will be delivered for free for the first time and without any membership fees. For comparison, Amazon also offers free next day delivery on some items, but Prime membership costs $119 per year. Now we can get into the benefits of Amazon, but let’s leave it fir another article.

Nintendo at Walmart

Best Buy will be stepping up its game too with first time offered free next day delivery on $35 orders and also no membership fees. Not all consumers need fast shipping though; they just need free shipping, so the retailer will also offer that all the way through Christmas.

This is what else will help you shop at Walmart this year:

  • Gift finder – this tool will help you tailor your search with the advice from a computer. Once you will input some information about your recipient, you will be able to choose some gifts for 40 different types of people.
  • Scannable toy catalog – if you have a phone with iOs system, you will be able to scan toy catalog and shop for toys that way without browsing all over the website and typing names. The catalog is coming out on November 1st.
  • Expanded DotCom Store – you will now be able to place an online order from the stores with the help of sales associates. All those ordered items will be delivered to your home or to the nearest store for pickup. This is great for all those out of stock steals and best deals.

Wamart Toy Story Coupon
The gifts are promising to be extra good with new and expanded brands. Walmart will offer Swiss Tech, WoodWick, Hobby Kids Adventures, Hello Bello, Kindi Kids, and Bobbi Brown. The store will have 20% more toys on its shelves than last year.

Frozen 2 at Walmart

Walmart is also going for experience this year more than ever before and will be hosting Frozen 2, Star Wars, and Pokemon themed events between the holidays.

Walmart Frozen 2 Promotion

Kids should definitely expect to see Santa in November and December.

Santa at Walmart

All these strategies are definitely needed to compete for our business as an average household is expected to spend about $1,500 during this period, up by 5% from last year.

Walmart's Today's Holiday Event

Early shoppers tend to spend more than late ones, according to Deloitte, and Walmart is definitely after them. Unfortunately, most people will hit the stores in early December, even with the deals starting as early as today.

Best Black Friday Deals from Most Popular Stores


Black Friday Deals from Most Popular Stores

We all view Black Friday and Cyber Monday very differently. Some of us are looking forward to those sales days since February. Others want nothing to do with this capitalist scam and deal-hungry crowds.

Today's HoliDeals

Most of us, though, might be somewhere in the middle – not overly crazy about it all, but ready to take a deal if we see it.

Lowe's Black Friday

Whichever category we belong to, the wait, the endless ads, and all the craziness is about to be over and we would like to show you some of the best deals from various stores in one place, so that you can take a look and decide where to head to without running around multiple stores for insignificant savings.

Holiday Deals from Walmart

We have you covered for kitchen supplies and dining supplies right here:

Cooking tools and Gadgets

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond Black Friday Sales Event

Everything is going to be 20% off online and in-stores from November 27 through November 29, so forget 20% off for just one item.

Bed Bath and Beyond 20% OFF Black Friday Coupon

If you can make your way to the physical store, you will enjoy 25% off your purchase on November 28 and November 29. Some kitchen gadgets are already on sale as we speak!

Bed Bath and Beyond 25% OFF Black Friday Deal

Equal Parts

This new cookware startup is selling everything at 20% off on Cyber Monday, December 2nd.


The company became famous recently thanks to that sexy kettle, but the rest of their merchandise is very sleek too. All shoppers will get 20% off everything with code THEFELLOWSALE from Black Friday to December 5th. Every customer who buys $150+ worth of stuff will get free Monty cappuccino mug.


Black Friday through Sunday, December 1st every order of $100+ is 20% off with BIGSCOOP. Cyber Monday is 20% off with STAYALLDAY. There are deals currently happening on cookware and knives set. Everything ships free through Thanksgiving.


Lowes Black Friday Deals

Lowe’s might not be best known for kitchen supplies, but it has a few gadget deals: 8-quart electric pressure cooker from Bella for $69.99 and Masterbuilt Electric Smoker for $99 all the way through December 4th. See Lowe's coupons here.

Lowe's Black Friday Coupons


You can find the Magic Bullet blender on sale at Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and Amazon for less than $29.99.


Shipping is free this entire week of Thanksgiving with extra good deals on Black Friday weekend and two days for Cyber Monday. Expect to see very affordable air fryers and KitchenAid signature stand mixers for as low as $170.

Sur La Table

Sur La Table Black Friday Deals

The kitchen retailer has pre-Black Friday deals live already, including Staub cocottes and Le Creuset Dutch ovens. More deals are coming on November 29th, but they are still kept secret.

Sur la Table 50% OFF Black Friday Coupon


Target Black Friday Coupons

Best deals online and in-stores will start on Thanksgiving Thursday at 5 pm, but some sales are already taking place online.

Target Black Friday Deals


You can find heavily discounted models on their website with deals like $45, $60, and $70 off. Zola, Sur La Table, Amazon, and Williams-Sonoma also offer similar discounts on Vitamix products.


Black Friday Deals from Walmart

Walmart is probably the biggest destination on Black Friday and sports some huge deals staring online at 10 pm on Wednesday and in-stores at 6 pm on Thanksgiving. Lots of kitchen stuff is priced to fly off the shelves, so be ready. See more Wamart promotions here.

Walmart Black Friday Coupons


Williams Sonoma Black Friday Coupon

There is no official name for those sales, but they are already live on the website, where you will find discounted roasting pans and knives. Black Friday will definitely bring even more deals.


This perfect place for wedding registries and shopping for all marrying couples offers similar deals on Vitamix and KitcheAid as most other retailers.

Home and Dining


While the Black Friday ad is still hidden, last year consumers saw free shipping and 15% off the entire store and website. Currently you can find deals that are leading to Black Friday.

Crate and Barrel

November 25 through December 2 everything is 20% off with SAVE20. Some exclusions apply, for example on Mauviel and Breville.


The discounts are up to individual sellers on Etsy, but November 27th through December 2nd many of them participate in sales of up to 60% off.


Customers are invited to take advantage of free shipping and 20% off everything on Black Friday through Cyber Monday.


Modern dinnerware, flatware, glasses, and other dinner essentials will be 20% off $75+ and 25% off $750+ orders from this startup. You will also enjoy free shipping and returns November 25 through December 2nd.


This new retailer has a nice collection of modern and minimalist dishes and kitchen gadgets from the likes of W&P, Hawkins New York, and classic makers like Staub and Smeg. Currently and through Thanksgiving you will get 70% off all sales items and 20% off regular priced merchandise. Black Friday to December 1st those discounts will go up to 75% and 25%.

West Elm

There is no official ad yet, but current early deals include 30% off various flatware, dishes, and glasses. If last year is any indication, we will see 15%, 20%, and 30% off certain price point totals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


2019 Teacher Discounts and Special Offers

Teacher Discount

Here are what saving specialists have hunted down as the best discounts on travel, entertainment, software, and retail for educators.

If you were to ask the most important job in the world, some might suggest Dr. or scientist.

But many would agree that teachers hold down one of society's most vital professions. It is teachers who are responsible for shaping our children and the future scientists, doctors etc. that our world needs.

Lakeshore 20% OFF Discount

To honor these heroic welders of the young mind, many businesses offer discounts and special offers to educators. Here is a comprehensive list of the 2019 teacher deals and freebies available for the educator, the mentor or even the professor.

teacher special offers

Travel and entertainment discounts:

Alamo car rental - members of the American Federation of Teachers get $25 off car rentals.

Aston Hotels and Resorts teachers get 10% off and complementary benefits including free room upgrades and Wi-Fi.

Budget Truck Rental - teachers can take advantage of 20% off local movies and 15% off one-way moves.

Caesars Palace - teachers can reserve rooms at 10% off.

Contiki - teachers can call the receive $75 off available trips seven days or longer with a valid teacher ID.

Endless Vacation Rentals - members of the American Federation of Teachers receive 25% off vacation.

E Z Rent A Car - school employees and teachers get 10% off car rentals.

Harrah’s Cherokee - teachers can get up to 15% off rooms.

Harrah’s Council Bluffs - teachers may receive discounts on rooms.

Harrah’s Laughlin - teachers and students can enjoy 15% off bookings.

Eastern National Parks Stores - with a valid ID, teachers can get 15% off purchases but it may not be used toward entry fees.

SeaWorld - teachers in particular states can get complementary teacher final cards and to free single day tickets.

Orcas At SeaWorld

Sixt - students and teachers alike can get 5% off car rentals. Show your valid ID at the rental counter.

STA Travel - teachers can take advantage of two offers. Discounts on flights from airlines like Virgin, Air New Zealand, Emirates and more. International Teacher Identity Cards are as low as $20 and can be used for thousands of discounts on travel, lifestyle around the world.

Preferred Hotels and Resorts - teachers get 20% off the best rates plus VIP amenities like breakfast for two spa treatments and more.

The Cromwell Las Vegas - teachers receive 10% off rooms.

Tunica Roadhouse Casino and Hotel - teachers receive 10% off rooms.

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin - teachers and education support staff enjoy special discounts on rooms.


Software and Subscription Discounts:

ABBY - teachers and students receive 30% off software.

Academic Superstore - teachers, faculty and students score special education pricing on software.

Adobe - teachers and schools can get 60% off Creative Cloud plus discounts on student and teacher edition software.

Cyber link - teachers and students get up to 60% off software.

Educational Insights - 50% off teacher resources.

Intuit - teachers enjoy free QuickBooks Online for Accountants and Pro Connect Tax Online Software, plus access to free resources.

Microsoft Store - teachers, students and parents can receive 10% off select electronics and software.

Roxio - teachers and students get 20% discount.

SourceTec Software teachers, students and nonprofit groups receive educational pricing on software.

The New York Times - faculty get 50% off digital and print subscriptions.

The Wall Street Journal - teachers can pay $49 for one year.

USA Today - educators can take 45% off classroom subscriptions.


School Supply Discounts:

A. C. Moore - teachers receive 15% off their order when they present a state issued photo ID, school ID, paystub or teacher certificate or license.

Weekly Planner Notepads

Container Store - when teachers join the Organized Teacher program they get special discounts throughout the year.

The Container Store 25% OFF Discount

Curious - educators get discounts on both kitchen products for verified food education programs.

FedEx - when teachers sign up for National Educators Discount Program they receive 15% off both services.

Spectru Math Workbooks

GelPro - teachers can take 25% off their order.

Back To School 20% OFF Discount

Hobby Lobby - schools can get 10% discount on purchases made with an organizational check or credit card.

Hobby Lobby Craft Items

Home Depot - teachers can apply for Home Depot tax ID to get discounts on eligible purchases for the classroom.

Home Depot Back To Campus Sale

Kiwi Crate - teachers receive bulk discounts on single crates or subscriptions for the classroom.

teacher classroom supplies

Jo-Ann - when teachers sign up for the Teacher Rewards Discount card they receive 15% off every purchase.

Crayola Model Magic JOANN

Michael's - teachers receive 15% off every in-store purchase.

Michael's Craft Kits For Kids

Oriental Trading - save up to 70% off on teaching supplies a stationary.

Pluckers - every Friday from 3 to 7 PM teachers can chow down on free appetizers when they show their school faculty badge.

Staples - when educators join the Teachers Rewards program, they receive 10% back on teaching supplies, and 5% back on everything else plus free shipping.

Staples 15% OFF Discount


Book Discounts:

teacher book discounts

Barnes and Noble - educators can save 20% on education, academic, administration, teacher training and special education books.

Barnes And Noble Bookstore

Book Warehouse - with the teacher ID educators can sign up for the educators discount.

Classroom Supplies for Math Teachers

Half Price Books - educators and librarians can take 10% off their entire purchase with an Educator Discount card.

Teaching Resources Books 20% OFF Discount


Computers and Electronics Discounts: - with Apple's Education Offer, teachers and students get special education pricing on select products.

Apple HomePod

AT&T - teachers can save on wireless service, devices and more with email address.

AT&T Prepaid Plans

Bose - educators and members of educational associations save up to 15% on most products.

Garmin - teachers can contact Garmin to apply for a discount.

HP - teachers may enjoy HP Academic to unlock up to 20% off products.

Lenovo - faculty, staff members, students and parents can access exclusive academic offers.

Sprint - teachers, administrators and other education staff receive discount on monthly service.

Sprint Unlimited Plan

Sony - educators enjoy special education pricing on software.

T-Mobile - college teachers and students can take $60 off smart phones and 20% off select accessories when they sign up for the educational discount.

Verizon - teachers can receive a monthly service discount.


Apparel and other retail discounts:

Aerosoles - with teacher ID or paystub, teachers can score 15% off footwear items priced at 39.99 or more.

The Mine - teacher save 10% off site wide.

Champion - current and retired teachers get 10% off. - teachers can get $20 off $200 plus an extra 5% off.

Costco - teachers can get $50 in savings when they sign up for a Costco membership online.

Costco Wireless Center

Banana Republic - students and teachers enjoy 15% off full price purchases and store with a valid ID.

Bonobos - teachers get 15% off five orders after verifying teacher ID.

Bonobos Storefront

Gift Baskets Overseas - teachers and students get 10% off all gift basket orders.

Hanes - current and retired teachers get 10% off.

Hershey Store - teachers get 20% off site wide after validating teacher ID online.

J. Crew - teachers with a valid ID get 15% off their purchase when shopping in-store.

Just My Size - current and retired teachers get 10% off.

Karen Kane - teachers and students save 20% site wide.

Loft - in addition to 15% off full price orders, teachers enjoy exclusive coupons and extra savings at Teacher Appreciation Nights.

Madewell - teachers can show their ID and receive 15% off in-store.

One Hanes Place - teachers can receive 10% off their order.

Overstock - teachers to get a free Club O Membership.

Party City - to get 20% off, teachers should provide an official letter from the school officer and make purchases with the school credit card.

Peer Formulas - teachers and students can enjoy 10% off their order while shopping online with a valid ID.

Talbots - teachers can take 15% off the full price purchase with a valid ID.

West Elm - by showing valid ID students and faculty can get 15% off.

14 Personalized Gifts for Christmas

Personalized Christmas Decoration

Modern people are tired of traditional gift giving, they don’t want blankets, socks, and useless knick knaks anymore – give them gifts from their wish lists, give them experiences, and just cut down the clutter. Expensive luxurious gifts are still good, but how many of us can afford them for everyone on our list?

Personalized Christmas Stockings

In reality, the budget and the price don’t matter as long as the gift comes from the heart and really means something, you know, when you can see that some thought was put into it. One good example of such thoughtful gifts is personalized items.

Personalized Christmas Gifts from Personalization Mall

There is one problem with them though – many of us love to procrastinate and shop for Christmas last minute or up until the point when stops guaranteeing delivery in time for December 25th. Personalized gifts often require not only thought and effort, they also need some time and planning ahead. Embroidered, sculpted, or engraved items all need some time to be made, showing the recipient that you literally though about them a few weeks ago and cared to spend time creating something from the heart.

While we all want to give something with all the feels, there are items that don’t require a month of preparation, thankfully. Granted, all personalized items require some at least some early thinking, but not that early in the case of these items on our list that can sometimes take just days to ship:

Bathing Beauty Beach Towel - $29.99

You can now create a personalized towel for every member of your family and end those fights on beach days once and for all.

Leather Cosmetics Bag - $124.99

Everybody needs a cute bag for beauty supplies, especially when traveling. This leather creation comes in three different colors, is sleek, and can be monogrammed.

Holiday Greetings with Family Photos

You might be doing this already, but if not, definitely start. Personalized family greeting cards are 100 times more meaningful than generic ones and will be saved for years. Kodak Moments can turn all your phone pictures into beautiful cards to be shared with your loved ones.

Personalized Christmas Photo Gifts

You can visit Kodak Moments kiosk and create, print, and send cards the same day. Now that is speedy!

Custom Name Necklace – 11.80

Those necklaces are as customized and as affordable as it gets. You can choose as many pendants and/or coins as you wish and write names, initials, birth dates, and whatever else you want on them. It takes 2 weeks to get the necklace shipped, so don’t wait on this one.

Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book - $35

Every child on your Christmas list, as long as they have been good this year, should get this book made just for them to keep forever. Every book is made-to-order and takes a few days, not weeks, to ship.

Bundled Up Monogram Ornament - $10

Personalized Monogram Ornament

This gift can always find a place on the Christmas tree in every home. These embroidered cuties are not made to order, so can be shipped right away and cost just $10.

Personalized Tic Tac Toe - $15

Forget the X’s and the O’s and make way for the letters of your initials. The best way is to get the game with all family members’ initials and use them on demand. Family game nights can be customized now. Give it 8 days to ship.

Plush robe - $99.99

This ain’t cheap, but it’s well worth it because who doesn’t love a cozy warm robe, especially an embroidered one? This gift will make anybody feel like at a spa getting some evening or weekend morning R&R.

Animalia Monogram Luggage tag - $26

The little animal printed and initialed tags are premade, so you can get those beauties sent fast and even match them to a passport holder for the ultimate traveler in your life.

Toddler Name Puzzle - $11.77

A wooden puzzle can now come as your child’s name and teach them something useful besides just being a fun toy. The puzzle fits up to 12 letters.

Monogram mug - $10

Personalization Mall Personalized Monogram Mugs

There are hundreds of uses for such monogram mugs from Anthropologie. You can drink anything you want from it, store just about anything in it, and even plant little cute plants there. The mugs are heavy enough to not be knocked down easily, so we will call them toddler-safe.

Squishy Lite Plush Pillow - $24.99

These cute little pillows glow with soft light in the dark and can become the best companion for a child who’s uncomfortable in the dark.

Wood cutting board - $39.99

Every house can use a beautiful engraved wooden cutting board with a name, initials, or family name on it. You can go bold and write something funny for that funny friend of yours. Either way this gift will keep on giving as it gets used on a daily basis sometimes.

Ruth Monogram Hook - $18

You always need hooks and rest assured that your loved ones also always need hooks. You can buy as many of them as you wish and spell an entire name or just initials – it’ll be fun either way.

Personalized Gifts For Christmas

Which Online Grocery Service is the Best

After reading countless articles about online grocery shopping, you might be thinking that everybody is buying their bread and milk online. It also looks like Amazon, Walmart, and Kroger are in a race to win as much of that market as possible, and fast. But the reality is not yet as rosy for the online grocery retailers.

best online grocery services

People are still cautious and testing the waters reluctantly, especially when many customers complain about higher prices online and late or rude delivery personnel.

Currently only 3% of groceries are bought online in the US. American consumers are a lot more conservative than some European and Asian counterparts, especially in UK and South Korea, where 15% of groceries are bought online.

Last year consulting group Brian & Co and Google did a survey of over 8,000 US shoppers and found out that only about a quarter of them tried online grocery buying. Only 26% off those surveyed people stated that they are buying groceries online more than once a month. This is a mere 6% of total population. The study concluded that most Americans are still making a few trips per week to their favorite physical grocery stores.

Many industry experts believe that just like with everything else new, this trend will explode in the future. Early adopters are starting to catch on to that and later the majority of population is very likely to follow.

Currently though grocers and delivery providers are still thinking of innovative ways to attract more people. Albertsons and Ahold Delhaize struggle with this problem just as much as Instacart and FreshDirect do. While not seeing much development yet, most companies are afraid to be overpowered by the likes of Amazon and thus invest into innovative delivery methods without any immediate payoffs.

To stay competitive, retailers follow one another and hope for the best in the future. They will try whatever new trend is likely to bring new customers and more cash, and online shopping definitely has that potential. If consumers weren’t responding, nobody would be throwing so much investment to improve online delivery options.

However, some convincing is still needed in this sector.

People still want to touch their fruit and their veggies when buying them and nobody figured how to offer that yet. This is why packaged non-perishable goods, such as chips and fitness bars are still the most popular items purchased online. There are also many flaws with the delivery that still need to be addressed, such as out of stock produce and late drivers.

42% of people said that grocery buying online saved them time, according to the same Brian & Co survey. A chance of bad experience is quite high and that one bad time might ruin the novelty forever. Retailers really need to be on point the very first time because 75% of surveyed people said they continue buying from the very store they bought from the first time.

Pricing is another issue that has yet to be solved. There are two ways retailers inform their consumers about the prices online. First, the prices are exactly the same as in stores and the delivery fees are clearly marked and transparent. Another way is hiking up the prices online to offset the delivery expenses without specifying them clearly. This second strategy scares many potential shoppers because they prefer to see lower prices in the stores and are afraid to overpay.

The grocery industry in the US has become a lot more competitive since Amazon bought Whole Foods in 2017. Everybody is very serious about not getting left behind in this arms race.

Walmart is definitely stepping up the game with 1,600 new locations offering grocery delivery before the end of 2020. Drivers from Deliv, DoorDash, and Roadie work to deliver groceries right to consumer homes. Smaller local delivery companies are getting hired to service city markets.

walmart groceries

Even Target is beginning to pay more attention to its grocery department and delivery. It bought a delivery platform Shipt to accommodate growing demand for same-day delivery at certain markets. The delivery by Shipt is available for $99 yearly membership fee. Shipped also works with Costco and Publix. Needless to say, Shipt is doing good and growing fast.

Kroger, together with its daughter companies Harris Teeter and Fred Meyer, offer grocery delivery from over 2,000 stores nationwide. There are no current plans to expand this department though – looks like Kroger is approaching this whole thing with caution.

Retailers should remain watchful and flexible to support in-store and online shoppers to get benefits from both.  Despite this recommendation, some smaller retailers are staying away from online delivery as they don’t see it as very profitable yet. Trader Joe’s decided to stop online grocery delivery in New York City all together as they believe that improved customer service in-stores will yield better results.

One thing is certain – as technology and delivery service continue to improve, more and more people will turn to grocery delivery, especially younger generation. Those retailers that understand and prepare for it will survive and thrive.


Should You Finance Your Holiday Purchases?

Walmart Holiday Discounts

This year when you go to your favorite stores for some Black Friday haul, don’t think about the best deal only, but also decide if you want to extend your cash time in your wallet a little longer and get those purchases financed. Yes, you heard it right - financing is available on most items, even toys and clothes.

Walmart Christmas Shop

Walmart is a pioneer in this trend and offers electronics, furniture, sporting goods, and even small purchases to be financed as an alternative to cash or credit card payments.

Walmart Christmas Promotions

It’s very simple for you – the amount of purchase will be broken into monthly payments with a small interest for borrowing.

Walmart Christmas Shop Discounts

Many other retailers are following Walmart because as long as they will get your money, they don’t really care when. Those short term loans are called point-of-sale loans and will likely be major drivers of sales this holiday season.

Walmart Holiday Bake Shop

Buyers vary and so do their needs. Some will be buying a $140 shimmering sweater from Anthropology and desire to pay for it in 4 payments of $35 with Afterpay online. Others will want a $1,300 watch from Shinola for 12 months payments of $105.14 with annual 10% percentage rate. I guess we spoke about that small interest too early after all.

Walmart App Promotion

Affirm from Silicon Valley has point-of-sale financing partnerships not only with Walmart, but also with Shinola, Warby Parker, Delta Vacations, Casper, StockX, Ring, and American Girl to name just a few. Affirm app works for buying everything else.

So what is this new trend? Is it a good way to save some money for longer? Or is it just another way to get us to buy things we can’t afford and pay 30% interest for gifts?

Walmart Holiday Electronics deals

New Affirm program marketers say that such gift buying is great for people who want to control their debt and can’t get a credit card due to their credit history. Those new loans use methods to calculate your likelihood of paying on time and even ask to see your checking account transactions, but they focus less on traditional credit check.

Some experts agree that this strategy might work better for consumers who like to be late and thus are afraid of credit cards and their late fees.

Walmart Holiday Pajamas Discount

Point-of-sale financing emphasizes that you will have to make a fixed low number of payments instead of having to carry credit card debt for years if paying only minimum fees. Most of installment plans don’t even have a late fee, so you won’t get slapped with $35 fee just for being a day late. One such late fee and it becomes more expensive then 30% APR with traditional credit cards.

Furniture stores have been offering installment payment plans for years, but you could not do that on toys or sweaters before. Today, thanks to technology, you will be able to get a little financing like that anywhere instantly. That same goes for services too.

Many people enjoy the opportunity to pay like that for big unplanned purchases or emergencies, think car tires or a house roof. You can finance those expenses, break them down, and pay them in 3 months with 30% interest, which on $600 price for tires wouldn’t even be noticeable.

Walmart Holiday Purchases

But what about purchases of toys, you say? Toys are different, according to many consumers, if you can’t afford a toy, maybe you shouldn’t buy it at all instead of getting more debt for unnecessary stuff.

Black Friday is a bit different. You do want to make everybody on your list happy and paying for every gadget all at once might be too much for your wallet. On a day like this many big deals and big purchases might carry 0% interest rate for installment payment plan. Our advice is to go for it as long as you understand the financing terms and are happy with your interest rate or lack of it.

Walmart Bike Shop

Consider for example a $2,245 Peloton Bike for this Christmas. You can pay the entire amount and be done with it or you can pay $58 per month for 39 months. If you calculate the total you will get $2,262, which includes some fees and taxes, but no interest rate. The choice is yours.


Walmart 5% OFF PromotionMost deals at Walmart do come with 10-30% interest rate and that poses a dilemma: should you or shouldn’t you? Whichever way you look at it, you will end up paying more at the end. You can choose to repay in 3, 6, or 12 months, but there will be interest whichever way you go.

Walmart Layaway Promotion

Walmart has its Layaway holiday program too, which can be a good option if you are sure you can finish all payments without stopping and losing an item and 20% or so. And then there is also new Walmart Capital One Rewards MasterCard with 5% cash back on purchases.

Walmart Holiday Electronics Promotions

Monthly payment plan at Walmart applies only to items between $150 and $2,000, excluding guns, alcohol, groceries, and pharmacy. Walmart also displays the deal in dollars, not hard-to-understand percentage rates, so people know what they sign up for.

Walmart Finance with Affirm

If you are interested in such deal with Affirm, you can apply at the register by providing your name, email, phone number, date of birth, and last 4 social security numbers for a quick look at your eligibility. You can do the same online. Affirm then looks at your credit score and beyond it to determine if you can afford to pay, and all that happens instantly, so you don’t have to wait.

Walmart Ugly Sweaters discount

This is kind of like a small revolution in credit card system. It’s fast and gives payment alternatives for people who need them. Shoppers don’t only pre-qualify for financing, but can also create virtual card for shopping anywhere online or at physical places that accept Google Pay or Apple Pay.

PayPal at Walmart

Affirm was founded by Max Levchin, a co-founder of PayPal and its former chief technology officer. Most of Affirm’s customers are millennials and Gen Z so far, but other generations are taking interest as 2020 is approaching. Today’s instant gratification desire is the perfect climate for such pay-as-you-go options as we all want something we see that same minute and not a second later.

Walmart Holiday Promotions

Stores That Let You Stack Promo Codes


Kohls, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, JCPenney, Samsonite, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Best Buy


If you're a single bargain hunter, you're probably familiar with "coupon stacking". This is where you use more than one coupon or discount at a retailer or grocery store. Not all retailers allow this practice, which can be annoying when you get to check out. The good news is that many do. Here are some of the retailers that allow you to "coupon stack" which will give you the best deals and savings possible.



Kohls coupon stacking


When you shop at Kohls you can save the most by using up to 4 coupon codes together. Kohls provides several types of promo codes which can be used by all customers as well as customers with Kohls Charge:

  1. Coupon Codes - 15%, 20%, 25% or 30%, using which you can save on all products, sale & clearance items including. Just one such coupon can be used per order maximum. 
  2. A coupon code $10 OFF $30 on all items. Shoppers can use only one such coupon per order.
  3. Free shipping coupons can be of two types. The store offers either free shipping coupons on your order of $50 or free shipping coupons without minimum purchase. Only one such coupon can be used per order.
  4. Coupon codes for specific categories of products. For example, 15% off children's products, 10% off home products. Maximum 4 such coupons can be used per order. 

You can sign-up for Kohls e-mail sale alerts to receive coupon codes by e-mail.

Kohl's Cash & Promos

Shoppers can select up to 4 coupon codes from each of four coupon types: 20% coupon code on all items plus $10 OFF $30 coupon code, plus free shipping coupon code, plus coupon on items from the specific category of products – for example, 10% off home products, if the order contains items from this category. If you have no free shipping coupon, no $10 off $30 coupon, you can use more coupons on items from specific groups of products (up to 3), and 4 if you don't use a coupon code for all items. To enjoy the maximum amount of saving it is best to use the coupon code applied to all products store-wide. 

Kohls also offer the Yes2You Rewards program. To save more shoppers can receive $5 back in reward of every $100 spent in store or online. 

The list of all active Kohl's Stackable Promo Codes is here.


Saks Fifth Avenue Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth avenue stackable coupon

Saks Fifth Avenue offers its customers the opportunity to save when they shop in store or online. When you make a purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue, you can stack up to 5 coupons per order. Saks Fifth Avenue offers a wide range of discounts, from percentage and dollar amount discounts with a fixed minimum purchase to coupon codes on gifts when you purchase particular product. The store can also offer discounts on particular type of products, women's clothing, for example, as well as promo codes for free samples customers can get with their purchase and discounts on gift cards. Saks Fifth Avenue provides free shipping without minimum purchase required - No Code Needed.

When you sign up at Saks Fifth Avenue, you will get a 10% discount or another coupon with your first order. 

Customers can benefit from incredible sales at Saks Fifth Avenue. For example, you can save up to 75% on items from such leading brands as Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Givenchy, Zac Posen and many others. Visit the page Saks Fifth Avenue Coupon Codes to get up to $275 off your entire purchase. You can stack up to 5 coupon codes at checkout to maximize the amount of your saving.

All Saks Fifth Avenue Promo Codes can be found here.


Target Target


target stack coupons


Target provides customers with its own store coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons. To differentiate these two coupon types just move mouse cursor to, and in the upper left corner of the coupon you will see either "Target coupon" or "manufacturer coupon".

Target also offers special mobile coupons. To sign up for Target mobile coupons just send the word "COUPONS" to 827-438 and you will receive the link through which to subscribe. After you subscribe to Target mobile coupons you will be sent up to 5 valid mobile coupons a month together with other different store coupons. 

Example of Target Order Summary with Discounts

To save most while shopping at Target you can stack the following coupon: 1 Target coupon (printable, mobile, from Sunday paper), 1 Manufacturer coupon and 1 Cartwheel offer per item. 

Plus you can use Target's REDcard to save every time you shop at Target. The store offers two types of REDcard: a debit card and a credit card. Both cards provide 5% discount on your order in store or online, as well as free shipping on your every online order. In addition, card holders can return the purchased product within 30 days.

To find the complete list of all active Target Coupon Codes follow this link.


JCPenney JCPenney

JCPenney offers shoppers the opportunity to use up to 3 coupons together while making purchases online. JCPenney features several types of coupons:

  • Free Shipping Codes – Sometimes JCPenney offers free shipping codes on the purchases of $49 or less. As a rule, JCPenney offers free shipping to store, no minimum; free shipping anywhere for the order of $99.
  • Reward Code – Those customers who have JCPenney Credit Card or JCPenney rewards card can get $10 in JCP rewards for $100 or more spent during a month or $15 in JCP rewards, if the customer has a platinum card. Reward codes can be used together with JCPenney discount codes.

Shoppers can use a discount code and a free shipping coupon together when buying a product. Customers with JCPenney Credit Card or JCPenney rewards card can save even more by adding JCPenney Reward code while making a purchase. So up to 3 coupon codes can be used together when checking out. 

Consider subscribing to the store to get JCPenney Discount Codes by e-mail, and check the latest coupons here.


Samsonite Samsonite

Samsonite stack and save deals

Shopping at Samsonite you can save up to 75% on various luggage. To get extra discount make sure you use coupon codes both on all products and specific categories of goods. Sometimes Samsonite offers its customers great stack and save deals. For example, 20% off your entire order, plus an additional $20 off on select items! This allows you to increase the amount of your saving while purchasing travel bags, luggage, and accessories, using up to two coupons together. You can also take advantage of extra 30% off Samsonite Clearance Items with Discount Code. The store also provides Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 with no coupon needed. When you sign up at Samsonite to be sent coupon codes and promo codes by email you receive $20 off your next order.

To see more active promo codes of Samsonite visit this page.


Snapfish Snapfish

Snapfish Promo Code Usage Example

Consider applying a Snapfish coupon code with your online purchase. The photo service often offers promo codes that enable their customers to get 40% off all orders, 60% off everything $40+ or 50% off orders of $30+.

    New customers are eligible for special deals. If you’re ordering from Snapfish for the first time you get 100 free prints or even a free Snapfish photo book.

    Check out Snapfish for seasonal sales before Christmas in December, Mother’s Day in April.  In June and July you can find great discount on a variety of summer-themed items.

    Get your orders delivered free with Snapfish free shipping coupon codes. The shipping fee varies depending on your order, but you can take advantage of free shipping if you use a code.

How to Use Snapfish Coupons

    First you should fill out the Snapfish login information to place your order. Make sure you navigate to the “Cart” page of the checkout process. After entering your Snapfish promo code into the “Promo Code” box click “Apply” to see your discount in the subtotal.

Keep in mind that you can stack up as many as 5 Snapfish coupon codes at checkout.

Here is the list of all active Snapfish Promo Codes.


Shutterfly Shutterfly

Shutterfly Special offers and Discounts Usage Example

Shutterfly regularly issues various promo codes so their customers could save when they purchase products at Shutterfly. The promo codes offered include free shipping on Shutterfly orders, 25% off select items and even free cards and magnets. In addition, customers are allowed to stack promo codes to save even more.

How to Use Shutterfly Coupons

    If you want to use a Shutterfly coupon with your order you need to log into your account and click on the drop-down menu near your name. Then click on the “Account Info” link and enter your Shutterfly coupon code in the box under the Promos/Gift Certificates/Gift Cards heading.

    When you enter your promo code it will automatically apply to your next purchase at Shutterfly. Or you can enter Shutterfly promo codes before checking out. All you need to do is just enter the code into the promo code box on the checkout page.

    Shutterfly allows the customers to use multiple promo codes with their order. Make sure you read the fine print on the promo code to find out whether they can be combined with other offers or not.

You can find all active Shutterfly Promo Codes here.


Best Buy Best Buy

BestBuy multiple coupons

Best Buy is leading national retailer that focuses on offering a huge assortment of electronics and appliances. There are more than 1,000 Best Buy stores around the globe and the retailer has gained the reputation of the trusted and reliable company that delivers the most rewarding shopping experience. Best Buy regularly offers a number of promotions so their customers could take advantage of great deals. Plus Best Buy allows the shoppers to stack online codes and it means that multiple coupons can be used together.

If you want to apply stackable online codes, you should enter each code one at a time. Make sure you press “enter” after each code you enter so your total balance includes all coupon codes.

Applying Promotional Code for Your Order at Best Buy

When you check in it is advisable to double-check what you are doing. Make sure you verify your online invoice before you make a transaction —check whether all coupon codes are reflected above the final amount charged. If you applied a free shipping code, look at the “shipping” line that should have zero.

Customers can enjoy free shipping from Best Buy in the following cases.

1. Members are eligible for free 2 day shipping on a variety of items.

2. Free delivery on the orders of $399 and more. 

3. Free 2-day shipping sitewide on $35+. No coupon code is needed.

To check the latest Best Buy coupons follow this link.


CVS Pharmacy CVS

CVS, like target, allows one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item. CVS pharmacy has an excellent stacking policy that can really help you save. You can use your Extra Care Bucks in combination with other coupons. Make sure you print them from the web and make sure they have a barcode printed on that is scannable at the checkout register. Get up-to-date CVS Promo Codes here.


Walgreens Walgreens

Walgreens customers can use one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon or several coupons when purchasing a product, if it is not prohibited by either coupon offer. When you buy several items, Walgreens allows shoppers to apply multiple coupons for several qualifying items, in case there is enough inventory in stock and no limit is specified on the coupon. It should be noted that the coupon amount will be decreased if it is bigger than the value of the product after other discounts or coupons have been used. For example, if you are using a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 product a coupon value will constitute just $4.99.

Keep in mind that the store doesn't allow to combine total store offer/ coupons, such as 20% off your entire purchase, employee discount, Seniors Day, Friends and Family, Veteran's Day, etc.

Walgreens features its Register Rewards Loyalty Program. The retailer offers Register Rewards with particular items as a promotion. For example, customers can get $3 Register Rewards back when making a $10 Pampers purchase. As a rule, Register Rewards are valid for two weeks since the date of the issue. Keep in mind that such promo offers cannot be combined with another coupon issued by the manufacturer.

Plus those shoppers who redeem a Register Rewards/Savings coupon against the same offer are restricted from using another Register Rewards/Savings Rewards coupon.

The number of manufacturer coupons applied, including Register Rewards/Savings Rewards manufacturer coupons, can never exceed the number of products purchased in the transaction.

Walgreens often offers Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons. Such promotion requires the purchase of at least one item. Only one BOGO coupon can be used with the purchase of two qualifying items in a BOGO offer.

Walgreens also offers FREE standard shipping on orders of $35 or more. Customers can take advantage of FREE standard shipping with no minimum purchase if they opt for Ship to Store at checkout. But it should be noted that extra charges apply to orders of 20 lbs or more. Gift Cards are shipped for FREE.

The company also offers FREE 2-Day shipping on new prescription orders. Orders with prescriptions and/or contact lenses get FREE standard shipping as well (up to 20 lbs. except flat fee items).

Walgreens Promo Codes are located here.


Victoria's Secret Victoria's Secret

Customers who shop at Victoria's Secret can also use multiple codes, but they have to be used in the store. Only one promo code can be used online. According to its website, in order to use promo codes, simply: typing your offer codes and/or Angel Rewards and click the continue button. If you need an additional PIN or Certificate number will let you know.  Victoria's Secret lets you use up to three coupons per in-store purchase. There are no restrictions in terms of dollar off or percentage off coupons. In theory they would let you use 3% off coupons for a single order. Online, many of their promo codes are only good for one time usage. You can check their Facebook page for exclusive coupons. Get Victoria's Secret Promo Codes here.


Dollar General Dollar General

Dollar General offers its shoppers the opportunity to use a single store coupon combined with a single manufacturer coupon per item in a transaction, if the coupons have no specific restrictions. Customers are prohibited to stack two or more manufacturer coupons for a single item. The retailer also allows customers to combine two or more Dollar General store coupons in a single transaction provided the coupon or promotion doesn't state otherwise.

Cash Back and Coupon Coverage

In case the coupon value exceeds the cost of the product, the difference cannot be received as cash but will be applied to the balance of the total transaction excluding gift cards, pre-paid money cards or phone cards. Other restrictions may apply.

Digital Coupons

For online shoppers Dollar General offers digital coupons. Check the Digital Coupon Gallery for the latest Digital Coupons, both manufacturer ones and those issued by the store. They can be loaded right to your store account. Digital Coupons can be easily redeemed during checkout but you will need to use your phone number. Consider visiting Dollar General/ Coupon webpage to open an account. 

Mobile and Text Coupons

The store accepts mobile and text coupons for Dollar General that come with a valid Dollar General promotional code and expiration date. These store coupons can be used together with manufacturer coupons for the same product per transaction.

Submitting Multiple Types of Dollar General Coupons

Keep in mind that in case of a conflict between a digital coupon, print coupon or mobile coupon that is for the same item, the first coupon presented will be applied to the transaction, no matter the value.

In addition, a number of Dollar General stores offer a “Saturday-only” register coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Plus customers can benefit from free shipping when they spend $40 or more.

Check out Dollar General Promo Codes.


Michael's Michael's

Shopping online at Michael's you can utilize more than one Michael's coupon per order if it does not affect more than one item. For example, you would not be able to use a 20% off the whole purchase, and combine it with a secondary coupon, but you would be able to use a coupon that applies to one item and another that applies to a second item. Be sure to use the Rather -Be- Shopping coupon app. Michael's also accepts coupons from competitors like Joann, Bobby Lobby and Hancock. 

All Michaels coupons are here.

Applying Promo Codes at Is a very popular online electronics retailer with competitive pricing. They have a stackable coupon policy that will allow you to add an unlimited number of coupon codes to your online order. The catch is that only one coupon code can be used for each item in your virtual shopping cart. You can get all Promo Codes by using this link.


Best Students Discounts in 2019

Being a student can be tough, but it comes with at least one great perk – retailers and manufacturers know how many new things fresh students need and are also perfectly aware of their future buying power, which translates in plenty of discounts to get students’ attention early on.

Most discounts and programs are for college students only, but more and more companies are including K-12 too. Student deals are not always widely advertised, so always ask before purchasing.  Customer service can always explain details about blanket percent discounts, limited-time offers, and various limitations. Be aware that most retailers will ask for a student status proof.

When it comes to technology, find out what type of computer will your school require you to have, if any, and what software will work best for you ahead of time.

While you have your student ID and your school email address, never hesitate to use it. Take a look at some deals you can find for virtually every occasion in life:

Technology and electronics

tech student discounts and promotions

Microsoft – 10% off Windows PCs

  • Sony – 10% off computers and accessories and various other deals. Sony does verify your ID.
  • Adobe – 60% off Creative Cloud
  • Office 365 – Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, one Note, and Microsoft Teams are free while you are at school
  • Norton – up to 50% some items
  • Fujitsu – 5% off when ordering over the phone

Cell Phones

  • T-Mobile – register through and get one time $50 credit and no activation fee

t-mobile students discounts

  • AT&T – if your school is registered with AT&T Business Center, students can get significant monthly bill discounts

at&t students promotion

  • Verizon – you can get 20% off your bill if your school is registered with them. Check it out via employee discount page
  • Sprint – call Sprint to inquire about available discounts


Clothing stidents promotions

  • Aeropostale – 15% off
  • American Apparel – register online and get 15% off
  • American Eagle – join UNiDAYS and get 15% off
  • ASOS – 10% all the time
  • Banana Republic – 15% off regular priced items in-store
  • Charlotte Russe – 10% off
  • Club Monaco – 20% off in-store and online for all clothing lines
  • Goodwill and Salvation Army – discounts are location based, most of them on Tuesdays
  • J. Crew – 15% off with student ID in-stores and with .edu email online
  • Joe’s Jeans – 15% off with UNiDAYS
  • Kate Spade – 15% off online

kate spade offers for studens

Levi’s – 15% off discount for students

  • Madewell – 15% off in stores
  • Nike – 10% off with email sign up

nike students discounts and promotions

  • PINK – 15% off your order
  • TOMS – 10% off for those do-good and feel-good shoes
  • Topshop – 10% off in-store and online with Student Advantage Card
  • Under Armour – 10% off for all athletic gear

under armour for students

  • Vineyard Vines – 15% off
  • Ann Taylor – 15% off with your student ID

Beauty Products

students beauty products offers

  • Sally Beauty Supply – beauty school students can sign up and get monthly savings
  • Sigma – 10% off all beauty products with a special student code
  • MAC Makeup – 10% off for joining UNiDAYS


  • AMC Theaters – select locations offer student discounts one day per week
  • Cinemark – select locations have student discounts, so always ask
  • Regal – ask your local theater about their offers
  • Museums – most museums have select days per week when they offer student discounts
  • The New York Times – 50% print subscriptions
  • Spotify/Hulu – 50% off Spotify with Hulu subscription
  • The Wall Street Journal - $1 per week for 15 weeks or $49 per year. Digital and paper packages to choose from

Home Décor

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond – 20% off one item in-store with email sign up
  • JoAnn – 20% off during College Student dates

home decor students discounts

  • – free Club O membership will give you free shipping, 5% in rewards, up to 40% off, and more
  • PBTeen – 15% off with ID
  • Sam’s Club - $25 gift card with membership at just $45 per year
  • West Elm – 15% off


  • Arby’s – 10% off your order with student ID
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off at participating locations
  • Burger King – 10% off your entire meal
  • Chick-fil-A – one free small drink with any order and your student ID
  • Chipotle – one free drink with a meal
  • Dairy Queen – 10% off everything, offer varies by location, so always ask
  • Qdoba – one free beverage with your meal and ID
  • TCBY – 15% off all yogurts
  • Waffle House – 10% off day and night with your student ID


  • General Motors – Chevrolet College Discount Program offers big savings for college students
  • Allstate – If you have good grades and are under 25, you can save up to 20%
  • Geico – students under 25 can get up to 15% off their insurance policy
  • State Farm – good grades can bring you 25% off your car insurance
  • Farmers Insurance – Students under 25 should talk to an agent to find what discounts are available to them
  • Greyhound – 20% off some destinations

Free Baby Products for New Moms

New moms know that cost of such essential items as diapers, wipes, and formula can add up very quickly, even if taken separately it seems each is pretty cheap. Finding discounts is one great way to save, but how about scoring totally free things?

baby products

Lots of companies strive to offer new moms samples and free packages of their products to make sure they try it and buy it in the future. Looking for such freebies also takes time, so we rounded up some offers for you to take a look at. The only thing you will have to do is invest a bit of time to sign up and register for some programs to get these deals, but it is well worth it.

Amazon baby registry welcome box

Amazon’s baby registry is one of the best, so sign up for it with your Prime membership and add items to it. You will get 15% for complete registry, 20% off diaper subscription, and 90 day free return. Upon signing up, Amazon will send you a box with wipes, lotions, books, vitamins, and many other supplies worth around $40.

Enfamil formula

Enfamil is one of the most popular formulas and getting it free would be very positive for your budget. Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings program, get up to $400 worth of gifts sent to you over a period of time, useful coupons, and a chance to win free formula for a year.

Target baby registry gift bag

Just like with Amazon, you can open your baby registry at Target and receive a gift bag, containing diapers, bottles, pacifiers, wipes, and more. In addition to this, you will get 15% off everything in your gift registry, so load it up! The gift bag will have to be picked up at your local store and will include over $50 worth of coupons with the free samples. Since we all love Target, one trip there is definitely not a big deal!

baby items

Gerber baby gift box

Sign up for My Gerber account to receive free products, discounts, and coupons. You can also call them over the phone and you will be offered this deal.

Freebies from The Honest Company

This is a bit tricky, because you have to sign up for a free trial to receive diapers and wipes package or essentials collection, which includes lotions, soaps, and surface cleaners. You’ll also have to pay $5.95 for shipping. Do not forget to cancel the trial membership after receiving your package, unless you want to stay subscribed and charged every month. Call the company to cancel.

BuyBuy Baby gift bag

Yet another place for a baby registry with immediate 20% off your order and a great free goodie bag with various essentials.

National Diaper Bank Network

If you qualify, you will get a free diaper supply donated by other moms. Consider organizing a diaper drive yourself to help others.

Nature’s One free product

Register at Nature’s One and get a free full size item, such as 12-oz can of formula. You will only have to cover $6 shipping cost.

Similac formula

Sign up for Similac StrongMoms Rewards program and receive up to $400 in gifts and discounts. Custom gifts will also include coupons and special deals.

Imagination Library

Imagination Library is a program sponsored by Dolly Parton to encourage early childhood reading. This program is not available in all areas, but where it is, you have to sign up for it and you will receive a free book every month until your child turns 5.

baby clothing and toys

Seventh Generation Rewards

Sign up for their rewards program and try free plant-based products, receive discounts and coupons.

Pampers rewards

New moms love this program because every diaper purchase becomes rewards points, which you can use to get free diapers, toys, food, or turn them into coupons.

Ikea freebies

Ikea Family membership program is very family-friendly indeed. You will receive food offers, free coffee and hot tea deals, and a chance to win some money from time to time. And every new family needs coffee and money!

Free breast pump

Visit to find out if you qualify for this offer, which established that all women should have access to breast pumps via The Affordable Care Act. If you do qualify, definitely use it and give your baby the best nourishment possible.

GoodNites offers

Join them for freebies, various deals, and loads of useful information.

Hospital goodie bags

You doctor’s office and hospital usually have take-home goodie bags filled with diapers, newborn shirts, blankets, formula, and information how to join local clubs for more discounts and free products.

Huggies rewards

Huggies rewards program works very similar to Pampers, where each purchase of diapers and other products will generate points, later transferrable to wipes, food, and more diapers.

Walmart baby box

This is a subscription for three boxes: pregnancy, newborn, and toddler. You will have to pay $5 shipping for each one and then enjoy free age-appropriate goodies.

Dr. Seuss book club

Dr. Seuss book club

Sign up for Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club and receive 4 books for $4.99. Don’t forget to cancel the trial online unless you would like to continue with monthly book delivery, which is a really great deal for the price.

Hardcover Animal Babies Book

Those books are beautiful, but require a trial subscription. All you have to do is pay $1 first time shipping fee. Don’t forget to call them in the next 3 weeks to cancel the subscription.

Kindle Children’s Books

If you are already Kindle reader, check out their children’s book section for some amazing finds for free!

You can always find plenty of coupons and various chances to win free stuff on their website. Look for coupon button for monthly deals on formula.


Shutterfly offers 50 free 4x6 pictures of your bundle of joy with code YUR49S. You will have to cover shipping costs though, but otherwise it’s a steal!


The company offers immensely popular baby music and play classes for $75 per month, but you can try one for free before signing up.

Amazon Family

Amazon Family account has many benefits and discounts of diaper and formula subscriptions. Try it free for the first 30 days and keep it later.

Seven Slings free sling

You might like the idea of carrying your baby on you worry-free, but if you have never tried it, do it with this company for free. Just enter code FREESLING4ME with your order and only pay for shipping.

Baby leggings

Those cute leggings can be yours for just $10 instead of regular $50 with code GIVEME5FREE. While it’s not totally free, the discount is definitely hefty.

Pea to Pumpkin Baby Journal

New moms don’t have much time, but any spare minute devoted to filling the baby journal will pay off in the future. Receive free one here!

Under Cover Nursing Cover

You can never have too many free things, right? Get a free cover here with code FREEUCOVER1 for just a price of shipping.

Parents Magazine

Once the baby is here, you will definitely appreciate this kind of read, which is free for the whole year.

Ellen and Kylie for Walmart. Best Collaborations You Can’t Miss

Walmart invests a lot of effort and resources to score celebrity collaborations for fashion and home goods. The retailer has to compete with its rivals to get a nice share of fourth quarter sales during that busy shopping season, so innovation is never far from the minds of the executives.

Walmart Clothing Line EV1

What is EV1 collection all about?

One of the most popular new collections is EV1 with Ellen DeGeneres that launched last fall to great success. The beloved comedian took part in designing and testing all 60 items that range from denim separates, jackets, sneakers, and inspirational tees. The entire collection mimics Ellen’s relaxed and care-free style, so expect to fall in love with her slogan t-shirts and all other fashion pieces.

Ellen Degeneres walmart Clothing Line

The line is all about inclusiveness and thus has many sizes, from XS to XXXL. The name of the collection stands for “Everyone”, so the clothes are not only fun, but accessible and really fit for people from all walks of life.

EV1 Walmart Discount

What kind of relationship does Ellen and Walmart have?

Ellen didn’t have many doubts about collaborating with Walmart because this is the place where many people of all sizes come to feel included and represented. Walmart also partnered with her on many give-backs and viewer outreach initiatives in the past. For example, Walmart joined the talk show host to provide scholarships to the entire underprivileged Brooklyn school’s class on one episode. This blossoming relationship is why Ellen decided to collaborate on a fashion collection with the retailer.

What is the message her collection sends?

The collection is also meant to spread a message of love, which is so needed in our divided society full of various tensions. Many pieces sport embroidered word “love” or a heart to remind as all that love is love and it doesn’t look at your color, religion, or size.

Walmart has been transforming itself as a major fashion source for a while now, according to Walmart head of fashion eCommerce US, Denise Incandela. EV1 is just another step towards making Walmart a strong style destination.

EV1 Collection for Walmart

What are some other recent collaborations?

Ellen DeGeneres is not the only celebrity to collaborate with Walmart. The ever popular sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also on board with Walmart and recently launched their “Kendall + Kylie” brand handbags and accessories. Expect to find a lot of faux leather handbags and backpacks, shiny clutches, and trendy fanny packs all for under $36.

Walmart Clearance EV1 Clothing

The sisters have collections with more upscale retailers, like Nordstrom and Shopbop, but this collection can stand next to both of those. The more affordable Walmart collaboration can reach more people while Walmart will celebrate getting the attention of huge sisters’ young fan base.

Does Walmart have non-fashion celebrity collaborations?

Ree Drummond Instant Pot

Fashion section is not the only one department where Walmart seeks to venture into wider shopper masses. Food and entertainment space can also use some sprucing up, and that’s where Ree Drummond “The Pioneer Woman” comes in. The entertainer and TV personality custom designed an Instant Pot, which was one of the bestselling items for holidays. She also has a bedding collection on

Ree Drummond Pans at Walmart

Finally, when talking about food, one other collaboration worth mentioning here is the line of pies and cakes with Patti LaBelle. All her pumpkin pies, sweet potato pies, and caramel cakes were available for online grocery pickup around Thanksgiving 2015, making the sweet potato pie a star that got sold 1 per second for 72 hours. Such sales are no doubt amazing for both parties involved.

Get Ready for Summer with Walmart. Best Bikinis for Less for Summer 2019


Walmart has been making great strides to compete with ever-increasing number of rivals and has been winning. This applies to many lines and collections – think Drew Barrymore furniture collection and Sophia Vergara endorsed jeans. Now that the summer is here, Walmart is not going to be outdone by the likes of Target in the bikini section. The swimsuit world is being taken over by Walmart’s own Time and Tru collection that includes mix and match two piece swimsuits.

Walmart Swimwear Collection

Based on claims of many executives and plenty of social media photos and reviews, the bikinis are as hot as it gets. They fit ladies up to size 3X and offer endless matching options. And the best part is that colorful and trendy designs are just $18, so you will have plenty of budget left for all the refreshments you might desire while lounging at the pool in your attention-grabbing bikini.

Walmart - bikinis for summer

The collection pieces are very thought through with comfortable fit and details such as underwire finish and adjustable straps. This time Walmart took care of both the esthetics and the comfort, which the retailer is not best known for.

Swimsuits at Walmart

People are paying attention and claiming that they prefer this Walmart line to pricy Victoria Secret pushups and even various luxury brands.

Walmart Discount Swimsuits

Target is also feeling the heat from Walmart this year with many people claiming that their bikinis are less comfortable and more expensive than the Wally World options.

Walmart Swimwear Sale

The coveted swimsuits will be at their peak season in May, but don’t wait too long. Head right to the store or shop online because the bikinis are expected to sell out fast after all the hype they are causing already.

Here are some options for your style and price preferences:

  • Ladder Trim Top and High-Waist Bottom - $17 each
  • Cabana V Wire Bikini Swimsuit Top and Print Side Tie Loop Bottom - $17 each
  • Print Mesh Bikini Top and Mesh Insert High Waist Bottom - $17 each
  • Sunday Floral Push Up Top and Sunday Floral High Waist Bottom - $18 each
  • Botanica Push Up Top and Botanica High Waist Bottom – 18 each

How to Save Money at Your Favourite Restaurants

eating out cheaper


Most people don’t eat out at the restaurants very often and there are some really legit reasons why - you have full control of the quality of ingredients, it’s almost always cheaper, you don’t have to wait to be seated and serviced, and finally, you have virtually unlimited choices what to eat. So yes, tons of pros for home cooking.

However, there are plenty of times when eating out just makes more sense: on vacation, on a date, and simply after a long day of hiking. Restaurant atmosphere and a long meal about once a month can really help shake the feeling of routine off.

If you have a kid or two, restaurant bill can add up really fast. But fear not, we have compiled a list of strategies that will help you plan your restaurant meals better and make them more affordable. Take a look at ways to maintain your budget while indulging once in a while:

Discounted gift cards

This one is obvious – shop at discount gift card retailers and you can save up to 50% on restaurants, so no need to ever pay face value for your meal.

Try, and for great deals. Costco and Sam’s Club often sell gift card bundles for a lot less than they are worth.

Free appetizers and meal sharing

restaurant main meal with free salsa

There are plenty of restaurants that offer free appetizers just to get you in the door. Mexican restaurants often have free unlimited chips and salsa, Red Lobster has unlimited basket of cheddar bay biscuits, many Italian eateries offer free bread with oil.

You can get pretty full on those appetizers, so keep that in mind when ordering while hungry. In other words, don’t order a giant plate of food that you will never finish. Instead get a smaller meal that you will really like or share one larger plate with another family member.

Drink water

eat and drink water at restaurant

Restaurants make majority of their money on soft drinks and bar cocktails. If you really want to save, skip all drinks at the restaurant, stick with tap water, and then get whatever you like at home, after dinner. Home is the best and the cheapest bar of all.

If you really want to splurge and enhance your meal with a perfect glass of wine, get one, but only with your meal.

Finally, water is you’re your healthiest and the most pure beverage option.

Sunday paper coupons

You can often find plenty of coupons and special offer from your local chain restaurants in your Sunday paper. Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, and some others offer coupons very often.

Sometimes such coupon search can lead you to discover a new eatery you didn’t even know about. Coupons are very easy to use and serve as cash in the restaurant.

Kids eat free places

Many family restaurants offer “kids eat free” at least once a week. This strategy can save quite a bit of money very fast if you have more than one child. In addition to saving, you know you will be dining at a family-friendly establishment and with a piece of mind that your child will not be only one disturbance and nobody will mind a bit of noise.

Create a budget

restaurant on a budget

You know your family and its needs and likes best, so set aside some money for eating out every month. That amount might cover a couple of fancy meals or more nights out at a less expansive place. The budget will guarantee that you won’t go all out and spend way too much on food. It’s always nice to put a cap on it.

Save expensive places for a date night and choose family friendly and cheaper restaurants for going out with family.

Special deals

Restautant happy hour deal

Think early bird specials, which are served early in the morning or before 5 pm for dinner. Some places discount food and beverage items for the last call, right before closing.

Find out those times of a week or day at your favorite restaurants and come in then to take advantage of them.

Appetizers as main meals

Many restaurants serve huge trays of appetizers for a relatively low price. For example, a huge plate of bruschetta with toppings can cost $6.99 and be more than enough to make you full.

Eating an appetizer as your meal will also ensure that you have some portion control and eat slower, which is much better for you than an overflowing bowl of creamy pasta.

Coupon book or discount card

Many charities and non-profit organizations sell coupon books or local discount cards to direct some funds their way. You can buy this book or split one with your neighbors and friends to save a huge amount of money. 2-3 visits to your local participating restaurant can pay for the yearly book right away.

Split the main meal

If you like a big-portion restaurant, consider splitting the entrée with another person in your party. After all, some places bring more food than a person could or should eat. All you need to do is order one meal and ask for an extra plate for splitting.

If you don’t think you will get enough food that way, order a cheaper appetizer for splitting. This will definitely cut your bill and your waist line.

Skip dessert

Dessert is another often overpriced item on the menu. Skipping it will not only benefit your wallet, but also your health. If you absolutely have to have something sweet, have a treat at home. Chances are it will be a lot cheaper and maybe even healthier for you.

If you can’t wait until you get home, stop by a place that focuses on just desserts and you will pay less.

Follow restaurants on social media

Chances are you spend time on social media anyway, so why not follow your favorite eateries and get discounts and coupons first hand? You can often get “buy one, get one ½ off”, free appetizers, and even free meals just by being in-the-know via social media.

Mailing lists is another good way to keep up with discount offerings.

Portion control

If you have a large serving of food and start feeling full, stop nibbling at it and instead ask for a container to take it home and make another meal out of it next day. Your body will thank you for not overloading it with extra calories.

Make eating out special

Events that don’t happen very often become special. Keep this in mind and don’t make eating out a routine, keep it special and save money by not doing at all the time.

Finally, there are some useful money-saving tips and tricks from restaurant employees and insiders that are definitely worth considering:

  • Take it “to-go” – by doing this you will save money on beverages, deserts, salads, and will often get extra helping. Just make sure you are skipping delivery.
  • Skip bottled water and sweet sodas – you can often pay 50% more for your bottled water than retail. Restaurants also make a huge profit of sodas. Forgo both of those.
  • Lunch for dinner – if the restaurant allows, consider ordering from lunch menu for dinner. Your linner will essentially be the same thing, just a lot cheaper.
  • Bring your own wine – do this everywhere you can and you will enjoy your meals with a very affordable wine.
  • Buy combos – they are often great healthy options on a budget. Soup and salad or soup and ½ sandwich are great for your belly and for your wallet.
  • Talk to your waiter – be nice and you might receive an extra serving or a complimentary tasting.
  • Ask about status discounts – military personnel, seniors, handicapped, and students all can get great deals. All you have to do is ask.
  • Don’t go for specials – they are not cheaper and might just be trial menu options.
  • Order large – when it comes to ice cream or other dessert specialty stores, you will get the most value from a large portion.
  • Happy hour – discounted drinks and appetizers await!
  • Groupon and LivingSocial – enough said.
  • Eat a snack – don’t go grocery shopping or to the restaurant completely starving. Have a snack right before and you will order more sensibly.
  • Bruch – slow down, relax, enjoy, and make it special with one price for breakfast and lunch.

Discounts for Athletes and Trainers

Being a fitness instructor has many benefits: it’s a great job and it’s your way of life, where you can share your lifestyle with others, and spent days perfecting and toning your body together with your students. But there is one other thing – you can earn some major discounts on workout attire just by doing what you do best – teach.

Here are some brands that offer anywhere from 15 to 50 percent off their products if you can prove that you are an active trainer or fitness professional:


reebok shoes

You can get 25% off online and in FitHub stores. All you have to do is register at ReebokONE with your trainer certification and shop with the automatically applied discount.ree


workout clothes cheap

30% off discount can be applied on regular-priced items in-store only. Come in, show your profession proof, and shop ‘till you drop.

Sweaty Betty

To get 30% off online and in-store you will have to email your scanned certification to the customer service to open your account and to enjoy automatically applied discount from there.


Trainers get discount on 4 pairs of shoes per year with Asics Professional Buyers Program.


You will get 30% off everything after Lole’s Wellness Professional application completion, which includes an ID and a photo submission. Physical card will be sent to you for use in-stores and a special code emailed for online purchases.

Victoria Sport

All trainers can become Victoria Sport Trainer Appreciation Program members for free between now and July 31st, 2019 and receive up to 40% off select merchandise.

Alo Yoga

All instructors can get 30% off as long as they are actively teaching and have filled out Alo Yoga’s form. The approval process takes 14 days and after that shopping is unlimited.


Trainers get 25% off online only after their application has been approved. You will be issued a special permanent coupon code for discounts, free shipping, and easy returns.

Lululemon Athletica

Yoga, Pilates, fitness, dance, and personal training instructors are approved at their local stores by managers and then can enjoy 15% off in any store nationwide.


Female instructors can join KiraGrace Pro Program via application and enjoy 20% off online only via their account and a permanent coupon code attached to that account.


Trainer Program members will receive 40% off online and in-store, free shipping, and free returns. You will have to get registered and approved first at HYLETE.


Fitness instructors, avid travelers, and social media influencers can apply for prAna’s Influencer Program, and once approved, enjoy 50% off online only purchases.

Yoga Democracy

All instructors can join Yoga Democracy’s Instructor Program and get 30% off up to a $1,000 each year. To get approved you will have to upload your ID and certification.

Yoga Design Lab

Get 50% off all yoga gear after sending your name, certification, and studio information to Yoga Design Lab.


All current yoga instructors with 500 hours of certification can fill out Manduka’s Ambassador Program form and become members with 40% off products.

Liquido Active

Liquido’s Teacher Appreciation Program is open to all active yoga instructors with certification and class schedule information. Once accepted, teachers can get 20% off everything.


Send your certificate and active class schedule to Shakti and in two days you can enjoy 15% off all regular-priced items.

How to Save Money on Photo Prints and Photo Gifts

photo gifts with discount

Taking photos is often a hobby, and a free one at that. However, when it’s time to pick the best ones and to get them printed, we are often left with a lot higher expenditures than we thought it’ll be. Take a look at some tips how to decorate your walls and save in the process:

Good start

As we all know, good start often means half the job. In this case, you should start with a great quality photo. No printer will fix a blurry out-of-focus picture. If you see picture flaws on your phone screen, you will see them even better on a 5x7 or 8x10 picture. Don’t trust Instagram filters for editing because those pictures often get resized and lose their integrity. If there is something that needs fixing in your image, use tools that are provided by printing vendor you are using.

Shipping cost

Shipping charges quickly add up and can make a huge difference, especially for larger prints and bigger orders. Before paying $10 or more for shipping, do some research and see if somebody offers free shipping. Amazon shipping is free for Prime members, for example.

The best way to go about it is to avoid shipping all together. Many photography vendors offer order store pick-up. Snapfish standard size prints can be picked up at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. Shutterfly delivers 4x6 prints to CVS, Target, and Walgreens. Costco also has in-store pick up available for 4x6 prints. If you need larger ones, consider companies that offer free shipping, especially during holiday sales.

photo gifts at Costco


Many online vendors have coupons for various products and services. Free shipping is one of the most common discounts offered by Shutterfly and Snapfish. Discounts on prints and free photo books with purchases are also very common too. Without all that, delivery fees might become very significant.


Vendor apps are great sources of discounts and specials on products and services. Shutterfly, for example, offers unlimited photo storage and 4x4 or 4x6 prints at no cost. Snapfish app advertises 100 free 4x6 prints each month for an entire year, if you pay for shipping.

Another great feature that can be found on apps is direct picture import from your phone or social media pages and sending them directly to your local Walgreens and CVS for same-day pick up.

Don’t settle

If there is something you don’t fully like, don’t hesitate to voice your concern with customer service. Amazon allows you 30 days post-delivery to reach out to them, Walmart – 90 days. Walgreens promises to refund the money or replace the print if you are unhappy with it. Shutterfly states that they will replace the print if there is a problem with the print service. If the low quality of the picture is your fault, Shutterfly will split the replacement cost in half with you.

photo prints and photo gifts

Using printing service websites

Virtually all of them are very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Visitors import their pictures, choose the size, style, number of prints, and submit.

Those of us that want to have a bit more input, should try Nations Photo Lab’s numbered steps or AdoramaPix’s pop-up windows. AdoramaPix also offers “express order mode” to help you use prior orders’ settings to keep moving faster.

Shutterfly is pretty straight-forward and makes you select the size, finish, and number of prints right away.

When it comes to Amazon, it’s easy to get lost among all their services, so just Google “Amazon prints” and get directed to the right place immediately.

Finally, most of those vendors will make you repeat the same steps for different finishes. Snapchat sends glossy prints to CVS or Walgreens for pick-up, while matte go to Walmart. Mpix does step repeat for different sizes of prints.

AdoramaPix and Shutterfly are pretty friendly to multiple finish orders, but Shutterfly might make you upload the same picture twice and name it differently for matte and glossy finish.

Don’t be surprised if pictures from Amazon, Walgreens, and CVS all sport the same Maryland address. This address belongs to District Photo, which also owns Snapfish, proving that a lot of things are connected in this industry. This might be the reason behind similarities between CVS, Walgreens, and Snapfish websites.

How to Save Money on Your European Vacation

Traveling through Europe on a budget

Traveling through Europe can prove to be quite difficult, especially for those entering the country for the very first time. Hours of research will be required to simply comprehend the countless bus, rail, and air transit options. However, with the Berlin-based GoEuro (Gouero is Now Omio) mobile application you can travel with eaze across eleven Western European countries at the click of a button. Not to mention, GoEuro has recently expanded its travel coverage as the app is now contracted with France’s SNCF rail system. Offering info and booking services to all of France’s trains. GoEuro can take you to hundreds of stations, airports, and pickup stops throughout the country. What more could a traveler need?

Try traveling Italy in the off season and saving major money. GoEuro’s newest partnership with Italo Treno, Italy’s high speed train provider, is offering travelers a premium discount for traveling during off-season. The deal will include destinations such as Florence, Rome, and Venice for a total round trip of 90 euro. One way tickets to Verona, Naples, Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, and Venice will also be available at discount prices beginning around 11 euro. Safe to say the savings are significant with this new partnership. A 40-60% discount is sure to please the masses and entice many to travel during off-season.

cheap european vacation

GoEuro is also making land travel look extremely attractive sheerly through convenience alone. While air travel options are widely available within the web/mobile universe, ground transportation alternatives are not, causing a plethora of visitors to avoid this means of travel. Less than one third of all American tourists utilize ground transportation when visiting Western Europe but GoEuro is altering this scope. Exposing travelers to a mobile friendly, transit booking system is quickly changing the transportation game. GoEuro is educating tourists on over three hundred and forty European rail/bus systems all accessible in one click.

GoEuro operates much like Lyft or Uber as you begin by entering in your departure and destination points to get your search started. Once you’ve set this information, sit back and relax as GoEuro takes over simultaneously searching and comparing all currently available bus, rail, and flight offerings. You are able to filter your searches by ‘smartest’, ‘cheapest’, and ‘quickest’ routes. Thus, whether your priority is convenience or price, GoEuro will cater to your every want and need.

Plus, GoEuro is only looking to expand further and farther! GoEuro plans to add to its existing market by expanding into the U.K, Spain, and German markets. Eastern Europe is not GoEuro’s only destination as they desire to include popular haven’s like Portugal, Ireland, and Scandinavia. Smart travelers should get acquainted with the GoEuro smartphone application and take advantage of their offerings today!

For a more detailed look into GoEuro’s discounted prices follow the price chart below:

  • Rome to Milan for 35 euro per person (55% off standard fare)
  • Rome to Naples for 17 euro per person (55% off standard fare)
  • Rome to Florence for 25 euro per person (40% off standard fare)
  • Florence to Turin for 31 euro per person (45% off standard fare)
  • Florence to Venice for 19 euro per person (50% off standard fare)
  • Florence to Verona 19 euro per person (50% off standard fare)
  • Milan to Turin 11 euro per person (60% off standard fare)

July 4th Best Deals and Sales in 2019

July 4th means many different things to different people – to some it’s a beach vacations, to others it’s grilling with friends, and for others yet it’s Christmas in July style shopping.

July 4th Best Deals & Sales

We rounded up some of the best deals this season to help you shop for whatever you might need:

Adrianna Papell – July 1-7 select items are 20% off

Alala – starting July 3rd red, blue, and white merchandise is up to 50% off to celebrate the holiday

4th of July Style Shopping

Algenist – July 3-7 20% off a purchase of $100+

Allswell – June 30 – July 6th everything is 15% off when you use code FIREWORKS

Alternative Apparel– use BIGBAND30 and get 30% off $100+ purchases

Anthropologie – 50% off sale items in July

Athleta – all swimwear and some clothing items are 40% off just in time to hit the beach

July 4th Athleta Sales

Baublebar – now through July 7th all sale items are under $20, so get beautiful for less

Best Buy – now through July 10Th select appliances are 40% off

Best Buy July 4th Promotions

Boden – everything 50% off

Boston Proper – July 2-7 all sale items 30% off

Century 21 – sales are up to 75% on various clothing items, accessories, and shoes

4th of July Fashion Accessories

Cover FX – use FIREWORKS and get 20% off July 3-8

Chinese Laundry – July 1-4 shop and get 50% off second item making it a great time to renew your closet with some amazing finds

Cupshe – July 3-7 20% off $80+ with code JULY4

Draper James – July 3-7 40% off sale items

Fossil – July 3-7 30% off sale items

Franco Sarto – use code FRANCOSANDALS and get 30% off select Franco Sarto sandals

Frontgate – July 2-6 free shipping and 25% off everything

Home Depot – 40% off select appliances and patio décor with special buys

July 4th Home Depot Promotions

Hunter Boots – July 3-4 10% off everything

Hush Puppies – now through August 21 select styles are 60% off

Jack Rogers – now through July 4 select items are 60% off

La Roche-Posay – use JULY19 and get 20% off and free My UV Patch with $50+ orders

Lilly Pulitzer – various free gifts for $75, $200, and $500 spent

Macy’s– use FOURTH and get 20% off clearance or get $10 off $25 sale items with FOURTH25

July 4th Macy's Deals

M. Gemi – 65% off select styles

Naadam – now through July 7 get 25% off select styles

Old Navy – June 26 to July 7 get 60% off everything and some styles starting at just $4. This might be perfect time to start your back to school shopping!

Overstock – get free shipping and 20% off sales items

Parachute – free shipping and returns

SKAGEN – now through July 6 get 60% off sale items

Space NK – 50% off beauty sets

Socialite Clothing – use JULY4 and get 25% off everything and 30% off $300 or more

Swarovski – 50% off select items online and in-store

Trina Turk – 30% off sales items online and in-store

True Religion – now through July 10 get 50% off online and in-stores

Ulta Beauty – Buy $35+ and get 50% off and free shipping

Ulta 4th of July Sale

UNOde50 – now through July 31 get 50% off

Walmart – shop electronics, baby, jewelry, furniture, and much more with huge rollback deals

Walmart Rollback Deals

Wayfair – huge savings on patio, bedroom, living room furniture and home décor

Zulily – up to 80% off sitewide



National Pizza and Bagel Day Freebies and Deals

national pizza and bagel day offers

This national celebration of two of the most popular foods in US is sure to be tasty feast with circles and with holes. This newly established made-up holiday promises to be full of freebies, special deals, and major savings on pies and bagels.

Let’s travel around the country and take a look at what special offers can be found in honor of pizza and bagels.  Keep in mind that some deals are based on locations, so you can always call ahead to find out if your store will participate.


Baskin Robins – if ice cream pizza sounds appealing, you can taste this sweet concoction for free at select locations. Come in and enjoy a slice of Sweetheart Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat from 3 to 7 pm to start your Valentine festivities right.

Bearno’s – check their website for the upcoming specials.

Blaze Pizza – you can go online for a coupon code for buy-one, get-one free deal. It’s available for a limited time only and has to be entered into the app. The app also offers various other freebies and specials.

Cali’flour Foods – for a limited time you can purchase a five-pack for just $59. This will give you 10 cauliflower pizza crusts and free shipping.

California Pizza Kitchen – this is the best time to try cauliflower or thin crispy crust instead of hand-tossed classic one at no cost to you. Once this deal is over, it’ll be $2.50 for substitutions.

Casey’s General Store – you will get free brownie bites with every large pizza order when you buy online or via the app. You will also get 10 cents off for every gallon of gas through Pizza-to-Pump Payoff program with a purchase of any large pizza.

Chuck E. Cheese – use code 5555 when you buy any large pizza and get free large thin and crispy pepperoni pizza. To make things sweet all the way through Valentine’s Day, get a free brownie square with order every day from 6 to 8 pm. You are welcome!

CiCi’s – join their loyalty program and earn special deals, including free pizza.

Cumberland Farms – cheese or pepperoni slices are just $0.99 here! Bigger slices go for $2.39. The entire pizza is just $6.99 and that is hard to beat!

Domino’s – the ongoing Mix-and-Match special offers two menu items for $5.99. You can get any combinations of pizza, pasta, wings, cheesy breads, salads, sandwiches, or marbled cookie brownie. You should also work towards free pizza with the Piece of the Pie Rewards program.

Donatos – new Spicy Pepperoni Pizza is only a dollar more than the regular pepperoni pizza for a limited time. Sign up with your email to get deals and promotions all the time.

Giordano’s Pizza – to help celebrate Valentine’s Day Giordano’s offers heart shaped pizzas for purchase online or in stores. All orders online are 20% off on Valentine’s Day if you are a G-Club member, so sign up and order the pizza in advance for in-time delivery.

Godfather’s Pizza – some locations offer two large one-topping pizzas for $22.

Hungry Howie’s – check out location based deals online.

Imo’s Pizza – the chain will be posting upcoming deals online.

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant - $25 for 2 pizzas and 1 growler of craft beer to go.

Little Caesar’s – $6 for ExtraMostBestest Pizza, which arguably has the most cheese and pepperoni for the price anywhere.

Mazzio’s Italian Eatery – look for deals online and get $5 off $10 when you join the email club.

Olive Garden – you can create your own lunch combination for just $8.99. This now includes a new Meatball Pizza Bowl with soup or salad. Definitely worth a try!

Papa Gino’s – scout the website for deals.

Papa John’s – dual layer pepperoni pizza is now $10. Papa Rewards program is there to help you earn points towards a free pizza.

Papa Murphy’s – deals vary by location, but most stores offer $7 heart-shapes HeartBaker pizza for Valentine’s Day online and in store. Pay $10 and get cookie dough in addition to pizza.

Pilot and Flying J Travel Centers – you can get free slice of PJ Fresh Pizza through the app.

Pizza Hut – 30% off pizzas for Hut Rewards members, so hurry up to become one in time for this pre-Valentine deal. You can also get 2 medium two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each.

Pizza Inn – look out for email offers all the way through Valentine’s Day.

Pizza Patron - $5.99 for any large pizza on Valentine’s Day.

Pizza Ranch – you can find specials and deals online.

national pizza day deals

Real Good Food Company - $10 off online Valentine’s orders of Real Good Pizzas with code PIZZA. Frozen pizzas at Walmart are on sale too with Ibotta cash back app.

Round Table Pizza – the restaurant invites you to enjoy a free original personal pepperoni or cheese pizza if you purchase a Pepsi fountain drink from 2 to 5 pm. This offer is limited to one per customer.

The Pizza Press - $13 for a pizza and a pint of beer.

Toppers Pizza – take-out large two-topping pizza is $8.99 with a $2 upgrade. You can also find a pick-two deal for any pizza and Topperstix online - $9.99 for each.

Whole Foods Market – large “Take & Bake” pizzas on sale for $9.99 at some locations and while supplies last.

Yard House – all pizzas are half off during traditional and late happy hours. More information can be found online.


Bantam Bagels – type in BAGELDAY while ordering mini stuffed bagels and get 20% off.

Barry Bagels – on the national bagel day you can get one free bagel with cream cheese with an order of a bagel with cream cheese and a drink.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. - if you are a rewards member and have their app, you can get a free bagel with cream cheese.

Bruegger’s Bagels – join the chain’s eclub and get savings year round with a free bagel and cream cheese just for signing up.

Dunkin Donuts – any bagel purchase will give triple points to DD Perks members.

Einstein Bagels – free bagel with shmear with purchase on the national bagel day and $10 off for Baker’s Dozen Box of 13 bagels and 2 tubs of premium whipped shmear.

Manhattan Bagel – free bagel and cream cheese for one day only. $7 for Baker’s Dozen at some locations.

Thomas’ Bagels – 10 lucky participating fans will get free yearly bagel supply. Sign up online!

7 Gifts for Fathers Day

Amazon echo dot

This is a new personal assistant that all dads love. The amazon echo dot can operate using your voice kind of like Siri. This new innovation can read an audiobook, blast the latest music hit, provide the latest news, or even place an order to a pizzeria! If you have the latest house accessories, it can even control the sprinklers, lock the doors or even control the temperature. This cool gadget is currently available at Groupon at incredibly low price (56% off its full price). Or visit eBay to get this product even cheaper.

Discovery Drone With Camera & Wi-Fi Feature

This portable and compact drone is very mighty and should not be considered a cheap five dollar toy. It is easy to fly, and very fun. On top of that, thanks to the high definition camera and the Wi-Fi function, it can record videos and photos. This is a great tool for anyone wo likes flying vehicles. Its built in gyro sensor makes this thing incredibly easy to fly. This drone will definitely bring out the inner kid in anyone. Not only that, this drone is only $134.95 on


drone with camera & wi-fi


Mophie Power Reserve

Have you ever run out of battery power while you’re on-the-go? Well thanks to the Mophie Power Reserve, you won’t have to worry about that anymore! Combining excellent function and style, it can hold 2 times the juice of an ordinary smartphone. Mophie hasn’t forgotten about cables either, thanks to the built in cables, you won’t have to worry about your cords tying up in your backpack. Check out eBay for the best deal on Mophie Power Reserve.


Kammok Roo Hammock

Ever finding your dad constantly looking to explore in the woods, well this hammock was designed to be perfect for summer adventures. It uses a very durable material which is water and tear resistant. The set-up is super easy which makes it a super camping companion.

This comfortable hammock can be purchased on eBay.


Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Any classic dad loves barbecue. And this book is guaranteed to teach him a thing or two. This book is written by a very professional barbeque chef. He is the owner of a restaurant in Texas of the same name, and this book will teach you how to cure the right wood, where you can get the best quality meats, and how to create your own smoker! The book is available on eBay.


Sick in The Head

Most dads love comedy! That’s why they should read Sick In The Head! This is a must read and it's praised by people! They say; "an amazing read, full of insights and connections both creative and interpersonal". This is also guaranteed to give you some inspiration! You can find the book at eBay as well.


Tile Mate

Everyone has experienced the chaos of losing their house keys. Tile mate is a tiny little square that attaches to your keys, wallets, or anything small and essential really. If you lose your precious item, you can open the Tile app on your phone, and it will locate your very precious item. The sleek Tile Wireless Item Locator is offered at Groupon at 42% off now.

Best Tax Day 2019 Deals and Discounts

special tax season offers

Most Americans will be able to take advantage of three extra days to file their federal income tax this year. Tax Day 2019 has been postponed to April 18 as Emancipation Day will be celebrated on April 15. Moreover citizens of Massachusetts and Maine will celebrate Patriots’ Day that Monday so the deadline for them will shift to Tuesday, April 19.

Whatever the tax deadline is, why not to benefit from a number of special tax season offers that include food freebies, clothing discounts, last-minute tax filing deals and more.  


Tax Day Food Deals

Make sure you take advantage of the following offers to save on a variety of foods and drinks this Tax Day.

Chuck E. Cheese’s: Enjoy a large cheese pizza for free when you buy any large pizza with the coupon you can get at
Chuck E. Cheese Coupon Codes.

Pieology: To save 10 percent off your order at PieLife eClub on April 18 sign up for the PieLife eClub. Just text PIELIFE to 48307 and follow the link to get the coupon sent by emailed.

Hot Dog on a Stick: You can receive one free Original Turkey Dog on a Stick on April 18 with no purchase required.

Outback Steakhouse: Save 15 percent off you entire order using the coupon until April 18.

Noah’s Bagels: Save $1 on your order with the coupon until April 18.

California Tortilla: Make sure you say the secret password “Tax Man” on April 18 to get free chips and queso when making a purchase.

Pei Wei: Get $5 off when you spend $20 or more using the coupon until April 18.

Papa Murphy’s: Get 50 percent off select items until April 29. Discounted products may vary depending on location. 

Buca di Beppo: Use the coupon until April 18 to save 18 percent on your meal.

Carrabba’s: Receive 15 percent off your entire order when you use the coupon until April 29.

Bob Evans: Use the coupon to get 30 percent off your entire check on April 18 only.

Bruegger’s Bagels: Sign up at Bruegger’s Bagels to get a Big Bagel Bundle for just $10.40 on April 18.

Denny’s: Using the coupon until April 19 you can receive 15 percent off your entire check.

Chili’s: Receive a Presidente Margarita for the special price of $5 on April 18.

Sonic: Save 50 percent on cheeseburgers on April 18.

Noodles & Company: Save $4 on your online order of $10 or more when you apply coupon code TAXDAY. Plus, you can get a kid’s meal for free with the purchase of one entree at regular price. Both deals are valid through April 18 and are offered at participating locations only.

Sonny’s BBQ: Enjoy Sweet & Smokey or House Dry-Rubbed Rib Dinners at half the price on April 18 only.

Bananas: Only on April 17 and April 18 you can get The CPA Frostie, with fresh strawberries and bananas, along with added Red Bull Yellow Edition. In addition, those who show a valid Certified Public Accountant license will get The CPA on the house at participating locations. 

Kona Ice: Savor a free cup of shaved ice and a Hawaiian lei on April 18. No coupon is needed.

Great American Cookies: Enjoy a chocolate chip cookie for free on Tax Day. No coupon is needed.

Krystal: Buy one get one free biscuit or burger when you use the printable coupon until April 24.

Hard Rock Cafe: Get a Legendary Burger free on April 18 at participating Hard Rock Cafes when you sing a song.

Boston Market: Receive Half Chicken Individual Meal with two sides, cornbread, fountain drink and a cookie at the special price of $10.40 when you make an in-store purchase on April 18. No coupon is needed.

Red Robin: One day only, on April 19, the first 22 students in the store with a valid student ID can receive a Ramen burger and bottomless fries for just $0.22. Those who are not lucky enough to participate in this offer will take advantage of a $2.22 discount. No coupon is needed.

Arby’s: Customers can receive two Arby’s Gyros for just $6 until April 30 without any coupon needed.

Tony Roma’s: Guests who dine at participating Tony Roma’s restaurants on April 18 will get a coupon for a free dessert to use on their next visit. Those who have singed up for the Tony Roma’s Email Club will be sent the coupon before Tax Day. The offer is valid through April 29.

Schlotzsky’s: Receive The Original Sandwich free of charge when you buy a 32 ounce drink and a bag of chips on April 18 at participating locations.

tax day deals and discounts


Tax Day Sales on Entertainment and Relaxation

Your taxes are filed at last, so you deserve to have some fun, especially when the price has been discounted. Check out the following deals on entertainment and relaxation to enjoy on April 18.

Best Buy: Get $20 off select video games when you purchase the Tax Refund Event.  Or get $100 off Macbooks and much more. The promotion is valid until April 18.

Planet Fitness: Use the coupon to get a free HydroMassage at any Planet Fitness location during tax week. You must be at least 18 years old to redeem.

Regal Entertainment: Members of the Regal Crown Club can save 25 percent on candy when attending the facility on Monday and 50 percent on popcorn on Tuesday. The offer is valid with paid admission only. Save $25 on a massage with the code TAXDAY25 applied until April 18.

GameStop: Save 25 percent on pre-owned interactive gaming figurines with your online purchase made by April 30.


Tax Day Discounts on Apparel and Beauty

Great deals on clothing and beauty below will help you get the most of your hard-earned dollars. 

Tilly’s: Get 20 percent off one item when using promo code 225152656900297820 until May 1.

Eddie Bauer: Get 15 percent off your purchase of $75 with the printable coupon used until Aug. 31.

P.S. Kids: When shopping in store make sure you use the printable coupon to save $10 on your purchase $50, get $15 off your purchase of $75 or $25 off your purchase of $100 until May 11.

Reebok Outlet: Save $15 when you spend $75 or more until Dec. 31 with the printable coupon.


Tax Day Home Sales and Hobby Promos

Pay less with special offers on home products and more provided by the following businesses. Those who live in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Las Vegas can get two hours of cleaning service for just $35 with the promo code GoBankingRates35 applied until Sept. 30.

F&D Defense: Take advantage of rebates up to $1000, a free handgun or free battlesights with a qualifying purchase until April 30.

Groupon: Receive a Stamina InMotion Rower for only $84.99 with the Max Your Tax Refund offer. 

DDMWorks: Get 10 percent off most products when shopping online until April 30. No promo code is needed.


Tax Filing Discounts and Business Deals

These Tax Day deals that include tax preparation, office supplies and more are sure to help you keep your finances in order.

Jackson Hewitt: Save $50 on your tax preparation using the printable coupon or show it on your phone until April 18.

101 Inks: Use code TAX10 and save 10 percent on your order until April 30.

Liberty Tax: Get 30 percent off your tax filing services with the promo code CJLOL30 applied until April 30.

H&R Block: File your taxes with H&R Block, then use some or all of your refund to buy gift cards from participating retailers, and receive an extra 5 to 10 percent back. Gift card purchases should be in $100 increments.

TaxSlayer: E-file your tax return with TaxSlayer and you will participate in the “30 Days of Tax Swag” contest, with the winners getting great prizes like a Thick Cut Bacon Buckle or a New York Style Pepperoni Pizza necklace.

Shoplet: Save 15 percent on your purchase using promo code COUPONSHERPA15OFF until April 30.

Staples:  Get the first 5 pounds of paper shredded free of charge if you bring your confidential documents in on April 18.



Hurry! These Spring Sales Won't Last Long! Best Spring Deals from Major Stores

Spring is one of the best times to shop with discounts as many retailers are anxious to jump start their busy season and hit those sale highs that have been slacking since Christmas. Shoppers are happy to save money while getting what they need during spring sales. One thing is certain – if you know what to shop for and when, you will get good prices this spring.

The best sales are, as always, towards the end of the season, around the holidays, and at the beginning of the new season. Spring has all of those things, so read on to find out what is discounted this year and when:

Spring “Black Friday”

This sale is happening between the middle of March and middle of April.

This sale is here to offer huge deals and special discount events for various departments and retail merchandise. It seems that every season has a Black Friday of sorts these days, but they all focus on something different. The real Black Friday is devoted to electronics and gifts, summer Black Friday is led by Amazon and everything they are selling, fall is famous for sales on all summer items, but spring is a whole different story.

spring deals and sales

Spring is for home and garden: to open the patio and pool season, to decorate for warm weather and outdoors, and to welcome guests for BBQ. Lowe’s and Home Depot are very big on those kinds of sales as people flock back to those home improvement sores after winter absence. You will find great deals on grills, deck materials and furniture, fencing and plants – everything outdoor living. If you absolutely have to have patio furniture, go ahead, but if you can wait, get it at the end of summer and save even more.

Easter sales

Usually between April 15 and 22

easter home decor sale

You don’t have to celebrate Easter to enjoy those sales. The best deals to be found will be on Easter baskets and spring apparel for the entire family. Some kids clothing were up to 60% off last year in stores like Carter’s, Kohl’s, and Macy’s. You can expect similar deals this year.

carter's easter sale at kohls

Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics, and World Market had great deals on Easter baskets and basket stuffers. These are also best places to get Easter table décor and all dinner supplies, complete with eggs and little chicks.

Mother’s Day sales

May 6 to May 12

This period is best for gift and jewelry buying as we celebrate a mother figure in our lives. Taking mothers out has also become a popular tradition, so expect discounts while going out too.

flowers on sale at walmart

Retailers are ready for gift shopping with discounts on flowers and chocolate. Those items are often delivered, so get on it early to avoid last minute price hike up. Last year such gifts were discounted for up to 25%.

Photo gifts are very personal and among the most popular, with retailers like Walgreens, Things Remembered, and Personal Creations discounting many such products up to 50%. That includes prints, canvas, mugs, and many others. If you won’t score 50%, you are definitely going to get at least 20-25% off.


Memorial Day sales

May 22 to May 28

This is one of a few 3-day weekends that is known for such significant sales. The best items to buy are mattresses and appliances. Buy new bed supplies only during this weekend if you can wait because mattress sets can be up to 65% off at Sears and Macy’s or

spring mattresses sale

New brands like Casper, Purple, and Nectar are discounting their mattresses for up to 20%, but their prices are already low to compare with well-known brands. You can usually get them from wholesalers.

Most of those Memorial Day sales have short duration times, so don’t postpone your shopping trip for too long. Keep an eye on up to 40% off appliances at Home Depot, Sears, and Lowe’s.

lowe's appliance sale

Summer clothing and sporting goods are also heavily discounted during this three-day shoppathon.

macys clothing sale

While spring is usually no Thanksgiving when it comes to sales, there are still significant deals to be had. You should shop smart, plan ahead, check what was discounted last year, and know exactly what you will be buying and where. Don’t take a deal at face value and be ready to move quickly as deals don’t last long in spring. Finally, check competitor prices before buying to make sure you are not overpaying.


Free Stuff and Best Deals for Mother’s Day

Gifts for Mom Incredible Savings

Mother’s Day is almost here and gift buying is in overdrive. Recognizing this, many restaurants and retailers are offering great deals and completely free stuff to celebrate your Mom with you. Some of those specials are valid only on May 12th, while others last longer, so let’s take a look at what sounds great for Mother’s Day on a budget:

Abuelo’s – at participating locations your mom will be treated with a gift if she dines there on May 12th.

Boston Market – you will get extra $5 free with a $25 gift card.

Gifts for Mom

Bonefish Grill – all the way through Father’s Day you will get extra $10 with $50 gift cards.

Direct Gardening – hurry up to take advantage of this special deal where you will get a plant for one cent with a purchase of one regular-priced flower or plant.

Direct Gardening Mother's Day Deal

Fogo de Chao – all mothers will get a free dining card to be used before July 11th for dining here on Mother’s Day.

Freshii – this varies by location, so call in advance, but mothers eat free on May 12th in most places.

FTD Florist – order fresh flowers for under $50 and get them delivered just in time.

Flowers for Mom

Godiva – free shipping for Mother’s Day gift, hurry up!

Melting Pot – mothers will be treated to a special menu on May 12th

Mimi’s – special 3-course menu will cost just $19.99 on May 12th. Kids eat for $10.99.

Olive Garden – you will get $10 card with $50 gift card purchase. You can buy it before May 12th and use it between June 1st and 30th.

Outback – on May 8-12 there is a special menu just for moms.

P.F. Chang’s - $10 free card with $50 gift card purchase.

Primanti Brothers – order something for $3.99 and treat your mom with a free meal just for her on May 12th.

RA Sushi - $10 with $50 gift card between May 13th and June 16th.

Red Lobster – get a free appetizer and $10 off with $75 gift card.

Regal Theaters – spend $50 on a gift card and get $15 worth Concessions Promo eCard for movie treats. This card is valid May 6th through June 6th.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House – all moms get $25 gift cards for dining there on May 12th. The cards can be redeemed before June 30th.

Sonic – all shakes are 50% off and ice cream cookie sandwiches are just $1.49 after 8 p.m. to end the special day on a sweet note.

TCBY – free 6 oz. of frozen yogurt for your mom.

Wienerschnitzel – prove that you are a mom with a picture or a story and get a free Original Chili Dog, small fries, and small drink.

Zoos and museums often offer free entrance for moms on May 12th.

European Wax center – first-time customers get free wax for brow, bikini line, or underarms. – free silicone wrist band that can communicate your pregnancy status to emergency personnel in case of an accident.

Pronto Postcard – follow their instructions and mail a free Mother’s Day card with a personal message before may 12th.

Best Deals and Freebies for Mom

Chadwick’s of Boston – free catalog just in time for your mom to pick something special.

Jiffy Mixes – fill out the form and get free recipe book for your mom.

33 Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to be roses and chocolates, and you don’t always have to celebrate by going to a restaurant for dinner for two.

Not all relationships are at a level where trips to Venice or diamond rings are appropriate. What if you just started seeing someone special 2 weeks ago? Should you bother her with a gigantic teddy bear? What about all of us that are single on this day of lovers? Jokes and make-you-feel good stuff is definitely in the cards then, right?

valentines day great gifts

Take a look at what we found in the depths of internet for all relationships and all walks of life just in time for the V Day. Most importantly, the gift that is worth giving is the one that comes from the heart and shows that you care. So save money on that Hawaii trip for later!

“Fifty Shades of Chicken” cookbook (Amazon)

Have someone with a funny bone to give this to? Get some cocktails, get ready to laugh, and cook a perfectly seasoned chicken dinner for one or for two.

Sipski Shower wine glass holder (Urban outfitters)

Wine helps celebrate blissful love life or lonely nights just the same, so this thoughtful gift will be perfect for anybody.

Binge Watching survival kit (Barnes and Noble)

When Netflix is your best friend on Valentine’s Day or any time after, immerse yourself into the sofa, under a warm blanket, with popcorn, and with the extras provided by this kit.

valentine’s day gifts with discount

Heart Plush Figure (Amazon)

Decorative hearts are so yesterday! Instead choose a plush one with all the arteries and vessels included to show your true love.

Amazon Smart Plug (Amazon)

Give the power to control all devices from one convenient place.

Snoop Dogg’s “From Crook to Cook” book (Urban Outfitters)

Eat like a king with this book that will definitely rule your kitchen with 50 delish recipes.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet (Food52)

Who needs flowers when you can have meat?

Baker’s Edge Nonstick Brownie Pan for edge only brownies (Amazon)

Tired of that soft meh kind of brownie from the middle? Say goodbye to it with this perfect crunchy edge maker pan!

Kovot Fondue Mugs, set of two (Walmart)

Romantic mood doesn’t have to include a large bowl of hard to heat fondue. Go with these personal beauties and live easy.

Funny Pretzel Day card (Etsy)

Stanley from “The Office” is a lot better than a standard card with hearts and roses. Choose funny over traditional and win at love!

“The United States of Absurdity”

Read, laugh, have some wine, and you will never feel lonely.

DOIY Design Hestia Corkscrew (Urban Outfitters)

If you know someone who appreciates a bit of art and a bit of humor, give them this.

Sloth Hanging Planter (Urban Outfitters)

Hanging planters are all rage now, so this cutie will definitely be appreciated by anybody with at least remotely green thumb.

Game of Thrones Scotch Whisky (Drizly)

Drizly is keeping up with popular culture in alcohol, especially with fan favorite White Walker whiskey. This nice bottle will help you and your loved one to survive the final season with ease.

I Love You card and matching stuffed animal (Etsy)

Be her valentine on paper and in life with matching small toy to speak of your connectivity and taste.

Classic Art Memes book (Urban Outfitters)

If you have somebody you love to chat with in memes and share the same sense of humor, give them this book and get many likes.

Food in my Beard face plates (Uncommon Goods)

For every bearded friend of yours, these plates will show your love and understanding of what they have to go through in the name of beauty.

valentines day gifts ideas

Quarterly hot sauce subscription (Food52)

Try this assorted gourmet sauce collection and add some spice on Valentine’s Day and on a regular day.

Big heads cardboard cutouts (Amazon)

This gift is beyond perfect for your best friend and for your new girlfriend to remember you by. Try her face too and make it a couple.

Ceramic Take-Out Serving Bowls (CB2)

The most perfect gift for those people in your life who can’t live without Chinese to go on a daily or weekly basis.

Mini waffle maker (Amazon, Urban Outfitters)

This is a very thoughtful and dainty gift for a girlfriend who doesn’t want to overeat. Another use is for cooking for two when there is no need for leftovers.

Break Glass Emergency Chocolate Box (Etsy)

This one is the perfect gift for all preppers in your life. Also perfect for unexpected emergencies like being stuck in traffic or during a nasty break up.

Vintage silver stamped spoon (Etsy)

The spoons come with various hand-stamped messages and can brighten anybody’s day with the first spoonful of cereal.

Geeky mugs (Etsy)

Choose messages that will fit his or her character best and let them have some fun in the morning all while thinking of you.

Custom Beer Labels (Etsy)

Put some love on those craft beer bottles and send a message of love on the bottle, pun intended.

Netflix and Chili Card with Kevin Malone from the office (Etsy)

This comes just when we thought that there is no way to find the most perfect Valentine’s Day card…

Gift card brick (Man Crates)

If you have somebody in your life that you know can use some smashing action, literally, give them this gift card that’s inside a brick, which needs to be smashed. Sounds like fun and shopping go hand in hand after all.

Mimosa instructions glassware (Uncommon Goods)

Sunday brunches wouldn’t exist without mimosa and mimosa making takes some measuring knowledge. Give a gift of perfect measuring with these cute glasses for two.

Funny punny posters (Society6)

Choose your favorite cocktail decoration and profess your love and admiration.

Mates for life print (Uncommon Goods)

Show her who else mates for life and send a message, as long as you really intend to send her that message.

Personalized saint candle (Etsy)

If you think that way about your love, make it into a candle and let her know it.

Soaps from wine (Uncommon goods)

As we all know, there can never be too much wine in life and this is your proof. The four soaps are vegan, natural, and blended with popular wines and scented oils.

Double-headed sweater (Zulilly)

The comfort is nonexistent here, but the message is louder than loud!

What to buy and what not to buy in February

February is a curious month – full of love and romance, not fully spring yet, but not really winter any more. When everybody is drunk with love, retailers might sneak in and take advantage of you. Be vigilant this month and don’t go crazy with roses, cards, and giant stuffed bears – there is a shopping season for that too, it just might not be in February.

This month is not entirely bad for shopping because President’s Day and after Valentine’s Day sales are wonderful and can bring you significant savings as long as you know what to buy and what to skip.

What to buy in February:

  • TVs

february tv deals

Super Bowl is at the beginning of the month, meaning that sports fans will come searching for bigger screen TVs and retailers will be waiting for them with big deals. This makes perfect sense because winter holidays are over, sales are drying up, and any invigoration of shoppers is very welcome, so from now on consider February the month to get your home entertainment systems.

Target and Best Buy are your good money-saving options.

  • Shop Valentine’s Day Clearance

valentines day gifts on clearance

Let’s just say: chocolate, chocolate, and one more time chocolate! Don’t buy it before February 14th, but stock up with confidence in the days after. The sweets will still be sweet, but the prices will be the best part. Check out Target and Walmart for the best post-Valentine’s sales.

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts

This is not the same as overpriced flowers. You can start finding amazing deals on Swarovski jewelry and stuffed animals at Kohl’s and Amazon two weeks in advance. Check out eBay for more meaningful finds that also tend to get discounted right around February 14th. At Win Pearl you can pick some freshwater pearl jewelry for as low as $10-15.

Finally, the best way to not overspend is to choose gifts that are not staples. Go for Groupon, Macy’s, and J. Crew Factory offerings on everything that’s not related to Valentine.

  • Winter inventory

Start thinking about the next winter now and start stocking up. Everything from fashion to winter sports items need to go before spring and off they go with great prices. Chances are you will still have plenty of this winter left to use those items, especially when you buy them with great discounts.

february final sale

We have seen Men’s Warehouse and Saks 5th Avenue offering 70-85% off coats. Walmart is a total steal, while Columbia and Jos. A. Bank will surprise you with hoodie and sweater prices.

  • President’s Day Sales

Presidents Day arrives just in time to eliminate all the blues you might have after the day of love is over. It falls in the middle of the month and retailers enjoy hosting huge sales to move inventory. The most popular items on sales are various home goods and décor supplies. Think bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen items. Shopping online will most likely include free shipping.

Many retailers, such as Wayfair, Overstock, AllModern, Mattress Firm, and many others have sales anywhere from 35% to 70% off select items.

Garden supplies are also in the discounted categories everywhere together with Dyson and Hoover vacuum cleaners at Amazon and Best Buy.

Retail giants like Sam’s Club, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Poterry Barn will lure you in to shop furniture, mattresses, and small kitchen appliances.

  • Seafood and Steak

february seafood sale

Traditionally those items are not cheap in winter, but right after Valentine’s Day it’s an exception. Grocery stores stock up on lobster and steak in preparation for romantic dinners and have to sell what’s left unsold at significantly lower price.

  • Frozen Yogurt Day

frozen yogurt day discounts

You might be late this year, don’t miss it on February 6th in 2020 and score some sweet deals for sweet treats. Most frozen yogurt shops will invite you in for free tastings or discounted specials.

What not to buy in February:

  • Flowers

This month is really not good for flowers. All sorts of cut flowers and bouquets cost more and more leading up to Valentine’s Day, on which they skyrocket. Don’t follow the hype and show some love with pretty blooms right after the love day. Often times some other items like candles and stuffed toys cost less and last longer, so you really don’t have to go for flowers. If you absolutely want to though, look for deals and order in advance if you have them delivered.

Amazon and Whole Foods usually have good prices on roses. Online flower delivery companies might offer great deals, but be wary of their delivery charges.

  • Electronics

We have agreed that buying TVS is great in February, but skip all other electronics. All your computers, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles are cheapest in November. If you can’t wait that long, try holding off at least until July, when many retailers, including Amazon, have their “Black Friday in July” sales.

  • Luggage

Summer vacation is still months away, so don’t expect sales on luggage any time soon. March might start looking up for luggage shoppers because of upcoming spring breaks and summer travel. In fact, March is the best month to buy luggage and backpacks for upcoming school season in the fall.

  • Winter sports equipment

The prices will begin to drop in February, but slowly. Wait if you can and enjoy some spectacular deals on skis and snowboards in March.

Best stores in February:

  • Forever 21

The fashion retailer is known for up to 50% off some of its inventory around President’s Day, including free shipping with low or no minimum.

  • Astor Wines

Some years this wine supplier sported 20% off entire week before Valentine’s Day.

  • Best Buy

bestbuy february electronics sales

This is where you need to come for those discounted TVs and discounted Blu-ray movies at the end of January and beginning of February.

  • Shermans Travel

This company can surprise you and your loved one with a very affordable last-minute trip to some place exotic. Definitely try them if you need a break from everything or just want to warm up in Jamaica.